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  2. Was comped, this can be closed now. Cheers
  3. @Zaka Riya have you got a date for when you can come to support? I'm willing to take compensation for my gear. If you could let me know when your available it would be much appreciated, or if you send me a message on TS when your next on ill most likely be free. My name on TS is either Dylann or [SPC] Dylann. Cheers
  4. I did dispute him, must have been a bug in the game but yes I am.
  5. I called you out in sidechat about the 180 that you pulled meaning that you had some sort of idea that you was going to be disupted. I uploaded my video and checked it with the support member and disupted you about 5 minutes after the siutation. I waited in support with the support member for over 20 mins and no one showed up. Hence why this has been taken to a report. I don't like to report people but when you don't show up knowing you have broke a rule from our side chat conversation, it is not right. Sidechat logs can be checked for this. You put something along the lines of me being petty, which im not because you broke a rule. @Zaka Riya
  6. Time Submitted: 10:33:24 AM | 02/21/20 Submitted By: Snortline (6615) Your In-Game Name: Imagine being DYN Who are you reporting?: Fount Time/Date of event: 10:00 21/02/2020 Rule's Broken: NVL Explain what happened: We was at weapon parts one and we saw 1 guy that was there with a firearm. I was with PBJ in an ifrit and we initiated on the guy when he had his back to us. He then proceeded to 180 me when he had two guns pointed at his back. I disupted him in game after getting the video checked out and he never came to support after being there for roughly 20 mins. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSNHB8MoX6o Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 20540 - ropemonkey
  7. @Roy as you can see from the above replies. CSnake is happy to resolve in support which is what he said to me after we had left the public room yet Conway is still hell bent on reporting him. So I will say it again, can this please be taken to support as it was never properly resolved. Nothing can be resolved in a public room due to it just being 2 sides arguing against each other without an unbiased opinion on the situation. If Conway doesn’t want this to be taken back to support I would like that to be taken into consideration when dealing with this report because it was never resolved in support when we have offered several times to do so which is usually the procedure before a player report is put up. Cheers mate 👍 @TV_Conway Kettle You say he doesn’t care yet he has offered you compensation and he did also offer to take this back to support. I am only posting on here because I am defending one of my gang members and I am more experienced in these situations and I am more aware of the rules than he is so it makes more sense for me to respond. I don’t understand why your so hell bent on reporting him even after he admitted he was in the wrong. Just take this back to support so he can send you compensation and have a rep point deducted. I think that will be the most appropriate resolution here compared to the instant player report that was put up. Cheers 👍
  8. I was actually involved in this situation as I logged on roughly 10 minutes after this video took place. For a fact there were several armed men in the green zone with ifrits and highly illegal firearms. This is a breach of the greenzone rule due to it being a crime to possess both of things. This can also be seen as baiting because every time Cody would go near them they would drive off in a hatchy sport out of the green zone so they could initiate. They was constantly antagonising him and calling him names and some even dropping the hard R. He’s a trainee cut him some slack. He’s never done it before and when people are roaming about in ifrits and with mk-1’s in kavala square it can be quite annoying when your a PCSO. When people are that sad to the point where they bait and harass the only cop on at 2 o’clock in the morning. Like come on.
  9. I was just showing my opinion as I was directly involved in the situation and I'm defending my gang members. There is no reason why I cant comment on the player report when I'm stating valid facts and reasoning to why this should be taken back to support. Also to add on what you just said, you cant "comp yourself out of every situation" due to the rep point system that is in place that takes one point away if you have to comp someone in support. I think compensation and a rep point deduction is the way to go here due to him going to support and a public room to try and resolve with you. Compensation is a way for players to make a amends for their mistake, and then the rep point system is there to punish them as well so that they are less likely to do it in the future because if they do it to much they will eventually get banned from having too low rep points. Sometimes it takes someone in your gangs opinion on the matter to show you your wrong doing as some people think they are right when they aren't and most times it isn't their fault and it is a genuine mistake. After going through the video with him he did see the mistake and admit to it. As I said before if the staff member dealing with this could recommend this back to support due to it not being properly resolved it would be much appreciated. Cheers again. @TV_Conway Kettle
  10. Hi, I was involved in the sit with CSnake and I do believe that there wasn't enough time for the governor to comply when we initiated. However we went to a public room and tried to resolve the situation with Conway but he seemed hell bent on reporting him from when I joined the channel. Me and CSnake offered him comp (Me not being involved in the rule break) and CS admitted to the rule break in the end. Seeing as though there was no Staff Member that gave their opinion on the matter I would appreciate it if this would be taken back to support and dealt with there. I do not believe this should be a player report due to him in the end of being quiet admitting to his mistake and offering to make amends for it. CS is happy to go back to support and resolve it there as he wasn't given that chance before the player report was submitted. Not much can get resolved in public channels as there is no staff member to give their opinion. It was said that no support members were available at the time, however they wasn't in support for over 10 minutes, which in my opinion isn't enough time to wait before you take it to a player report. Much appreciated if this could happen. Cheers
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