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  1. Tyrant


    Maybe have the player ID's be the phone numbers, would also be a good way of keeping track of people who are fairly troublesome for admins, just add them to their contact list
  2. Tyrant

    Perks / EXP Actions

    Just add variants of skins, not entire perks, you're basically saying a big "f*ck you" to anyone who isn't on the server for 10+ hours a day at that point.
  3. Tyrant

    Longer daytime/shorter night-time

    Why not make each restart 3hrs day and 1 hr night? Gotta keep night around because I love sneaking up on people in the night time and yelling "BOO" to see if I can make them cr*p their pants. Huehuehuehue.
  4. Tyrant

    Rule Suggestion (Vehicle Initiation)

    Make different levels of initiation for cops, easy: Tire Initiation: Follow the car for 2 minutes then you're allowed to spray the tires, no other initiations (Have to separately tazer/lethal initiate) Tazer Initiation: Allowed to taze (No lethals, can counter initiate) Lethal Initiation: Weapons free, fire at will! Seen it work on many other communities so don't see why it wouldn't work here
  5. Tyrant


    HOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIZZ How much did you boost that by?! I didn't think I was that loud tbh :')
  6. Tyrant

    Pierce Knuckle Is a Bot

    Bot Knuckle - Confirmed
  7. Tyrant

    Altis Crime Family (ACF)| Recruiting

    In Game Name: Tyrant Steam ID: 76561198157844453 Age: 27 Previous Gangs : Genesis (sigh) Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): I was born on Malden, to a farmer mother and a diplomat father, I was raised in a humble but rewarding household. I grew up following every order my father gave to me and it led to many important moments in my life, such as my first day in Parliament, my first car (Hatchback Sport, of course) and my first ever kill. By the time I was 20 I decided that Malden was no longer the right place for me so I packed my bags and jumped the first plane I could, without ever knowing where it was going, when it finally landed it was nearly midnight, I looked around and saw a small sign marked "Molos Airfield". I took a cab into town and set myself up working for the local militia, I decided that this wasn't for me, too disorganized, too troublesome, and thus, I come to you today, offering my services, and myself, to your organisation and family What will you bring to the family?: Good flying, good driving, amazing spotting skills in any vehicle, reasonable combat skills, good at following orders, good at giving orders and amazing as a teammate. Why do you want to join ACF?: I want to join ACF because I've heard nothing but positives about the family, about how organized and respectful they are to each other and I would like to become a part of the family. Any previous bans?: Not that I am aware of.
  8. Tyrant

    Perks / EXP Actions

    That would be utterly BS if you locked perks behind that. You'd need to spend 200m+ to get to that point.
  9. Tyrant

    cap shop

    Translation: He went to the chop shop to cut the heli, it gave him the option to Keep it or Sell it, He selected "Keep" and it gave him a GPS Tracker for the Heli, when he went to store it, it would not go into his garage, the server then went down, leading to him losing the helicopter due to a bug (It said he could keep it, but would not let him store), I believe his end goal is a replacement Ghosthawk Helicopter for his Garage.
  10. Tyrant

    Move some mines/places to havoc lands

    +1 Have to majorly agree with this, HAVOC lands are surprisingly dry of anything to make people want to visit their, save for the hobos who come to do Diamonds and Salt, make it so that people have to come over to HAVOC lands to RP and make some money while maybe getting some assistance should they be threatened in any way
  11. Tyrant

    Perks / EXP Actions

    Combine the current GPS and Night vision perk so it's tiered T1: NV Goggles T2: NV Goggles and GPS T3 :Full Screen NV's and GPS T4: Fullscreen NV's, GPS and Rook with 1 mag Superman Perk: T1: 5% more carry weight T2: 10% more carry weight T3: 15% more carry weight T4: 20% more carry weight T5: 25% more carry weight Processor Perk: T1: 5% faster processing T2: 10% faster processing T3: 15% faster processing T4: 20% faster processing T5: 25% faster processing Wheeler Dealer: T1: 5% cheaper ground vehicles (Cars + Trucks) T2: 10% cheaper ground vehicles T3: 15% cheaper ground vehicles Fly Boy: T1: 5% Cheaper air vehicles (Helis + Jets) T2: 10% Cheaper air vehicles T3: 15% Cheaper air vehicles
  12. Tyrant

    Run in GZ for new players

    Big +1 for this, could be simple like a mini DP run where you pick up at 1 place in Kav GZ and then run to another to deliver
  13. Tyrant

    Faction Impounding

    Call the cops 4km to impound a vehicle... Yeah seems a great use of their time and fuel! Why not give the medics the impound ability so cops can continue to patrol and deal with real criminals, rather than someone who was robbed and executed immediately (cos roleplay) who didn't have the choice to leave their vehicle? Medics get a lot of downtime because oh yeah, People immediately execute everyone because top RP.
  14. Tyrant

    Faction Impounding

    In my opinion the current system of Medic Impounding is fairly bad, and kinda weird. We need to use Jaws of Life to then impound something which is.. Pretty illogical, could it be implemented that we can just Windows interact and impound? It's kind of important when we find vehicles left in the middle of the road abandoned after gunfights and chases.
  15. Yeah I was literally about to edit the post as you commented, was thinking of a different situation, my apologies!