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  1. Noot

    Cyn | Cynical

    Name: SwordFightPhil Age [16+] : 16 Time Zone: GMT Bank Account: 1.2 Mill Hours [Screenshot with account]: 2742 - Link Who Can Vouch For You?: N/A Previous "Good" Gangs [All Servers]: TRN, INS, Played with TI, LuKy, Etc. Anything To Improve Your Chances [i.e a fraggy or any other info]: Very Good pilot in planes and Good at combat
  2. Time Submitted: 07:05:08 PM | 06/04/18 Submitted By: Noot (64) In-Game Name: SwordFightPhil Steam / Player ID: 76561198268579333 Date of Event: 06/03/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Video Evidence Details of Event: Doing a run in my plane when the server timed me and others out on the server which resulted in the run failing and me losing £400k+. This was not a server restart and was a unscheduled event. Compensation Amount: 36 x £11,975 = £431,100 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  3. Noot

    AV | Anima Vesta

    IGN: SwordFightPhil Age: 16 No. of Arma 3 hours: 2735 Why should we accept you?: You should accept me because I would and will be a viable asset to have in your gang. I have good combat. Range is not really a problem, I am fairly good at all ranges. My RP is always spot on to make sure people have a enjoyable experience on the server and to make sure I am always playing within the rules. My communications are sharp and clear which is perfect for high intensity situations. My knowledge of ArmA 3 is good and I believe my hours reflect that. Overall my flying skills (particularly Planes) are very good. I pride myself on these and believe they are some of if not the best on the server. My leadership skills are also very good which can be again good for situations in need of a leader. I will try my best to make sure I am a asset to your gang.
  4. Noot

    Ø | Oddity

    Name: Cant remember Age: Older than Aero Country: The World Hours on arma : 21.3 Bank & garage contents: Cans of soup Why would you want to join Oddity: Dont tbh Is there any members that can vouch for you: All dem
  5. Noot

    The 'Board' System..

    @Kevin I personally think this is a very good idea. So many servers lack this and this is a fair and democratic way of getting our players what they want in the server. Nice Idea!
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