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  1. under arrest for trying to undermine my status 😡
  2. In the extremely short time you were on the server I'm pretty sure you were the most toxic player I've ever seen. Zinner banned you in game for more or less the same reason I banned you from TeamSpeak. If you managed to get banned for the same thing on two of our main platforms how am I supposed to know you are any different now? I don't think you're ready to be unbanned yet. Declined, archived.
  3. Hi friend. I am glad that you have chosen to appeal this ban as it shows you want to continue to be a member of our community. You are correct in that you do have a relatively clean record. Best offer I can do you on that ban is reduce it to 7 days, I think this still acts as a fair punishment for what happened, but it also lets you come back to play before too long. Ban appeal accepted, archived.
  4. Hello Puffy, you have received a 4 day ban from Fulton for VDM. This ban expires at 2020-01-23 00:25:52. We do not usually unban temporary bans, and I believe it was a fair punishment for what you did. Please ensure that when you are unbanned you follow all of PhoenixRP's rules when in-game. Now that you have a ban record, future rulebreaks may be punished more harshly than if you had no record, so take extra care. Ban appeal declined, archived.
  5. Fam looks like you're settling down okay? Imma send you 20k as police as a thank you and goodbye gift 🥺
  6. I am now going to action this report. I can see in the video I was sent that Eamon purposefully swerved into Uncle Boomer, and then when UB was picked up, he went up the road where he and his gang were lit up by Pam Foster and Eamon. Therefore Pam Foster will be receiving a 7 day ban for RDM; Eamon will be receiving a Game Ban for RDM and VDM, as he has been warned multiple times in a very short time span before this situation. Alex will be receiving a 7 day ban for RDM. Archived.
  7. @Uncle Boomer Can you send me the video please? From what I remember there were rulebreaks but I need to watch it again.
  8. The shots at 2.48 are from the same burst that kills him. I cannot hear any warning shots at all during the video. You may have warning shot the helicopter, however if the player is likely not able to hear it, it is invalid. For example, if I was to warning shot a helicopter in Pyrgos from HAVOC CP the chances are they're not going to hear it are they? Therefore we will action this report. @side chick boomer, AKA mello, will be receiving a warning for RDM. Please ensure in future that any warning shots you make are actually going to be heard by the person in the helicopter. Even though the chap was AFK, it would not have been RDM if the sound of gunshots had come through on his speakers. Archived.
  9. The accused player has 24 hours to respond whilst I review the evidence @Eamon.
  10. From watching the video, it doesn't seem like there are any warning shots. I watched the video at maximum volume throughout, and whilst I could clearly hear the gunshots that killed the dude in the helicopter, I couldn't hear any warning shots. I will allow a further 24 hours for discussion and hopefully a potential resolution. If you can, please try and resolve this situation on Teamspeak in a support room, but if I do not hear back in 24 hours I will proceed with the report. Just as a reminder: Civilian: Three unsuppressed warning shots must be fired to the front of the air vehicle. If the air vehicle lands, you must re-initiate using valid player initiation. Failure to leave the air space means you can open fire on the air vehicle and the people inside can open fire on you. These are the rules for initiation on air vehicles. Remember in particular the "unsuppressed" part of this rule. As I said earlier, please try and resolve this in support within 24 hours and let me know how it goes. @Sharkyz @Billy5793 @Uncle Boomer. Can one of you also ask "Side Chick Boomer" to make a forum account.
  11. Hello friend. As you probably understand now, calling someone the "N-word" out of frustration is absolutely not an acceptable thing to say. Would you call someone the "n-word" in real life if you were frustrated? No. Would you speak to your mother with that mouth? No. Would your grandmother be proud of you if she heard you saying words like that to strangers? No. However, I can see you are very new to the server and I think you should be given a second chance, as does Zinner. You will need to promise that you won't use terms like that again on our platforms, and if you do it again the punishment will be much harsher. As a tip, if you have to appeal a ban again, you should put a wee bit more effort into the "why should you be unbanned?" section. Ban appeal accepted, Locked and moved.
  12. Hello Nerakar, unfortunately what you did in this situation was a clear breach of our rules, after talking to a HAVOC member involved he took offence to this. Your ban is only 5 days and I feel you got away rather lightly here, so you should sit out this ban and think about your actions. When you do get unbanned you need to make sure you follow our rules and not discriminate against people. You are also banned for Speak to Staff, so you need to come to teamspeak at some point as there is a message for you from a staff member, Even when your 5 day ban runs out you will still be banned from the server until you come to teamspeak to sort out this other issue. Ban appeal Declined. Locked and moved.
  13. Hi bandit 🙂 unfortunately we do not unban people from reputation bans unless in special circumstances. Therefore you will have to sit out this ban which ends 2020-01-26 12:33:54. Sorry if this is not the result you were looking for. Ban appeal declined, locked and moved.
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