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  1. never used combat stance when i played with you old friend from dylan
  2. im sorry just wanted to switch it up was using 1440 for a while
  3. used to play 1440x1080 but switched back to 1920 gamer ❤️ was 1440x1080 coke head me gamer
  4. Arma Experience (1500+ Hours) - 16000 Hrs Sustainable Bank - 20p and a fredo Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Advanced Know Rules - what are the rules when you have an admin on your team Know Arma Physics - what physics? Previous Gangs - Ares What makes you SFG material - i dont decamp in my ifrits Age: 6 years and a half Time you arrived on the island - got old guard title Stats Page Link - stats page is broke Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - im not cool enough to have one of them Referrals - COM Jakob Boyden Any previous Bans? If so what? - one time
  5. go watch a good a good montage come on guys dont waste your time with this.....
  6. Lets be real this has been a long time coming. Phoenix RP has turned an army of roachers since the long range scopes have come back and it seems to be angering everyone so why not do a vote on it. They have made most gunfights boring as most people sit a click out with a long range scope and don't push anymore which in my opinion makes combat less enjoyable. Yes I know some people enjoy that type of play but its Altis Life not milsim and most people prefer mid range to close range combat. If you would please vote on the poll it would be much appreciated. Thankyou
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