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  1. Transfer to Fisher

    ——————————————————————————— House, Garage or Vehicle: Black Wasp II Jet Your Steam ID: 76561198067921127 Registered Owner: Trustee Receivers Steam ID: 76561198083781574 ———————————————————————————
  2. Ban Appeal - Peranes - 12/28/17

    I don't remember what this guy did exactly,But if you have actually grown up then i believe everyone deserves one last chance, be sure to know that the Staff Team are watching over everything you do, any miss behaviour without RP intended you will find yourself banned once and for all. PhoenixRP will not tolerate trolling, it ruins the fun of others RP and you should treat it with the up most full respect, should you be allowed back. Even if you do get 'bored' if this is the case then you should try a different game rather than wasting the community's time.
  3. Transfer of HAVOC

    Not to fear Conner Merlin is on it, Havoc is no longer able to get Civilian stuff out for the purpose of it being an actual Faction and will not and should not benefit itself from gathering while white-listed. Havoc is now a Job. We are looking to get the arresting system in place and much more changes so that Havoc should only attend to their land without the cops having to worry about us. This is the beginning of something new, be patient.
  4. Role play

    To Role Play is as much about what to say with meaning. It also means to keep your speech and actions in the context of the setting in which your character (or avatar) exists. Context can be defined in the time and place.



    Something that is improvised, in drama that's created spontaneously or without preparation.

    Especially as a theatrical technique. ''Half the skill in impro lies in second guessing the audience''


    Improper Role Play

    Improper Role play, Not Proper or real, not strictly belonging, applicable, or correct to a story or context on which you created.

    1. fisher


      chat shit get banged

    2. Victor


      Bang me good.


    Grounded Preckrasno from Flying his Jet.

  6. Rank/Reputation

    You just have to be here over time, takes usually 3 months of sh*t posting and you'll get there!

    Felix Johnson's Training Ground IRL

  8. Reskining as a cop

    Ahh i see, Atleast it wasn't an intentional Kill by Havoc.
  9. Reskining as a cop

    No havoc should be killing any Cops, even if the gear doesn't show, they can see the tag (name) and make sure it doesn't go this way also you stating your a cop helps, unless you are wearing a mask?
  10. Altis News

    I'm pretty sure this isn't Havoc at all.
  11. Eastern Hospital

    There used to be one, Towards Sofia?
  12. You have been awarded - 500 Shit Posts

    1. [R]Stefan


      may the shitters be with u

  13. Sky

    My wishes have been answered, Congratulations Sky!

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