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  1. Hunter Vehicle for AMS

    i m more than sure lads that you and @Wasted will focus more on that issue, cause , as far as i can see it and i describe it above, it is vital, for AMS, to be able to have more motivation on the go ;) Tempest Truck , we had at F&R, was strong-even could explode small abandoned vehicles when crash on them, but was too slow for the purpose of AMS.
  2. Hunter Vehicle for AMS

    My point is to give greater driving experience to medics who wont be able to become MAS, cause not all AMS would be MAS. Thats my point. So we need a trusty , fast, strong offroad and in road vehicle, so those lads to enjoy themselves when they are running all around the island to revive you and roleplay with you. We all know that boxer truck is shit (LoL)...just to have it for a week to prove your self that you are committed. SUV offroad and hatcback are decent, but not the experience that will make you stay and try more to drive in AMS ... so from a point and beyond, those lads who are not flying are getting bored and abandon the server or AMS. The point and my suggestion @Kayle Ravelle is that i like to see server grow up and the community to become larger and larger and happier I think i have prove that the period i m enjoying the server with everybody So i truly believe that every single detail , counts to make that happen ;) Thats my point of view and @Thomas Lubangait has nothing to do with takistan
  3. Hunter Vehicle for AMS

    Since the idea of F&R is abandoned and Medics do not have access anymore to Tempest Fire truck, i believe that a Red (as flying vehicles colour) or AMS colours, Hunter would be a good addition to AMS wheeled vehicles. Easy to ride it in road or offroad,strong and fast enough(not as SUV or hatchback) but really reliable.
  4. Rent prices

    +1 only if all rentals are unscrapable ;)
  5. Defibs

    It can be prevailed by a rule. "Defibs are not allowed to be used to revive opponents for robbing them or get them hostage" as simple
  6. Defibs

    Defibs could be implied only for usage when none medic is online . Only for those cases
  7. Medics are irrelevant with his death. If i remember well @Nick was flying with a medic "student" and they had a small accident on their way to revive him, so i fly over and i revive those lads, but due to a bug last night everyone who was revived was missing clothing or even gear, so we had the order to inform everyone, to tag us on their comp request to confirm the facts So i confirm that we revived that pal and he left only with his pants a hat and a weapon. i estimate his loss around 380k for his clothing, back pack and all items or staff he lost
  8. Arma Music

    It gives arma atmosphere... but who cares
  9. Arma Music

    I never expect from someone like you to show respect or brains. You never did. Drop dead :P
  10. Arma Music

    It is been so boring when you die and you have to wait medics to come and hep you. In rush hrs it might take more than 10 minutes, so i since it is not possible to see, even blurry what is happening around you, at least put some arma music on to make it less boring. What i mean is when someone is clicking on AMS assistance request button , a soft arma music could be triggered and when a medic is 500 m away a second faster music could be triggered On the other side , for AMS, a specific music could be triggered when they get a request, another music when an HM robbery is on the go
  11. Builder Perk

    I understand 100% what you say. We can all see how unstable is the environment and how difficult is to deal on the arma basis. As i wrote i always try to give food for thought I like the game and i enjoy phoenix server, so i try to offer my ideas in order to promote phoenix and make it even more special and attractive to other gamers ;) and if any from developers or management team is able to take even a small part of my idea- or any idea- and create a good thing for the server , is a gain for everyone I believe forum and especialy suggestion section is like a huge brainstorming, for good purpose ;)
  12. Time Submitted: 01:50:39 PM | 11/08/17 Submitted By: Thanos (644) In-Game Name: Thanos Steam / Player ID: 76561198161795102 Date of Event: 11/08/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://plays.tv/video/5a02f8baa8eaf22d62/cargo-box?from=user Details of Event: I died by moving cargo boxes in my house, but when i respawn, i saw a cargo box falling from the first floor and another cargo box was blockinq my way. I removed it so to put it in the proper position and then i saw that all my staff from the cargo where vanished. By moving up the stairs i saw the strange thing you can see in the video, with cargo boxes pilled up in the room :D:D:D THere is a huge problem with housing in the server lads... It s probably the most unstable system we got, and i really do not know why. Walls are too soft, all over the island, we can hide inside walls or the floor , or the pavement almost allover the island. Idk if you can fix this but it is very annoying to happen from time to time, even when we do not report it to ask for compensation :/ I m asking a compensation from all the staff you can see in the video, 3 mx 's etc and extra 17 mags 6.65 wet suit and rebreather that where in the box but are not seen cause i didnt scroll down the mouse. Thank you in advance Compensation Amount: approx 800k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  13. AMS Broken Slots


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