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  1. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - Jack Thompson - 09/02/18

    Declined you received the money from a duper without questioning it and nor did you advise staff about it, furthermore you gave away some of that duped money to other members of APPA you still owe the server the sum of 2 million but i will drop it here this request is denied and any further requests will be to next time this occurs advise staff.
  2. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - Catnip - 09/09/18

    declined, you currently have 2 crates, and without proof and any information about this request its going to keep getting declined.
  3. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - Rob - 09/02/18

    declined your account was reverted to the amount it was prior double checked the logs and you were 5097000 prior to receiving the lump sum.
  4. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - [TCA] Sword - 09/04/18

    please send me a message on TS and we can resolve this.
  5. FoxHound

    Changelog - Rules

    Added 6.5 REDZONE rules 6.5 Red Zone - These are areas on the map marked in RED and is a KOS (kill on sight) zone any persons armed or unarmed can be fired upon whist within the zone. You may not camp outside the red zone or spike the entrance and the exit of the red zone, you may also not shoot into the red zone whilst outside of the red zone. Player's cannot bring hostages into the red zone as its a KOS zone. VDM rules still apply within the red zone. If a Gun fight starts within the red zone it may continue out of the red zone as long as Rule 3.4 (End of Initiation) is not violated.
  6. This is to inform the community that by popular demand the RDM rule is now reverted to how it was previously, Just to clarify Initiation=Prior engagement of role play i.e as long as you initate as per our initation rules it cannot be classified as RDM.
  7. FoxHound

    Tazer rule change

    It’s all dependent on the situation if cops are caught powergaming the taser they will get banned the taser is a tool used wrongfully can give a massive advantage due to the initiation rules as its one way valid initiation and no realistic advantageous way to counter it from the rebels side, I gave an example in the police meeting of poor Rp as in irl cops don’t pull tasers on rebels with 7.62 rifles tasers would be used to subdue in green zones and in sits where the person is unarmed and not dangerous just non compliant that's how and why cops need to taser initiate in all other situation they can be called up for power gaming the sit depending on the sit, just because its valid initiation does not make it ok to powergame.
  8. FoxHound

    Active Gunfight Rules

    Concerns of implementing such rule is people will go out looking for gunfights just to shoot others, gunfights not in redzones should be contained to the two parties it involves. i.e if a rule like this gets implemented, one person shoot another hobo and other gangs completely not related to the initial conflict start shooting. a rule like this would protect the parties that were not involved. also regarding initiation by RDM it falls under value of life, if you have been shot at you can shoot back to value your own life.
  9. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - [TCA] Sword - 09/01/18

    [2018-07-10 / 01:17:47] [TCA] Sword - 76561198102906243 withdrew £999999 from their gang bank. Gang Bank Balance: £51,558,520 Bank Balance: £22,171,952On Hand Balance: £999,999 based on this log your gang funds new balance will be 53.8 mil
  10. FoxHound

    Changelog - Rules

    Shooting someone's tires is considered one way initiation and the other persons in the vehicle may return fire.
  11. FoxHound

    Changelog - Rules

    Added 3.6 Negotiations - When negotiations are active between two groups and a group calls negotiations off, all members of both parties are initiated upon after 15 seconds have elapsed.