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  1. no i'm not trying to be toxic tho xd
  2. How old are you?: 17 SteamID?: 76561198363403800 What is your current amount of bans?: i don't remember honestly Current hours on Arma 3 (700+) 4k Any points of reference within the gang?: Why do you want to join Marked? (50 words): i wanna do some gang wars and have some fun right now also wanna give phoenix another shot because i'm a cop on another server and wanna play rebel life and try it out so ye... besides that can be probs active from time to time and that's it pretty much
  3. Raz

    2.9 | Two.Nine

    In Game Name: raz Timezone: gmt +2 Age: 17 Hours On Arma 3: 4K Previous Gangs: audacity and some others that i forgot the names Vouches: brooklyn (?) and probably other people How Active Can You Be: decent but mainly for gang wars banks destroyer etc'
  4. nice one bro but u should render the vid 60fps to make it look smoother
  5. great cpu bad gpu anyway as lester said
  6. player with skills = known hacker ye bro just turn off the esp anyway n1
  7. aren't you in 2.9 @Kr4ken or is this 2.9 v2?
  8. it was to be decided if u get it...
  9. fat +1 mushroom need to be the same size u marked in the gyazo remove DMT if this get accepted hq will be better
  10. 1mil for the whole 7 sounds SOMEHOW more fair but if it's 1mil for 1 then it's a big no no lmao
  11. no -1 and who will really +1 a suggestion that makes u pay more money?
  12. wheres audacity part?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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