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  1. you have no logic , expected from someone who plays combat only
  2. lmao as if people on this Server Provide rp of any value
  3. well now there is no HAVOC the server is like the Rest of the other servers just this one has No RP and full on Combat maybe change the name from PhoenixRP to Phoenix wannabe RP
  4. name might start with a K and then E and then idk
  5. Time Submitted: 12:42:07 AM | 03/20/20 Submitted By: FunkyTerminator (641) In-Game Name: Blazer of Arabia Steam / Player ID: 76561198072605756 Administrator who issued ban: Paddy Mcarthy Date of ban: 03/20/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i mainly got Banned for Using a Exploit to look through Walls What reason was given for your ban? Blazer Of Arabia, will all receives warnings for breaking rule 1.2 RDM due to breaking rule 3.3 End Of Initiation. A further permanent game-ban will be issued to Blazer Of Arabia for the clear break of rule 1.8 Exploiting he participated in at timestamp 37:30. Why should you be unbanned? i think i should be unbanned because for a start this is Second Ever Rule break on the Server Since i Started which is in 2017 , i should recieve a punishment for what i did, however i recived the Permaban for Looking through a Wall one time, i think this is very Excessive and way over punishment since my Record is Clean and looking that i only Broke one rule in the 2 Year time that i Spent on the Server , i Made a mistake by looking true this wall and i didnt think at this time about it and should not have done it. Personaly I think that I should be banned cause fair and squear i broke a rule however a permaban is just to much . i think most people would have Recived a warining or a 3-7 Day ban and that would be fair in this situation however a permaban doesnt What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/31751-player-report-dynasty-gang-dont-know-their-in-game-name-031820-altis-life/
  6. paddy i just need a clarification for the Case if it was rule break or no , no ban or punishment required here and the strider could have left between 48:30 and 50 min
  7. Do you play on a controller? Genuinly wondering.

  8. yeah and also the fact that i can camp a destroyer and people think they killed everyone
  9. yeah we are all good if u said it left then sure , but i didnt see it cause the sound was low , but yeah i just want to know if this is a rule break or no , dont want to ban anyone
  10. i knew it was in there but i didn't edit it out , cause if i break a rule fair and square i should receive punishment but if people are doing it and the nothing happens to them and they gain advantage against me then i will use it against them , sure a rule break dosent allow people to break rules but this looking through walls is happening way to much so it looks like it is allowed
  11. just because i looked through a wall dosent mean i am the only one doing it on the server , hell alot of people look down DMT Floors and i dont see any of them getting told off for it
  12. i dont want any bans or anything from this case , just a rule clarification , your guys said i am not allowed to Camp outside and i should push , then if i dont push and hide how are they going to find out that i am still alive . and also if the guys who died are allowed to go back to destroyer before or After Transport Phase that is all i want from this case not really looking to ban you guys or anything
  13. but yeah i didnt say at any point that i dropped the Case , we said the Video was being uploading so we had to come back to the help room and then i showed the Video to Teddy and he said i needed to go make a player report so it was miss understanding from your guys
  14. someone said one of you guys had a Video and then now you said you dont so yeah idk
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