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  1. I hope it will turn ... fingers cross
  2. There is no "like" button" on forum threads, after the last update. Is that normal?

    1. Kevin


      Yeah, problem with our theme I think. I contacted IPS as I can't see why it's not being loaded in at all

  3. All products and sales, have the same danger of been killed or robbed... there is not climax, at runs.... to have Very Safe, Safe, Hard, Risky and too risky runs. The whole thing is a flatline .... on top of climax... or at the bottom... when gamers are not in
  4. Malden is not a problem... There is not a problem of Land, but of RP scenario... Thats what is missing... and just robbers, not gang members, who can rob anyone, anywhere.... so no protection at all... The first who initiates, can rob the other... and no chance of defence, because of value of life...
  5. The one brings another... and it works like domino... Why there are no rebels? Because they have been treated like shit... perhaps... ? Have you thought about it...? So after that , what left... only robbers and thieves...
  6. So @Quinn did you end up somewhere, to find out why the traffic is falling? I mean Yellow zoens have been done, many other suggestions that help thieves and robbers to play their game, instead of making their life harder, have been implemented... Perks for thieves and robbers have been added... but the traffic is not making better, but worse... so, Any conclusions?
  7. I have no idea...
  8. The test should not be that hard... Decent driving or piloting would be enough. However all gamers should pass the test, within a certain period after implementation, to renew their licenses
  9. Drivers, truck and pilot licenses should be cheaper to apply for but harder to get them. To get the license, should get a real test, more as a task . The north west area of the Ilsand, especially after moving capitla city to Zaros, seems pretty empty of activity, so that would be a great field for testing newcomers. THere should be a bus service, that could move newcomers from Zaros to North east asrea, where there would be an airfield and a Drivers and Truck license depot. To get drivers license you should pay fees at the depot, to have access for a test with a TEST vehicle by driving it from one spot to another, within specific time, without breaking the law,. The vehicle should be just disappear after the countdown ends. The Test distance should be designed with speed radar (with logical speed , maybe double speed than RL, and not 30miles as it was outside Kavala In a Similar way could be the pilots license, at an abandoned airport that would be made at spot close to Drivers and Truck license depot, but not so close to disturb eachother activities I m sure you can filter my suggestion to create an even better one. Suggestions are food for thought, not a field for debates
  10. I agree with @Creature on 80%. He has a point. About drivers, truck and pilot license, it could be cheaper, but to have a task to get the license, if it is possible. I ll put a whole suggestion about it in a separated thread
  11. I m backing you , 100%
  12. I asked for extra AMS -MAS-S&R uniforms and vehicles(hunter) but it was declined...
  13. Ok @Nick @Willy that s your last chance mate. Dont mess it up again, in anyway, pls
  14. @Willy i need a little talk with you, when we ll be on TS... Me You and Nick, when we are all three on TS. Maybe tonight or tomorrow night. Till then you remain suspended
  15. So @Willy we need you to explain your self, please Till then you are suspended from AMS