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  1. Ban Appeal - Minny - 10/22/17

    Due to your previous bans and your last chance given by @Kevin im going to have to decline this ban appeal.
  2. APC Handbook Revision's

    To all APC members the APC handbook has been updated Rev 4 notes and highlights: Rev 4 is added , to be noted new promotion's minimum time required format and ctsfo roles plus additional rules concerning executions , illegal actions in havoc zones and carriage of non lethal's. you can find the new revision Here
  3. Zaros Garage Comp + Removal.

    Been six days with no action this thread I’m closing it due to lack of evidence. @Harry / MK-1 When you have the evidence please repost another comp request.
  4. You need to provide some sort of evidence. I will keep this up for 24hrs if no evidence given this thread will be closed.
  5. IPCC Report

    @Kayle Ravelle were to police officers involved given full authority to uphold havoc laws or were they just there to gather intel? @✪MJ police have no jurisdiction on havoc lands as its considered to be another country. police can enter havoc lands with permission from havoc and police Commander+ but only to gather intel to use on our side of the border. unless they were given full authority to act as havoc personnel by the General.
  6. APC Handbook Revision's

    To all APC members the APC handbook has been updated Rev 3 notes and highlights: Rev 3 includes the move of police rules to the handbook and a few new rules added. you can find the new revision Here
  7. christian police channels

    Jesus Christ.
  8. Compensation Request - [Future] Dylan - 10/16/17

    @Dylan Rebelston Declined. can you please provide actual evidence of gear lost etc. this video is not admissible.
  9. Fox Hound + Anyone involved with the Nexus Bank.

    u survived it was some damn good flying
  10. Event WINNER Hunter

    12 mil and a promotion
  11. Wanted List Prices

    @Conner Merlin this was already fixed a while back, about a month ago new ticket prices were implemented.

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