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We have completed a Mass Unban, find more information here.


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  1. Rodge. Cheers guys for resolving this, next time remember you can resolve cases in the support rooms on teamspeak. If there has been a rule break, please dispute the player using the Home key on the keyboard. If the situation requires video evidence, please upload your video before going to the teamspeak support rooms. Player report declined as situation was resolved. Locked and moved.
  2. 1.9 Illegal Activity - Do not use any PhoenixRP service to carry out activities which would be considered illegal in your country of residence or within the United Kindom, Ireland or United States of America. My hands are up criminals ✋😭🤚
  3. we like fortnite ✋🤚
  4. @JindaBoy and @SpartanOfficial please could you arrange to meet in support to resolve this.
  5. I cannot see any support case logged in reference to this case @SpartanOfficial, did you try to dispute the player in order to talk to him in the support channels on TeamSpeak? If not please try and contact him in order to see if he is willing to solve this in support. @JindaBoy
  6. Accused player has 24 hours to respond whilst I review the evidence.
  7. just got it now took me 10 kills to get it then got another 11 kills with it on grazna raid
  8. Sorry friend that is only a triple and not a QUADRUPLE FEED.
  9. CTU-02 goes to Nizwald @Jay Harvey
  10. Hot singles in your area! Message now!
  11. see you our kid, looks like you're the fuckin Nizwald ❤️
  12. Sorry pal, but personally if I was the admin there in that situation, I would most certainly have done the same thing. Just because you're not being "racist" doesn't mean its not verbal abuse. Spend some time thinking about how you should treat other people, especially when those people can restrict you from playing the server. Make another appeal when you feel like putting some effort into it, and can actually show me that you're sorry. Next time, go to support, upload a video of you being RDM'd, and show a staff member, who will then likely pick you up. Ban appeal declined.
  13. I have reviewed the video Viktor provided, as well as the one Calvin provided, and the one Bear Shark posted. I'm not too sure how you can state that you didn't do anything wrong in this situation, as I can see from Viktor's video that he was VDM'd and brake checked multiple times in the video. Even in your own video Bear, I can see you driving in front of Viktor's truck, and slowing down, causing it to crash. Your actions have clearly ruined the roleplay experience that could've been had here. We did give you a chance to resolve the situation after the fact, and I feel Viktor has waited a sensible amount of time. Therefore, this player report will be actioned. @Morgan from Viktors video, I can see you ramming his HEMMT multiple times in your Ifrit, and causing the final crash which blew up his HEMMT and destroying the contents. @Bear Shark I can see from the video Calvin posted and your own video that you brake checked Viktor's friend's HEMMT multiple times which also caused it to blow up, as well as VDM'ing Viktor's HEMMT multiple times. I cannot understand how neither of you believe you did nothing wrong. Myself and several other staff members have agreed that this is clear, blatant VDM, and it is clear from the video that Calvin posted that none of you regretted what you did, and even thought that you would be able to get away with it because "he doesn't have our names". Therefore, Bear Shark and Morgan will both be receiving 7 Day bans and in following with the reputation system will each have two reputation points deducted from their accounts. Player report accepted, Locked and Moved. @Viktor Reznov you may now request compensation if you wish.
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