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    1. Max Hardy

      Max Hardy

      Who are those sexy bastards?

    2. Max


      @Victor Good to know that you're still alive mate XD

    3. Victor


      Just about, if it's not work that's killing me, it's my partner. 🤣

  2. Where has my man's gone?

  3. Passed their bed times?
  4. Appeal has timed out. Please Re Appeal if needed. I will speak with you if you are still banned. Declined - Locked & Moved.
  5. Is it double speeching/echoing for anyone else or just me? #annoyingasf
  6. Just in case you don't understand, Stephen was glitched for approximately 2 mins after his break-dancing in kavala, so we took the opportunity to make something funny. No hearts were harmed during this little giggle!
  8. Victor

    Delta tanks

    I was actually waiting for you to not see me hop out but you had one of your team mates thought it was a good idea to vdm the tank with a boat, then instantly cry about us using one, just 2 mins after the fight was over. Grow up or go elsewhere.
  9. Victor

    Delta tanks

    Yet your guys felt the need to VDM it with a Boat, Cool bro. Plus you did actually take it down in the first place by shooting the tracks, i drove for approximately 1 min until you disabled it, so stop crying.
  10. I've started this discussion with Management and are making changes. Thanks for all the Suggestions, it will all be taken on board for future reference. Locking.
  11. I didn't say 'YOU' in particular @Eazy Anyway this is going off topic. This will get Declined because it will not help Havoc at all, As we are trying to Co-Exist with everyone else and Re brand ourselves.
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