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  1. Nizwald

    Seya Later Gamers

    See you man, cheers for all you've done for us. Keep well dude
  2. Nizwald

    Ban Appeal - MAJED - 06/28/20 - TeamSpeak

    You are still infiSTAR banned. You are still Battleye Global Banned. Re-appeal when these are unbanned properly.
  3. Nizwald

    Ban Appeal - Randy - 06/26/20 - Altis Life

    You said you can prove you weren't cheating
  4. Nizwald

    PhoenixRP IS DEAD Cya

  5. Nizwald

    Brave CTU gamers working with the NHS

    sorry crammoon my posts don't need approval 😩😩
  6. Nizwald

    Brave CTU gamers working with the NHS

    thanks 4 edit
  7. Nizwald

    Brave CTU gamers working with the NHS

    Today, brave CTU gamers protected NHS member @Matt Lockland during a medevac of @Paddy McCarthy after he was un-lawfully shot by police officers.
  8. Nizwald

    RIP Phoenix Rp

    TBF new ban system sort of covers this. Bans are way more lenient now and more about keeping players around.
  9. You need to appeal your ban via email as it includes a forum ban. Please do this via the email: [email protected] where a Management member will respond to your request.
  10. Nizwald

    phoenix is dead

    You've submitted one, and no, in that particular case you were very unlikely to hear back on it. However, if you were to submit further feedbacks about stuff that we would be able to relay back to you, then you would definitely get a response.
  11. Nizwald

    phoenix is dead

    Thanks for the super constructive feedback on that...
  12. You are Community Banned. You need to appeal via email: [email protected], where a management member will respond to your appeal there.
  13. Helmut

    I promoted you to drug operations lead of the port and this bloody happens. https://www.rte.ie/news/dublin/2020/0611/1146852-drugs-port/ I want 6.2mill in game cash right now for this!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nizwald


      Fuck sorry @Helmut Won''t let you down again man I swear

    3. DylanH


      Do you want ink knocking on your door? @Nizwald

    4. Nizwald


      Hell no @DylanH lad please keep him away!

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