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  1. Time Submitted: 05:45:19 PM | 01/16/19 Submitted By: Will Johnson (6529) Your In-Game Name: Will Johnson Who are you reporting?: [APPA] Tr. Laboss *76561198329259540* Time/Date of event: 16/01/2019 17:30ish Rule's Broken: 2.9 [Roleplay Standard] Explain what happened: I was buying my gear at Rebel when Laboss approached me and just straight away shouted hands up or die. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/MgEiimfu0eU. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Clemex. *TS case ID 12278*
  2. Will Johnson


    Just in addition to this I thought that there could also be something if the mayor does get added kind of like HM treasury where you can kidnap the mayor and if negotiations go your way you can get a big reward.
  3. Will Johnson


    There could maybe be some kind of a new branch of cops though like a secret service like MI5 maybe.
  4. Will Johnson


    It could be like some kind of a secret service maybe?
  5. Will Johnson


    I think this would be cool
  6. Will Johnson


    You could put some sort of a vulgarity filter on if that’s possible?
  7. Will Johnson


    There could be shops in the main towns that you could maybe buy and set up your own business that you could then name and it would show up on the map. (an example of a shop name could be Wills Automotives). Players could set up a real estate agency and sell on houses they already own to other players or sell vehicles in game, this would mostly be to add a role play element to selling stuff on rather than just having PAM.
  8. Will Johnson


    Yes I agree, he could maybe just as said above by @Sanjib Punjabi just make some laws more strict and others maybe a little more relaxed.
  9. Will Johnson


  10. Will Johnson


    Ye I agree that they shouldn’t be able to make everything thing legal but maybe they can choose one drug to legalize or something along those lines.
  11. Will Johnson


    I’ve seen this being done on other servers and it looks really cool there could be some kind of a system where every month there was a mayor election held on the forums where people who want to run for mayor give reasons why they should be elected. Then a poll could be created where everyone can vote. In game the mayor could maybe alter some laws such as make certain vehicles, weapons or drugs legal or illegal. He could also have his own building such as a town hall in Kavala maybe. This would also give police more things to do as they could escort the mayor around the island like if the mayor was travelling in a vehicle the police would follow him to make sure he was ok.
  12. Will Johnson


  13. Will Johnson

    Robbable Destroyer

    Big +1
  14. Will Johnson


    Ye, it would be really cool to have a jury