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  1. i don't have a phoenix montage fights here are ZZZZZZZ
  2. are u playing with ur elbows?
  3. too many singles, u legit have depth of field so please turn it all the way down and u also have adaptive crosshair which u need to disable and sometimes u quick peek and u shouldn't save for multi kills and a longer tage
  4. u should disable depth of field it's probably on either 50 / 100 put it all the way down to 0 mate but nice frags
  5. it's not... but maybe that's the funny part?
  6. Trax

    elite super sniper man

    finally someone roaching havoc it's usually havoc roaching people lmao
  7. friendly tip - i saw that u having a tiny bit of a problem with the recoil u can try and play some cqc to control ur recoil
  8. for a first montage it's nice but for the next time don't incule clips of u killing people that are repairng healing having their gun holstered etc' and less singles get more multi kills
  9. never said you did mate i just don't see the reason behind the video
  10. i am the least to have an arma ego.... i am not thinking that i am better than everyone and i'm a beast at fragging and shit i am just saying that server is actually filled with roleplayers which is good to have a community that is more into rp than fragging
  11. server is full of roleplayers that barley even know how to decamp propely what are u even on about? btw why is the video 3 min long for a 10 sec clip 😕
  12. dam u killed them both?!??! 2 FRAGS?!
  13. what are you trying to say?
  14. aight so first things first i WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE SITUATION AS I NEVER DO DIAMONDS so i have no clue why am i here? get the admins to see logs about me doing diamond i guess? so i have no clue why am i here also get the admins to check logs if i had any of that clothing shown in the video at the past 48 hours i nevr ever wear those kind of cloths. anyway either way around i am not involved i might was on the server and shit but i never do any diamond and even my gang members can vouch
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