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  1. Introducing... NCA

    that's just a combat event sorry but in against mass organized combat on the live server, its an RP server and promoting this would go against our bread and butter.
  2. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    @Papa Smurf 1. Why would you come back and circle around after your life was threatened? 2. Why would you not stop when your vehicle got initiated on? 3. Would it not be your fault that you got killed because you didn't value your own life and listen to the cops instructions? 4. Was this sit dealt with in support? 5. Was COMP offered? In IRL when fleeing from an officer that has a weapon pointed at you and asking you to stop that a RISK that YOU are taking, weighing the risks vs rewards and calculating an outcome that is beneficial to you is completely in you own hands. you chose the risky outcome of the situation and died why would a report go up was it just because initiation was on the vehicles tyres and not on the persons?
  3. Player Report - HBG A.V.F - 01/07/18

    Actioned Ban has been issued for RDM
  4. Player Report - [SMG] Gang - 01/11/18

    @Pungu any police rules that were broken have to be met with an IPCC this is not a section to discuss rules broken by police. now lets talk about server rules, @Zyn its clear that you were giving out information after your death which would be classified as Meta-gaming. @Tim Initially initiating on tyres only, then killing the fleeing suspect would also classify as RDM as initiating on tyres is not a direct threat to the persons life, furthermore shooting the Heli at 4:27 is also against server rules as its classified under invalid air vehicle initiation. tabbing in at 02:51 and you discharge your weapon in the active area. "End of Initiation - After a period of 3 minutes has passed and no shots have been fired, initiation is over. You must reinitiate." as from 02:51 to 04:41 is less than 3 minutes i will have to decline this report. due to the fact that initiation would have still been valid till 05:51.
  5. 31 min to 44 min is 13 min yes considering 3 min for end of combat then 15 min I would say it’s they did disconnect with a 5 minute NLR countdown worst case scenario best case may have even spent the whole NLR countdown on the server, but here is the thing put yourself in thier shoes they just got killed at a bank it’s night time people have to Go to bed and people have IRL reasons to disconnect im not going to enforce this rule and issue bans because someone had a IRL reason to leave. This is a fair community and this would be unfair to the whole community. Second and most important I’ve said this before and I’m going to keep saying it again. I WILL DECLINE EVERY REPORT IF NO ATTEMPT WAS MADE TO RESOLVE. As i dont have the paper work leading up to this report im going to decline it until an attempt has been made to speak in a support room with a support member protocol is for everyone including myself no exceptions.
  6. Ban Appeal - MrBear79JR - 01/04/18

    @Raymond Reddington he broke a lot of rules and received a T1 just killing someone in the GZ is enough for a T1 plus killing a medic does not help. @MrBear79JR im glad you re-assured us and im glad that you have read and understood our server rules ill leave the verdict up to @Raymond Reddington
  7. Compensation Request - [U.P.S] Jamal - 12/14/17

    @HappyZpanners what licences did you have? and which did you lose? and evidence would be great as to look through the logs id need to know when you bought the licenses that you lost with out a time frame its a lot of data to crunch.
  8. Ban Appeal - vo | Original 04/01/18

    @Conner Merlin @Harry ive had a conversation with him and cross checked his logs, reason for him being banned is because most of his income was not made by legit methods. Already told @Original will unban with a full wipe and back as a fresh spawn.
  9. Time Submitted: 08:26:47 AM | 01/04/18 Submitted By: FoxHound (643) Your In-Game Name: FoxHound Who are you reporting?: Alex Roe Time/Date of event: 0010 3/1/2018 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: was having a good conversation with him when he decided to pull his weapon and spray people in the area. sent him an Admin message in game to come to TS and resolve, also kicked him off the server and put in message come to ts and resolve, still didn't show up. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5a4de46bd268636bfa/alex-roe Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: FoxHound
  10. Standard APC Punishment

    Altis Police Constabulary | Punishment Guide APC Command has standardized the punishment system, here you will find the official standard protocol for breach of any APC procedures and Rules. Document
  11. Altis Police Constabulary | HAVOC Treaty ** Any treaty revisions will be posted here with a small change log to outline what has changed ** RULEBOOK
  12. Player Report - hoho - 01/01/18

    this report is declined because it wasn't brought to support, even if the other member does not come to support you still need to have a quick chat with a support member before coming on the forums.
  13. Player Report - hoho - 01/01/18

    @John Wetherton we understand that IRL comes first there are plenty of ways to advise ppl that you have to urgently leave a sit, i see no attempt from you to advise anyone so a gear wipe and 7 day DSC ban is in place because of this rule break. even a msg on side channel would have sufficed. @Robins has this incident been attempted to be resolved on TS in a Support room? even if the guy says to report u still need to come to a TS support channel prior to coming and reporting on the forums a support member still has to sit with u in a room and look at the evidence and advise you to come to the forums. Any time we see no log of an incident it will be automatically declined.
  14. @Alex King what happened here @Zinner can you please deal with this one as a commissioner don't want this to be taken as a biased opinion.
  15. no record of this incident, how was this incident attempted to resolve? @Sponge

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