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  1. There isn't really a way to prove it wasn't you, but I am willing to unban you. Please be more careful in future with who you let on your computer, and make sure something like this doesn't happen again. Appeal accepted, archived.
  2. You were banned for 2 weeks for reaching a low reputation threshold. Details of the community reputation system are outlined in this post: Reputation bans are not generally appealable, so you should wait out this ban. When you come back you should play in a way that does not cause reputation points to be deducted, and avoid warnings and bans as these also deduct reputation. Appeal declined, archived.
  3. The accused has 24 hours to respond whilst I review the evidence. I cannot find a forum account linked to Chin Tok's identifiers so if any of his friends see this feel free to show him this so he can respond.
  4. If there was an active situation, would you like to try to resolve this now to avoid any misunderstanding? @weavers2015 you could offer to compensate @simplylewis for the gear lost as the active situation rule states. I will leave this for 24 hours or so, so that you two can try to resolve this.
  5. It should be fixed @[DT] Tank. Try now, If it doesn't work message me on forums.
  6. Yes he is banned for 1 day, and if you're on the same IP then it will cause that issue. Let me look into it and see what I can do.
  7. There are no bans on record for the Steam ID you linked. Can you still not get on the server?
  8. saved my life from those havoc monsters in that dmt, cheers
  9. I will assume that there is no evidence of a gunfight occurring then. From the video it seems like Adam just spawns in and is immediately knocked out by you with no prior roleplay or initiation. Given that Alex Bradford has recently received punishments for RDM, he will be issued a Game Ban for RDM. Report actioned, archived.
  10. Is there any proof of a gunfight happening? At the moment it looks like AdamBraz spawned in and you knocked him out and shot him. The area seems pretty clear as Adam is spawning in. I am also curious as to why you did not act on the fact that you were disputed? You should go to support to discuss a situation when you are disputed.
  11. If you read the kick message when you try to join the server, or the kick message when you get kicked off, it says the ban reason is "Speak to Staff". This means that you need to speak to staff on Teamspeak because they have a message for you. You are not banned from playing, but you are restricted from playing until you go to Teamspeak to speak to staff about the issue. When you go to Teamspeak and speak to a staff member you will be unbanned. Declined and archived, speak to staff.
  12. @AdamBraz would you like to accept the compensation to solve the report?
  13. How can you prove that it was your little brother playing on your account? Also, there isn't a lot of effort in this ban appeal, can you expand on the question "Why should you be unbanned?"
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