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  2. Time Submitted: 02:42:02 PM | 07/05/20 Submitted By: Rxzkyy Forum ID: 6455 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: HM What Is Your Suggestion: please remove the whole transport phase or whatever that is make it so once negotiations are off if you kill all cops ur good to go and sell the gold should be simple and not 2 waves it's long and quite annoying
  3. big +1 imo it should be 2 hours because the 4 hours one is just way too much nobody really slams for 3 hours and i believe a lot of people just cba and log off so they don't even play the 1 last hour too
  4. can gang wars be 2 hours instead of 4?

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    2. M a J a Z u R i

      M a J a Z u R i

      well done paddyy!!!!

    3. Jamie.


      mum only lets me stay up till 10

    4. Chang
  5. Rxzkyy

    [VN] Vulcan

    such a fan boy I might sign ur forehead
  6. Rxzkyy

    [VN] Vulcan

    how is he sucking him off?
  7. @Ted you guys need some kind of a rebel representative to sort all rebel life thing out making it better imo but +1 for the topic itself people have mad amount of money but if u wipe make it easy to make money so people would actually play rather than cba
  8. Rxzkyy

    [VN] Vulcan

    @Clark send ts
  9. clarck what u chatting on!
  10. nice גאנג @Father boomer
  11. Rxzkyy

    Bye bye

    funny how you think i got an ego just because i called someone a randy because he created a post saying if he good enough to join a gang and started beefing here too
  12. Rxzkyy

    Bye bye

    phoenix rep really means a lot!
  13. Rxzkyy

    Bye bye

    i wasn't hence why i got infistar unban shortly ( i had proof ) just because and spectate is horrible doesn't mean shit also i don't get why you calling other people for having a massive ego when you have one urself
  14. Rxzkyy

    Bye bye

    imagine being a randy in the arma scene in 2020
  15. why is that gang about israel lmao xd
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