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  1. Perks, Skill points

    issue solved, thanx @Kevin
  2. Perks, Skill points

    I guess something is wrong with my persk and my skill points and i need your help to fix it as it was for me pls
  3. Problem with Perks and skill points

    i lost all my points and perks, and started from zero , although i had more than 9k maybe more...i dont even remember and i cannot prove that i m not an elephant
  4. Is it general or is it just me who lost many thousand of points and my perks gone to 0 and i had to put them back again? Can someone pls look after perks and skill points?
  5. More Runs, Spread Runs

    Andy, you dont have a clue about what i wrote... Everybody is appreciating all efforts... We know how hard they work to change the map and improve the server to have a smooth result.... What i m saying is that we need to do couple of things to keep people on the island, especially newcomers and to give motives for others to return. From the result, it seems that we -as a community- have done something in the wrong direction. I m sure we , with the management, will be able to find it out in the best posible way and to fix it
  6. More Runs, Spread Runs

    I always say what i see... (that s me , in my real life. Thats what i m doing for living. I say what i see) and i agree with you... Its one of the things making server fading out.... But that s managements choice. I hope they ll see couple of things soon.... to fix things up, if not in the way i suggest , at least in the way they like , so we ll have more ppl around
  7. huron's capacxity

    i believe it is time to change the huron's capacity, since there is no extra cargo box available anymore. Huron should be like a flying HEMTT box , so pls make it up at least to 700 units as it is to almost every other server. For the cargo containers that we got in our garages, there could be a compensation on the same price we bought them to take them back.
  8. Fire and Rescue

    i understand. i also have a heavy schedule and i m not so often around as i wanted to be... but i try to follow the changes and be informed about the new features Take care
  9. More Runs, Spread Runs

    I believe we should do something about runs. Almost 90% of runs is concentrated around Zaros. We should spread them wider and having more runs that will be away from Zaros, by using Southwest and Northwest sides of the island that are not used that much. More over there should be some Sea runs , just couple ones , as oyster runs with perls and maybe turtles or sea lions
  10. Fire and Rescue

    ROFL... @Rusty r you still on server with us... ? Phoenix server??? you are trolling @Kazz, right?
  11. I ll appreciate any tip, in order to find where is that lad
  12. Leaving - Dan Smith

    No man dont go. You did great job the last month i was away... Just stay and spend less time... plssssss
  13. hi all I m back. I might need a week to check for changes,read forum pages,but I m back. 😄
  14. See U on September

    Greek islands 😁
  15. it has nothing to do with it. the city is still there... lags are still as they were... nothing changed on that