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        3.4 Gang Initiation - If you or a gang member are involved in an initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated. Gang tags and gang uniforms can be used to help prevent confusion, this is not classed at metagaming reading the players tags. If a gang of 4 or more people want to use this rule they must have gang tags in their name. Failure to do so will mean the gang initiation is not valid.


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  1. Storage Legal Items in Trucks

    There used to be possible -if someone didnt have time, but he wanted to play for 20minutes-to make a half run, and come back the day after to finish his run. Phoenix should keep allow storage legal items in trucks... I trully believe it is a mistake if that wont be possible to happen. Not everybody has available 1 and a half, or 2 hrs per day... everyday ;)
  2. Change execution system

    I was writing, the moment you wrote your opinion so i didn't see it But yes, we agree on that ;)
  3. Change execution system

    The perk is giving the mental strength, the experience, and psychological condition for someone to be really able to execute someone. As in Real life, not anyone has the psychological strength, ability or the nerves to execute someone, in Phoenix as it is an RP server, should be harder to execute someone.... Even hard criminals, in RL, do not execute all of their victims... Why should we let it happen here and have a couple of maniacs on the loose...?
  4. Change execution system

    Management should find a way, to reduce executions... i supported to make them true, but it is needed to be controlled somehow. A use of a specific weapon and ammo- not a bullet from any rifle - and /or maybe a perk for enabling to a character the ability to execute, should be added for sure ;) Read better what i wrote.... I m not suggesting to stop it, but to make it harder... not an everyday use, for anyone...
  5. incapacitated

    +1 Preston got a point. i put a suggestion about executions, to be done only if you have a perk and a specific weapon . Also it can be added that during incapacitation you lose nothing and only if you bleedout or be executed you should lose your items, all you curry plus weapons and everything
  6. +1 only for main airport, not air garages and Police compound shoud be moved from air garage area to international airport area
  7. Is that only me who has issues with TS? I  have no tags and i m waiting at AFK room. Please do something

    1. Sanders


      Be Specific?

    2. Thanos


      TS tags were reseted. a Staff member helped me ;)  But i m not whitelisted AMS anymore... 

      THings are happening when reset occurs

  8. Change execution system

    i was one of those who suggested the changes in bleading system and the ability to execute someone. Everything seems to work properly, but executions. Execution ability should be on a perk, otherwise all the time anyone executes someone, with any kind of weapon. That is giving AMS no job , cause after a fight the winners execute loosers. So , i believe that executions should be removed or change according to my suggestion To be able to execute, you should have a certain perk, which could unlock a special handgun which will be the only gun that would be used to perform an execution. As simple as that... Please do something cause that thing with executions is a problem from the perspective i mentioned above
  9. Drones for Medics.

    Is there a real need for drones? Its a pretty good idea, I enjoy them, but is there any real use of drones in AMS? I believe that there is a dozen of other things are more important before that Boats with access at any port(and adding more AMS ports, are more important, I believe Stretchers are more important, so we 'll be able to move a wounded person. Fixing the "pull out players" ability, is more important, cause we cannot get ppl out of the vehicles Bringing back the offroad is more important Having Hunters as high-rank vehicles, instead of hatchback sport, is more important Auto-revive after 19 minutes (randomly from 19'to 25'), or at 20' sharp, if players want to wait, is more important I mean we saw just for couple of days how incapacitation system worked, and i believe it worked even better than we could imagine. People were waiting for us to help em, they werent abandon the server by altF4 or re-spawn key.(i hope it will be fixed soon,)
  10. 4.1 Initiation

    THere is always a reason almost for every rule. Bad or good. Dura Lex, Sed lex (latin)
  11. Lads n Gals, i wont be able to be at AMS last meeting of the year(if it happens) cause i m with my daughter for all these happy days :) 

    Happy New Yeaaaaah...r :) 

    1. Nick


      Its been cancelled due to NYE.

    2. Dimo


      Happy new year to u and your daughter


  12. Farewell for now, kinda

    Maybe this way you ll have more time to enjoy phoenix, than manage it ;) U ll always be here , one way or another , man
  13. Cartels - Feedback

    The point is to have all cartels active every section, with 5 capture points. If a gang controls more than one cartel there should be an algorithm to multiply the profits for having any from 1 to 5 or 2 or 3 or all 5...... also the capture time of cartel, should be faster
  14. Cartels - Feedback

    5-10-15 is more than enough

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