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  1. What is the Cartel payout system currently?
  2. Heli fight where everyone gets armed hellcats and fight each other.
  3. There could be a lottery system where people buy tickets and the winner is random.
  4. Maybe there could be a feature as well that allows you to buy a billboard for the month and then rent it out to different people.
  5. +1, I like the idea of having different ways of obtaining vehicles.
  6. I got 140K for one the other day, however if they have started only rewarding 40K it should definitely be put up.
  7. In fairness to @King ban he had been trying to negotiate with them for a decent amount of time and they hadn't been able to work anything out, I personally didn't have a longer recording and thats the only reason I haven't shown the negotiations.
  8. So this happened to me the other day.....
  9. Will Johnson


    Maybe have a poll every week with a few different event ideas and let people vote fro which one they want the most.
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