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  1. If Fulton was following you invisible/admin camera, how did you know he was following you? 😂
  2. Cheers for your work in HAVOC dude. In a bit and enjoy the zombies dlc i bought you xoxox
  3. Nizwald

    linky #1

    Not a proper frag movie if its just shooting PC's and SPC's out of SUV's dude 😉 ❤️
  4. Ace you are breaking rule 1.1 Trolling You are coming back because you're not allowed to leave. Please don't leave. Ace? Please. OK lets go on World War Z later yes?
  5. Senior Flight Instructor
  6. how are you support you stinker

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    2. Nizwald


      Why you have to bully :( ConnerCRY

    3. Sneakymallard


      'Hi this is Noah welcome to support, Nope RDM isn't a rule so no comp have a good day'


    4. Messiah


      I take it as a compliment that this didn't end up on my profile 👀

  7. Welcome to support mukka

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    2. Messiah


      What about me? 😥

    3. Charlie Wong

      Charlie Wong

      Didn't know you'd applied matey, Nizz told me. Welcome anyway!😁

    4. Messiah


      Thx! :D

  8. Nizwald

    G4S - Open

    Wish you weren't bringing the ultimate nixon great but i assume that the application has been ACCEPTED Luck is not needed only a Van (Cargo) and a Construction Coverall (Blue) + Basic Helmet (Blue) combo.
  9. Nizwald

    G4S - Open

    Congratulations young job centre plus apprentice referral candidate, your application has been ACCEPTED
  10. Nizwald

    G4S - Open

    Name: Age: Is G4S the best cash transfer and maintenance company in the UK? Were you referred here from Job Centre Plus? What can you bring to G4S Altis Branch (Preferably a Van Cargo Vrana)?
  11. Nizwald

    G4S - Open

    G4S provide integrated security services and products for a wide range of organisations and events across the UK. Combining innovation and quality guarding, we provide a full end to end solution combining cutting edge technology with high-class manpower services. Our Altis Branch deals with maintenance and cash transfers in ASB banks and transfers large amounts of cash from banks and ATMs on Altis to the treasury. Apply below to become a G4S staff member. Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13FModXfbGnoTtjCpxZ9PVvGtxK-jtS9fZsM51Qe40wE/edit#gid=0 G4S CEO's: Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyewe Charlie Wong
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