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  1. Tyrant

    Airport Greenzone

    Maybe don't be such a pussy and learn to look out around you before you buy it? -1
  2. This is the second time people have reported it. The other thread has 0 replies. "If people report it, we'll fix it" Maybe actually try replying and viewing the threads so people know what you're working on?
  3. Phoenix Devs in a nutshell, instead of actually checking what's wrong, they just throw this shit out there. Lmfao.
  4. How are you a dev when you can't even read?
  5. I hate being robbed and even I wouldn't say it's scummy to do, if you're not properly prepared (NVG's/Weapon Flashlights/Chemlights) it's your own fault for getting caught out.
  6. Tyrant

    Jasper Chan for PM

    +1 for Jasper Chan in his Jasper Van carrying out his Jasper Plan to do all he Jasper Can to Make Altis Great Again!!
  7. Tyrant

    RP Only Heist

    We've currently got Treasury as a good firefight/robbery place for heavy combat and all that, so maybe we could have a place to "rob" that can ONLY be robbed by RP, would be something fun to do with RP rather than just Gas Stations, could be something like the Altian Museum of Fine Art.
  8. Tyrant

    Frag montages

    The way I see it is this: If people want to overcompensate for inadequacies in their life and make a "Frag" montage of them killing roleplayers then so be it, just don't make it centrepoint of the website like other communities do, for the actual roleplayers of the Phoenix ROLEPLAY community, why not have a section of the forum for some of the better RP sits we've been involved in, where we can all put our videos forward (on both sides) for the community to enjoy, whether that be "Top fraggers" or "Roleplayers".
  9. Time Submitted: 04:54:59 AM | 01/27/19 Submitted By: Tyrant (6617) Your In-Game Name: [BOT]T-Bone Who are you reporting?: GR Jung Time/Date of event: 27-01-2019 03:50-04:00 Rule's Broken: RDM/VDM/Shooting in GZ/FailRP/NLR(?) Explain what happened: Was in Kavala square after dealing with a situation on the radio, he gets salty and proceeds to break many many rules Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/UYypHIJtlFY https://youtu.be/TA3PCmeVTUw https://youtu.be/BRuDE2Iu738 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Jack Heartfield (Case ID 12619)
  10. Tyrant


    Or they take the taser and execute the officer because of whatever atrocious reason they can come up with, seen it happen before.
  11. Tyrant


    The problem with bounty hunters, and the system related to it, can be put down to 1 single word: Abuse, imagine giving 100+ rebels access to discounted Tasers, Vests and Ammunition, then imagine them being able to go and freely use that gear to hunt down people they don't really like, imagine the levels of meta-gaming that will appear because of this, then add that to this current community. I'll just say one single word in regards to it: Oof. As for combating the chaos, it could be a big roleplay thing: If you want to use Tasers you have to go to the Police Station and request a Taser + Ammunition (Say it was kept limited to a specific number of magazines per restart - maybe 4?), you have to undergo a Taser Training Course (Same as a CSO/PCSO would, seeing as that's effectively what you'd be once you had access to it) you then have to have a license to use the Tasers (Say 250k as a guide price), and the Tasers and Ammunition could ONLY be acquired at the Police Stations, it would add roleplay (Civilians chatting to police officers about arrests they've assisted in, some of the funnier arrest situations they've been in and so on) it would also give Police a chance to better their name by effectively being encouraged to roleplay by so many civilians coming to the HQ's all day, if you're found to be abusing the Tasers, or giving them out to people who don't have the license - you lose the license and get a temporary blacklist from being able to use them, the person who received the firearm and ammo then has 2 choices, they can confess as to who provided it and they leave with a ticket, or they can keep quiet and go to jail, the same rules would apply to the police, if they were found to be abusing by giving tasers or extra magazines to people who didn't have the license or hadn't passed their training, they could receive a warning point, as to which weapons could be offered as Tasers: Either the 45 Pistol (Like Police) or the MK20, nothing else would be needed as you then have a fully automatic, and single fire options at your disposal.
  12. Tyrant


    Police impersonators? Lol have fun with them messing with new players to Altis life and having them ruin the already tarnished reputation of the Phoenix Police, lights and sirens are one thing, because you can easily have a quick peak at who's in the drivers seat to determine who it really is, but adding police uniforms to everyone's loadout options is honestly one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. If you're going to add Tazers to rebel gear, why not just go all the way and add Bounty Hunters? Seeing as that's the way it's looking like it's headed.
  13. Weapons yes, because logically when you're downed you'd drop it, the rest is just... pointless.
  14. Well, advanced gets you 7.62, Black Market gets you... Black weapons, it's utter BS and wastes a lot of time for anyone as there's not really a definitive list of what each license contains, Black Market should contain all the HIGH TIER stuff, to make it worth it now.
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