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  1. I didn't get dragged in by a support member, I joined on my own accord. @Dylan Lambert
  2. I went into teamspeak however I wasn’t toxic I just simply denied I broke NLR. You also didn’t ask for comp or anything along those lines.
  3. In Game Name : Avada Age : 16 Steam ID (E.g. 76561197960287930) : 76561198418260483 How many hours do you have in Arma : 855 Why would you like to join The Spartans : Because I like what you guys stand for and you seem like a really good bunch of people. Have you got any other commitments on the server (The Police, Havoc, AMS Or No Other Commitments) : Yes
  4. Time Submitted: 10:16:24 PM | 02/16/19 Submitted By: Chatters247 (6583) Your In-Game Name: [NV] Avada Who are you reporting?: Fahad Time/Date of event: 9:25 PM 16/02/2019 Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM Explain what happened: We got a helicopter from air garage at airport. We flew towards rebel outpost with no issues but there was a blue helicopter there. It then started to follow us around in the air when it had seen us for a fair amount of time. We then landed at the outpost and we were on the building where you buy gear. The helicopter then hovered over us and the person open fired and killed my friend. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Case ID: 13158 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Jakob Boyden
  5. Hope everyone in the Phoenix Community has a good Christmas😄 Enjoy!
  6. Arma Experience (500+ Hours) - 434 Hours Sustainable Bank - 30 Million Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Yes Know Rules - Yes Know Arma Physics - Yes Previous Gangs - TITAN What makes you SFG material - I have had military training and very skillful with a gun. I am hard working, committed and easy to get along with. Age: 16 Time you arrived on the island - 1 Year Ago Stats Page Link - https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198418260483 Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - Yes
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