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  1. FoxHound

    Changelog - Rules

    Altis Rules updated (DELTA) changed to (HAVOC).
  2. your name was flagged the day this occurred but your account was left as there was no increment to your previous balance as far as the logs are concerned, so unless there is some sort of proof this will have to be denied.
  3. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - AV | Joshh - 06/13/18

    I will re issue the license based on cash on hand balance.
  4. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - AV | Joshh - 06/13/18

    [2018-03-17 / 17:51:09] I | Audi (76561198153639520) purchased a STR_License_Rebel license for $1,000,000. this was the last license that you purchased, no where in the logs does it state that you purchased a Blackmarket rebel license. Without any evidence from your end i would have to deny this.
  5. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - AV | KTPO 3 - 06/10/18

    Denied as you were in active combat sit, and were conducting a bank with the equipment listed. Lag or not there would have still been a good chance that you would have died in the sit, In the VID provided you can see a CT member come around the corner although i agree there would have been lag as i heard no shots and it was instant death.
  6. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - [SPZ] Proxy - 06/17/18

    @Proxy speak to me on TS and ill comp missing items.
  7. FoxHound

    Ban Appeal - Syn Browny ) - 06/09/18 - Altis Life

    Declined @Brownyyy You have been given plenty of opportunities to change your attitude and we haven't seen a change in the past based on your current and past record this appeal will be declined.
  8. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - [SPZ] Proxy - 06/17/18

    @Lubo can i get the vid please
  9. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - I | AmGroot - 05/09/18

    24hrs has been given for any sort of proof unfortunately without anything this will be declined if you have proof please complete another comp request with the proof thank you.
  10. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - AV | Oscars - 06/05/18

    Declined had a chat with Pe7e and informed him how to address this in the future if it ever occurs again. while conducting a Bank and you see a cop log off 1-Take a screenshot 2-if unable to access the vault go to a support room with you Evidence i.e "screenshot" 3- put up a player report with the evidence 4-Put up a comp request with the evidence also linking the player report if a bank is prolonged by the rebels for hours its not necessarily guaranteed that comp will be issued, prolonged i.e stoping hacking and re-hacking etc.
  11. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - AV | Oscars - 06/05/18

    still looking into it if you have names or evidence of cops logging off it would help
  12. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - I | AmGroot - 05/09/18

    any proof would be helpful or id have to close this due to lack of evidence.
  13. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - [KGB] dick dickerson - 05/26/18

    Declined due to lack of evidence.