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  1. Witnessed and handled first hand. Accepted
  2. Hi friend. I can see that you were banned a very long time ago, about a year and a half ago. If I decide to unban you, can you ensure me that you won't break rules again? I look forward to your response.
  3. Hello @Geruchs Neutral. After talking with staff lead Alex, we have decided that because you have no previous punishments or warnings, we have reduced your ban to 3 days. However, you need to ensure that you do not combat log, or in fact break any other rules again. Any further rule breaks may result in harsher punishment. Ban appeal Accepted.
  4. I will be dealing with this ban appeal. Please allow me time to make a decision.
  5. In these instances, if you did run them over, any support member or admin who saw that would know that it wasnt your fault. The chances of you being banned for something like this are minimal. If you do run them over, follow the correct procedure, stop the vehicle, hop out and apologise.
  6. Hello @ThePlayer. You and me have spoke about this situation on TeamSpeak, and I understand you have tried to resolve this situation outside of our platforms as @Willy has stated. I have decided that you probably shouldn't be perm-banned, so I will be unbanning you on Monday, 9th September between 20:00 and 21:00 BST. However, there are some factors and conditions you need to remember for when you come back to our server: - Ensure that your knowledge of the rules is secure, so that something like this does not happen again. The rules are in place so that all of our community members have a fair and equal chance in situations. I'm sure you realise how frustrating it can be to get RMD'd when you have spent lots of time on a run, or on an operation. This is why we take rule-breaks seriously in this community, we do not like our member's experiences being ruined because someone doesn't have a full grasp on our rules. - Please do not make statements like "I won't comp you because the ban will only be a couple of days", when trying to resolve situations. This is what Kiran took action on originally. Staff members will decide, by themselves, the level of punishment that is necessary for a situation, and certain attitudes can make what would have been a slap on the wrist something more serious. So, I can tell you are apologetic and I appreciate you reaching out to the other player's involved in the situation to resolve it. I also understand that you may have been frustrated at the time, and that is why you said what you said. Ban appeal Accepted. Will unban on the 9th September, between 20:00 and 21:00. Locked and Moved. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  7. This is correct, landing is mostly considered leaving the airspace. Similar to how when you send an OAB you might say "land or leave the area or be shot down." Plus, landing opens up the opportunity for RP to take place, as opposed to just shooting them down because you can.
  8. Hello. I was looking at your ban as well as your in-game history. It appears that you have a tendency to act impulsively and consistently do not give other players enough time to comply with your demands when initiating. I know you have been reminded of this rule in the past as I have personally read this rule to you. I think that you need more time to think about your actions and how they affect people on our server, by ruining their experience during a situation. You should also think about why Kiran permanently banned you. I am going to give you more time to sit out your ban, and advise that if you wish to return to play on our server, to read the rules thoroughly and make a ban appeal again when you think you are ready to follow all of the rules. Feel free to message me if you want to discuss this further or if you have any other questions. Declined, locked and moved.
  9. Hello Jelle, due to the unexpected server crash, I will compensate you 550,000, which will be in you account by the next scheduled server restart. Accepted, locked and moved.
  10. Hi tiger, I will add 475k to your account that will arrive for the next server restart. Accepted, locked and moved.
  11. Hi Stefan, I have added 250k to your account that will be in your account at the next scheduled server restart. Accepted, Locked and Moved.
  12. Hi @Josh . Here are the things we do not accept as a Valid Compensation Request: Client-side issues, for example game crashes or jumping out a car at high speed. User error, for example sending the wrong person money through the ATM Transfer. Arma 3 glitches out of our control. Perk Points that are reset. This is not in our control however we will work to reset them back but cannot confirm they will work again. Any death or loss while using the "Jump Script". Anything involving sling loading. I will have to decline this compensation request as it falls under "Arma 3 glitches out of our control". Message me if you need any more info. Locked and moved.
  13. Player report declined. There is no rule against taking a restraining player's gear, and even if there was, it wouldn't be exploiting. Locked and Moved.
  14. test post please ignore

    1. Calum


      What am I supposed to ignore? 🙂

    2. Alexander


      Hi Nizwald,

      Please remove the above post. This is just a warning. If you comply, no resctrictions will be applied to your account.




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