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  1. Ban Appeal - Joshu - 10/22/17

    You cannot just log off instantly just because you get killed no matter what time of day/night it is. I will Un-ban you as-long as you take this on-board.
  2. Ban Appeal - Kattana - 10/19/17

    You have been Unbanned.
  3. Joshu's ban appeal

    Please fill in the Correct Format here https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/7-appeal-a-ban/
  4. Ban Appeal - Devin Hangraaf - 10/22/17

    Ban Appeal Accepted
  5. Ban Appeal - Harry Bosheviks - 10/22/17

    It wasn't 5 mins But i will Unban you please don't do this again. Unbanned
  6. Sup bro

    1. Ashley Raven

      Ashley Raven

      All I'm saying is posting updates on Victor's profile won't speed up your un-ban.... @Kattana

  7. Jordan Blackwood

    This made my night a little more happier, Good Job!
  8. BlackFish

    Sorry Lads Sold for 35 Million.
  9. Moonshine - Escalation

    Havoc are not like Police, Our land.. Our Rules, Also Patrolling area's is not Camping, It's just unfortunate timing on rebel's behalf. Moonshine is Considered a Priority Patrol due to the number of Rebel's skipping border. We have a set route that we patrol once every half hour of activity, Majority of the time Havoc are either Offline or Off Duty. We made it easier for you to see how many Havoc are Online should you make a decision to Run Moonshine or Not. Not only that, As it's a Territory Law just as Cops act towards any Illegal Item, We are allowed to uphold our own laws in any way we feel as Moonshine is ILLEGAL.
  10. Moonshine - Escalation

    Thank god for Respawn...
  11. Victor

    You make me that 0.01% better.
  12. Ban Appeal - CRYF4LL - 10/18/17

    9 Bans on Record. @Conner Merlin @Kayle Ravelle @Harry
  13. Ban Appeal - Kattana - 10/19/17

    23/07/2017 - 23 July 2017 00:56 Exploiting - Breaking RP - No Value of Life - Perm Ban - Abuse to Sever & Team Speak to Admins.
  14. 76561198014226092 @Kayle Ravelle

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