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  1. )LoL i m 45 & 1/2 I guess u must be the 2nd oldest member in community
  2. In order to make the Phoenix Altis a living Island, with many citizens and have full of life all time, i suggest 3 safe legal runs. The 2 or 3 low-profit runs, which give the less money, should be safe at all times, so civs would be able even to live in Phoenix Altis At these 3only runs, there would be green or even blue zones(without weapons zones) on gathering field, process machines and sale spots. Gathering and processing would be enabled only if you do not curry a weapon. They can be colored blue, to give the meaning of difference from other legal runs I m suggesting that, so we could bring some more life on the island and give more time to Roleplay by give opportunity to gamers to interact more , even when they gather or process goods. Furthermore, there should be 3 of Risky Runs, (those on highest profit, where only one spot of 1.gathering field, 2.process machines or 3.sale spots, could be a yellow zone[not red](where someone can shot anyone who carries a weapon, without initiation) The risky spot on each of these runs should be different i.e on the fisrt run the gathering field, on the second run the 2.process machines and on the third run the sales spot.
  3. Thanos

    Tool kits

    @Zyn if perks work and the toolkit shall not be removed after a use, when i have a mechanic 4 perk, then probably i should have post this in bug report page, not at suggestions. So can someone move it there, cause it needs to be fixed?
  4. Thanos

    Tool kits

    check my perks, you ll see that i have mechanic 4. Last night i repaired an AMS vehicle of one of our collegues, cause he didnt have tool kit....and my toolkit gone , after the repair ...
  5. Thanos

    Tool kits

    What s the meaning of mechanic perk, if toolkits will being removed after repairing a vehicle? I believe that is the most nonsense change in the server for more than a year i m playing in phoenix. Either remove mechanic perk and give people back the skill points or bring back the ability of mechanic perk. If you believe that tool kits should nt last for ever, at least change the system of use according to the mechanic perk i.e for mechanic 1, toolkit lasts for 2 repairs for mechanic 2, toolkit lasts for 4 repairs for mechanic 3, toolkit lasts for 6 repairs for mechanic 4, toolkit lasts for 8 repairs If this is not possible, bring back the old system, but make mechanic perk to need more skillpoints to upgrade per level
  6. Time Submitted: 11:32:53 PM | 10/01/18 Submitted By: Thanos (644) Your In-Game Name: Thanos Who are you reporting?: Abyss Jarrett | 76561198193033434 Time/Date of event: 1/10/2018 23:50 Rule's Broken: 6.1 4.7 Explain what happened: I landed helicopter at Pyrgos hospital, 10 min before reset time, waiting to respond to any AMS call was needed , when two lads came and asked me to give em a gps and NVgoogles. I told them that was not possible cause it is governmental equipment and i m not allowed to share it with anyone. THen they threat me to shoot me. I also told them it is not allowed to do, cause it would be bad for ... my health, and their health also and then started knock down eachother. i geve em lolipops and they left. I followed them to the fence of hospital and they started shooting at me. i got injured and get away from the fence , back to my helicopter and healed my self. THen i started reply to a civ call on ams who was asking for a lift, just to tell him AMS is not a taxi service....and then i got shot fead by Abyss Jarret. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5bb2aa1a44adab6649/abyss-jarret-shoting-a-medic Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
  7. Oh yeah, nonsense my dear Kazz... and the one who says so, is the one with the most hrs on AMS than anyone on the server 😉
  8. i ve been thinking about the negatives, a lot. Thats why i keep suggesting several alternatives or support anyone who suggests such a thing.
  9. According to what you say, anything could get abused, so let's stop playing or developing things generally ... pls Lets be rational I gave alternatives, with longer time revivals with "Samaritan box". In that way, abusing can be not only be diminished but almost vanished and succeed to have late night players satisfied, without any chance of abusing that asset Furthermore, similar tools are used on other servers and there is no abuse. If there was, they would have stop it... dont u think...?
  10. above all , i believe the community generally supports somekind of medikit , when medics and cops are not around. I suggest the developers could work on it and if in practice will not work, it can be always removed, as we changed , added and removed many and many things those years
  11. BThis is only for 6-8 hrs after 2am ... not even the big gangs are full online these hrs. I told you previously,pls stop thinking negative and try to find the positive aspect 😉
  12. It is not ridiculous at all. Combat revive by civs, wont be an easy thing at all, if the samaritan box takes more time to revive than medics do. That is why i m suggesting it in that way. So it wont unbalance anything at all. If we believe that the time which is need is less, then we can make it even slower. Combat revive, in that way is not a n issue. So if you got another negative point, please express it I m talking about an opportunity to anyone to revive his friend after a gunfight or after an accident when no medics are around the island. If the economy of the game was running after the amount of weapons civs buying, then you might have a good point. The market is not based upon that, so it doesnt affect economy. Many people are dying anyway. That will not change. It will be just an extra safety, for those hours when no medics are on. and above all , it is more realistic, than the system we got now.
  13. A ban threat, always working for breaking rules. Please do not overexaggerate conditions, about moving the medic fraction. I m talking about specific terms for unlocking the Samaritan ability. If you believe there will be a rule which will break, name it. Be more specific. Talking generally about fears that rules might break, doesn't help the discussion. If there are no cops, no medics, does not combat revive if you can take care of a friend of yours, even during a gunfight. Combat revive is a specific rule that applies to medics and cops. Do not get confused. If someone is able to have a gunfight and during the gunfight to revive his friend, then he should be rewarded... In addition with the Samaritan box, could take double or triple time to revive, than medics do 😉 .Try to find solutions instead of making problems. you are well experienced. Use that experience in a positive way, as you have done in the past. I m sure you can do it 😉
  14. only those who like to execute others all time... no matter what. For all the rest, the percentages of executions will drop, drastically. It is a fact
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