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  1. @Calvin Charles i am okay with the VDM Case , it is Resolved from my Side thank you for Talking to me on the Forums [ you said it was your fault and that is enough for me , no need for Comp gear is Cheap ] @Proxy Smoxy you can Close this Report
  2. you did VDM though and you refused to talk about it , all you told me was to stop spamming i edited the Report so you are only accused of VDM
  3. Calvin the AFK gathering was not you , it was the Guy who was Recording the Video , i added it to the Video because it was Weird how he was just standing there Gathering while Tabbed out , also i talked to you about the VDM thing and you told me to Stop spamming you after i wanted to Resolve it , the Thing with Vel i have no Control over , but the only thing on you is the VDM part and the guy in your GANG is the one i want for using a Glitch to Gather while Tabbed out i think his Name was JAMIE , not sure so i didnt put his name
  4. ever wonder why Altis life is Boring all you do is runs and Grind money , well today we have something Fun to show you join Us and get a chance to capture the Cops be a guerrilla Fighter and get the Right to Claim the island from the Hands of these Dirty Cops
  5. Time Submitted: 09:37:08 PM | 12/24/19 Submitted By: FunkyTerminator (641) Your In-Game Name: Blazer of arabia Who are you reporting?: Calvin Charles , Jamie Time/Date of event: 12/24/2019 Rule's Broken: VDM [Calvin charles] and a possible use of a bug to AFK Gather [jamie] Explain what happened: so we rolled up to Diamond mine as Havoc me and Boothy and then this guy [Owner of Video] was AFK gathering at mine and then we Decided to take off the Suppressor at his Gun and he Refused to Respond to us and then we Koncked him and took him as hostage and we seized his Comms , then His Friend decided to Show up , he Vdmed the Hummingbird and got me Killed and then my Friend killed him , then He claimed we RDMED , After that i tried to Talk to Calvin and he said <22:509> "[Cpl.] Blazer with them ^^": Calvin why did you VDM me <22:50:16> "[Cpl.] [RTD] Calvin Charles": I DIDNT <22:50:24> "[Cpl.] [RTD] Calvin Charles": stop spamming me plz <22:50:25> "[Cpl.] Blazer with them ^^": you where Driving the hemit right <22:50:26> Chat partner has closed the conversation Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/39POpgeyJUs Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Harry
  6. i dont bench snipe and i am not part of any gang
  7. why would we be mad ? you used something in the game to kill us , Losing is also part of the game but i guess you dont understand that since you are only after Kills , hence the fact you dont RP and you go to Cartels and sleep there just waiting for someone to kill
  8. nah it wont no you are not good it says it in your own Rules , you cant use Gear you are not whitlisted for and that includes scopes so good luck with that
  9. they cant use gear they are not whitlisted for thats one and two we will deal with it so it dosent matter
  10. why stop something instead of learning how to deal with it , it is a game no need to complicate it this much some people pref to play from long range some play CQC i say -1 to this
  11. Name:Blazer Player ID: 76561198072605756
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