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  1. I enjoy being in a Jet to get away from all that B.S fighting down below.
  2. Jet

    Not asking for much are you.....
  3. Jet

    I will donate towards your Jet if you wish.
  4. More guns at black market

    I bought it, soon as it came out, bought 2 guns, lost one so far due to unfortunate stupid death.
  5. Compensation Request - Sanoj Allen - 08/12/17

    Denied due to you jumping out and then dying from height.
  6. Ban Appeal - Ronnie Freedem - 08/12/17

  7. Compensation Request - [R] Kerbalcake - 08/12/17

    Spoke with Andrew (Kerbalcake) Contents Roughly 8 Million. Waiting on a second opinion.
  8. Compensation Request - Barry Ged - 08/09/17

  9. Player Report - Ronnie freedem and Albet freedem - 08/11/17

    Player Report Actioned. [T1] (14 Days) Has been issued to both for 1.7 + 2.1.
  10. Ban Appeal - TieNTi - 08/11/17

    Pan.Peter was not the one who were shooting at you, DC|Re Legend & 2 friends of his were the ones doing this as Jelle and I were watching at the time and assessing the situation, as they were straight up shooting windows, cars, doors, inside rooms and people without any clear initiation as well as driving people over in the mean time. As we saw it Pan.Peter had no idea that he was in a situation with anyone of you but the fellow rdm'rs that were spying on you. As i did ask him before you were banned if initiation had occurred, This is why we banned you based on what we had investigated. As for you not coming to TS we waited and watched the conversation as it went along and you didn't seem interested in joining. It was at least 5 Mins after Pan died that we banned you. Quote from you ''When I approached the fuel station I saw a man with a weapon hiding behind a sign. I thought that it was a guy who attacked us before, that's why I killed him.'' You cannot just kill anyone just because they are around the area, especially when you just claimed you ''thought it was him'', maybe re-initiate to make things clearer? You ban was reduced to 2 Days to be fair.
  11. Ban Appeal - Not sure - 08/06/17

    @S1LENT It says the ban finished yesterday so it should be lifted on the server.
  12. Staff Team - Feedback

    I was asked my opinion based on what i heard in the evidence provided. This post should be only feedback whether the staff team bans are fair or not, and what we can do better next time to help and whether the staff team are recognised as helpful or not.
  13. Player Report - Alfie Niddle [APC] - 08/07/17

    As no longer video evidence has been shown for the report i have decided upon my decision. Player Report Declined.
  14. Player Report - Ali Aabar - 08/08/17

    [T1] Has been issued to this Player. Player Report Actioned. He may Appeal in 7 Days once he's learnt the rules enough.