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  1. I paid for this win by being tazed 7 times after you won Chris!
  2. Indeed I would say it's exploiting or power gaming to destroy the building on purpose, knowing this information.
  3. Thanks very much and I completely understand! I’ll jump in closer to close date probably
  4. I hereby withdraw from this bidding war, the terms of auction are disagreeable, thank you for your time.
  5. My bottom is now owned by many people but 300 mil sir
  6. This is true, I guess it’s a time trial 😉 but 6 days so I have a chance.
  7. That’s fair enough good tactic! Ask gives me time to get the money together like the tank! Cheers
  8. Hey there, am able to give it to you this evening hopefully once I’m back from uni, is that okay/agreeable? Would have gotten onto it before but wasn’t sure if this was an auction or you were just gauging the price you’d be offered. Hope this is okay. Although I don’t know why my bids were deleted as I have always come through on vehicle purchases, you’re free to accept another offer if you’d rather not wait a little, I understand.
  9. indeed and no way to prove it, have a video proving Conway metagamed us, turned up at our gangbase immediately after a gunfight with TBD, spawn killed the guy that just bled out. OFC this isn't proof enough.... it's ridiculous
  10. I enjoy going house to house robbing people, it's a fun part of the game. The solution is think about your location and try and be more tactical in your house choices. -1 to this post.
  11. Time Submitted: 04:39:12 PM | 01/11/20 Submitted By: Sneakymallard (6598) In-Game Name: Sneakymallard Steam / Player ID: 76561198021459666 Date of Event: 01/11/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): Hacker Details of Event: Hacker came on server deleted everything Compensation Amount: 141 Million or so Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  12. Sneakymallard

    r | ranbo

    Everyone just had IRL shit to do + because it wasn't "OG" BSB we decided not to bother, didn't want to fuck up the reputation more. Just been hanging around robbing big gangs/roaching for the meantime 😛 the real question is, what happened to TNT ( you predicted it would die )
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