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    • Conner Merlin

      Gang Initiation   03/22/18

      Please note the below rule is now in affect!
        3.4 Gang Initiation - If you or a gang member are involved in an initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated. Gang tags and gang uniforms can be used to help prevent confusion, this is not classed at metagaming reading the players tags. If a gang of 4 or more people want to use this rule they must have gang tags in their name. Failure to do so will mean the gang initiation is not valid.


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  1. @Avviwosh Have you fixed the issue with your microphone settings using a different server?
  2. I have unbanned the Player on FiveM and he has received a stiff warning as he is new to RP and the Rules.
  3. Oi Oi, turning 69, congrats on not croaking it yet!


    Happy B-Day bb

  4. Happy Birthday Broski!


  5. @Felix Johnson Any information on this from you dude?
  6. public transport / immersion

    We're looking into this.
  7. Illusion Diamond Escort - TBC

    I agree, anything to help out.
  8. Compensation Request - Jenson - 03/10/18

    @Jenson Which admin told you to sell the car and will give you the rest?
  9. HAVOC bank

    We aren't getting bored of Border Control, we are adapting and evolving to the new changes that are being placed, We are reducing the amount of time at the Border as well as the amount of people standing around, we are focusing our time doing training exercises, patrolling area's and keeping the Role play in action within the ranks and using our lands. This is to fix the way Havoc performs as a unit / faction. I have a lot of plans with Havoc, it's lands and as it stands i only discuss them within Havoc Members as it's what they want to happen. As for the General's Locker this was discussed many months ago and it didn't happen. At the moment it's not needed, but it will be kept in mind as an idea for the future.


    1. Zinner


      We need to import more cigars though 

    2. Leeza


      Is that you shooting and killing me so you could return to altis 

    3. fisher


      your mother won't be happy at you littering

  11. A lesson for those who don't know what real RolePlay is.


    MrMoonHouse <3

    1. Leeza


      Wtf that took a turn

    2. Khalid


      a lesson for those who wants to keep thier hat, dont let victor try it on

    3. ★Cobra★


      MrMoon <3

  12. HAVOC - Rozzer Peace Treaty

    Ouch However, Havoc is slowly Improving itself with the changes i am setting in place, tension is good but it doesn't help when Havoc are always getting killed inside the CP by gangs just because they are bored. At the moment Police are treating us better than the gangs are. I have plans to change how havoc is and i'm waiting on the command meeting to discuss the pro's and cons of this.
  13. Police Checkpoints.

    -1 If APC wanted checkpoints they'd do what they used to outside the old Havoc CP. The Rebels or Civs doing illegal runs will just give the cops a wild goose chase by going around them. I also believe the APC don't wish to stand around waiting to be picked off or attacked by gangs due to miss communication / miss understanding. If APC wanted a Static CP Havoc would be more than happy to give them theirs but if that was to happen Illegal runs will be locked down and it'd end up in constant Gun Fights (more than Havoc get into)
  14. i was banned 3-4 days ago

    I meant T3 Perm Ban. Toxic to the community members even in your own private messages is still attacking the community regardless. You may appeal in the link below, should you feel it necessary. https://phoenixrp.co.uk/appealabaninfo/

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