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  1. Sneakymallard

    Player Report - sneakymallard - 12/03/18 - Altis Life

    You've played this one very smartly, i'll give you that, perhaps it's players like yourselves that discourage new people from joining the server, unfortunately as it's my word against yours there's nothing i can do, some of us just want to RP and enjoy themselves without being harassed repeatedly by more experienced players. It shouldn't be a requirement to film every interaction i have, just to make sure i'm not entrapped/ harassed by people who clearly don't care about the racism, and are simply intent on getting someone banned BECAUSE YOU CAN. Of every combat interaction I've had, I've never encountered such toxic people on this game. You couldhave said sorry and admitted you broke the RDM rule and that would have been it, instead you insisted on further taunting me, and not even RP'ing. I suggest on the off chance i'm not banned, we avoid communication. Like i said, i shouldn't have to have proof of every interaction, to avoid other people who are rule breaking.
  2. Sneakymallard

    Player Report - sneakymallard - 12/03/18 - Altis Life

    Hi there, unfortunately i don't have my own video evidence, but to get the accusation against me out of the way, that is true, to provide some context now... these two rdm'ed me (trying to rob me) at the rebel outpost, even though i complied with all of their commands, they then started provoking me further. They took my GPS and Radio and then disputed me for racism. When i tried to talk to them on direct channel, which the popup suggests you to do, they drove off, insisting i go on teamspeak. They were trying to bait me into failing RP as another potential way to get me banned. I logged into teamspeak and spoke to an admin which led me here. My friend fuzzchops saw everything that happen and heard it. They then started shooting at his helicopter, they posted a 10 second out of context video, which doesn't show anything preceeding the event. To me this shows they're trying to bait me into getting myself banned. I don't record the game, although through this experience, i'm going to have to start. I am happy to get my friend to confirm this but other than my word, it's up to those two who are trying to entrap me, to post the full video of the encounter in my opinion. It's not nice that i said a racial slur, at the same time the events preceeding it were set up in order to get me banned, if they could post the rdm they committed on me too that would be great, and the footage of them shooting the chopper that hadn't engaged them at all. I've had some funny encounters on the server with people, but this seems like the guy reporting me is on a crusade to grief and then get people banned. All the best folks, Mallard They just Rdm'd me again after the initiation duration time when i was trying to take a hostage with two friends. They just executed me and said "You little fucking bitch"
  3. Sneakymallard

    Altis Crime Family (ACF)| Recruiting

    In Game Name: Sneakymallard Age: 22 Previous Gangs : El Cholo Crew, La Familia Rosa, Duck Squad Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): I've been in logistics for a while now, long enough to know how to know people who know a guy. I'm a heavy lifting kinda guy, i'm old school, you tell me a time and a place and things get shifted. I moved out here for a fresh start, i guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I go where the work goes, you name a place I've been there. But where do i wanna go? well, your word is my will. What will you bring to the family?: Loyalty, a creed of silence, untarnishable by state lies and foreign promises, bound beyond blood. Why do you want to join ACF?: I've walked every land on this earth, i never belonged anywhere, no one knows who i am, where i've been, or who i was. My work had led me to live a thousand lives in a human lifetime, i could be whoever i wanted to be because no one ever knew where i came from. Now I've found somewhere i belong, watching, observing the family and it's business operations, i see brotherhood, a brotherhood built on order, and founded in chaos, now i know that family goes beyond blood, and now I've finally found my own. Any previous bans?: 1