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  1. Tom_Cliffoff

    Why are HAVOC so bad?

  2. Tom_Cliffoff

    Is there any other gang building besides gang base

    Ok thanks Alexander so would you recommend i make a suggestion for gang houses?
  3. Tom_Cliffoff

    Player Report - Will - 12/07/18 - Altis Life

    @Kiran no i did not file a support case at the time i asked some of my gang members if i should or no and they said they to were unsure of a support case and where i can find it, also if the support case is on ts first of all the reported player disconnected and second-oval i cannot get ts running due to where i live. lastly i did request for an admin at the time which you saw in the video to ask if i should report i waited 15 minutes for an admin to come to me yet nobody came.
  4. Time Submitted: 04:39:05 PM | 12/08/18 Submitted By: Tom_Cliffoff (6504) In-Game Name: Tom_Clifoff Steam / Player ID: 76561198334203836 Date of Event: 12/08/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Cyber Details of Event: RDM Compensation Amount: 675000k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. Tom_Cliffoff

    RDM Cyber saw it

    Was RDMed by 3 guys they were then banned by Cyber Lost: Gun spar 5.56 with attachments 450000k Gear 120000k Pistil with attatchments 60k Misk 40000
  6. Hey guys quick question is there any other building besides a gang base? Because if there isn't shouldn't there be more options for gang leader and where they want to have meeting and store goodies??
  7. Tom_Cliffoff

    Open Doors on ghost hawk

    +1 would be sick loading hostage PCSO's into it
  8. Time Submitted: 05:52:54 PM | 12/07/18 Submitted By: Tom_Cliffoff (6504) Your In-Game Name: Tom_Cliffoff Who are you reporting?: Will Time/Date of event: 07/12/2018 1 hour and 30 mins In after 20:00 restart Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: So i approched a truck i saw followed it for a while thinking it was somebody's that was stolen and the guy was going to scarp it. So i stoped ahead and told him to "get out the truck with your hands up", after doing so he runs around to the back of the truck so i shoot 6 bullets to try to scare him into giving in. He then says "will you at least let me put my gun away" which he didnt he was getting it out. During all this i informed one of my gang members to come over as seen in in the video. In the end we killed that guy for shooting at us then we found out there was corral in the truck so we took it over to the coral exporter. When at the exporter my friend hit a rock on his way so i beat him there i started selling the corral until about 1 minute into me selling some guy comes over which i saw in the coroner of my eye and shot me as shown in the video no initiation at all he then exacted me. After that my friend killed him and said "why did you RDM my mate he said you guys were being dicks". After i was killed and my friend exacted him he decided to disconnect from the server. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): First video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTSZbzRRxR0 Second Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-klUuOuGn94 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
  9. Tom_Cliffoff

    Gang Garage

    +1 that would also be good a garage and a house for the gang.
  10. Tom_Cliffoff

    FT salty

    Sorry for the bad graphics was on my laptop
  11. Tom_Cliffoff

    Remove taser initiation rule

    i think its an unfair advantage when cops say hands put or you'll be tazed and its very aggressive sometimes as well +1 for enthusiasm and defying a good case.
  12. Tom_Cliffoff

    Small Bank

    +1 get the guns ready then!
  13. Tom_Cliffoff

    Player IDs above names

    -1 there should be an option for this there is options in settings on other islands to turn this on and off i don't know if that's on this island to.
  14. Tom_Cliffoff

    Update the Market

    Ok thanks Alexander for the info will keep it on mind.
  15. Tom_Cliffoff

    Arma 3 and ISIS

    Well i think we can all tell its fake since its from the daily mail which is full of rets and besides would be nice though to have some more Arabs on on the island wouldn't it.