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  1. Application In-Game Name: Lt. Skilly Steam ID: 76561198026208579 Age: 21 Bank Balance: £66188752 Licenses (all of them from the stats page): Drivers License Boat License Pilot License HGV License Firearm License Homeowners License Taxi Driver Oil Processing Diamond Processing Sand Processing Iron Processing Copper Processing Cement Processing Tobacco Hops Cocaine Processing Heroin Processing Meth Processing Marijuana Processing Advanced Rebel Black Market Dealer Rebel - Only missing popcorn processing, which i will buy soon. Why you'd like to join us: I'm kinda curious in what u guys are doing, as u have seen i'm a active medic so i see alot of fights with you guys Hopefully i can be a part of it since i've got 2.5K+ hours in arma 3, which 1k is wasteland and 1k is altis life and the remaining is exile / other mods. I'll be playing part time as a civilian, since i'm a active medic
  2. Kinda curious when this will be fixed. Since it's an easy fix and it has been like 5 days already. It's kinda getting a pain in the ass to fly all the way from Sofia to Zaros (15km+)
  3. Personally, i think that HAVOC is doing a great job at this moment, but making Pygros means giving HAVOC less land and meaning that cops have to do an even greater job as they are doing not now. I would love to see the cops fixing up their side of the story first before giving them more land/power. It would of have been much better if the cops had 2 main cities: Kavala and Athira - While HAVOC has Sofia / Pyrgos. (Since everything is connected with the main highway).
  4. I never thought of this myself :3 But I exactly really love this idea!! But only make sure that civs / cops can't buy the pistol then! And the higher ups have to setup the rules for the pistol than of course ^,^ To make sure that medic's only using them in really heavy gunfights and not inside the towns (for the cops)
  5. @Kazz Well i'm not saying i've got a great PC... but u really need a old pc with "terrible" specs to get alot of lag. I normally run around 20/40 fps in kavala and 60 outside and i've only got a i5/760 (but overclocked). But even than, u could still get alot of lagg in Zaros if alot of people get there with cars or throw smoke etc.
  6. To be honest I'm really used to playing in Kavala / Athira as a medic. But since we had Zaros, I've heard more people complain, that they have to drive offroad to go to the main-road to do other stuff. Personally, i prefer Kavala cause: - It's linked with the main road, so it's easier for us (medics) to go to other main cities with full speed. - Players are most likely to stay in the main city and talk/have fun. - Known Altis players are used to playing in Kavala, so it's easier for cops to respond to robberies / HM. People don't like it cause: - Mass VDM (Which u can go against with speed bumps/walls. - Mass RDM (U can never go against this, this can always happen, even in Zaros). Personally, I think Kavala got moved due the mass VDM / RDM, but that could always happen, the same with cop baiting and speeding. Don't get me wrong, but I prefer Kavala, cause it's easier to get towards the other player and its easier for known players to tell other players where everything is. Just make Kavala as beautiful as it is now and the more players it will get. (My opinion)
  7. Everything i posted above ^< ^
  8. One of the main things why i posted it Thanos. About 80% of these things are minor things that could be added/fixed within a few hours of work. We have been waiting for a Athira hospital for ages and it's time that things are getting added/changed. Cause if they can move a whole city, then they should be able to fix such small things as well.
  9. So recently I've been playing as a medic on Phoenixrp. Some idea's I've had: 1# Add medical marijuana for 10k each to the shop of the medic's -> For roleplay purposes only! 2# Add painkillers -> Will have no effect but would be awesome for roleplay purposes! 3# Make it so that we can impound vehicle's that are blocking the road (without letting us lockpick the car first). 4# Add the old medical backpack back (But keep the invisible one as well (Since some old medic's love the backpack). 5# Give us 2 type's of medical uniforms (AMS / MAS) -> The AMS uniform has NHS on it, so please fix that. 6# Remove the Medical Outpost -> But give us a normal hospital at: Zaros - Athira - Pyrgos - Sofia. 7# Change the medic lights to "Green / Yellow ", so if rebels hear the sirens / lights they will know that we're medics. 8# Add parking spots at the hospitals -> Since most of the players just drop them. Some things i would love to get fixed: 1# Fix the Truck Boxer Lights / Sirens 2# Fix The Hatchback Lights 3# I've seen players use a little bird with a medical skin -> Remove those little birds since civilians can't use medical vehicles / choppers. 4# Remove the Nitro for medic's (Since none of use buys a vehicle and it would have no effect for us since we can't use it anyway. I've had some thoughts about adding a whole system to check on how someone's body is after a crash etc. But i've seen that players love to roleplay the easy way to get away from the medic's (after 10 min roleplay). Let me know what u would love to get added or fixed for the medic's ^< ^
  10. Name: Lt. Skilly Steam ID: 76561198026208579 Who is the sexiest Welshman out there? Obv the sheep.
  11. Name: Lt. Skilly Steam ID: 76561198026208579 What you want it for: So i that i can buy a second jet :>
  12. Sorry, if I response in a weird way, (sick and it's early in the morning just before school). I took a certain amount of cash out of the bank and some of the gang funds... After some time i also got a small amount of cash from an old friend (which I've known for almost 3/4 years..) I then took up the chance to buy the jet and store it.. When i bought the jet.. i didn't really had alot of time to play on the server due: In real life / school / work / family.. When i finally had the time to fly it.. things got out of hand as far as I've seen... Meaning that i prob shouldn't of have ever had to buy the jet... which makes it looks weird now.... I really can't say much more than that.. since i got nothing to back myself up... And i still appreciate it that "Kevin" is such a nice guy and even gives me a chance to explain myself on the forums as well.. All i want it to enjoy the game.. since i haven't had much time lately and won't have much later on due summer break coming up as well...
  13. Time Submitted: 04:48:40 PM | 06/27/17 Submitted By: Skilly (632) In-Game Name: [T.I.A] Skilly Steam / Player ID: 76561198026208579 Administrator who issued ban: Kevin Date of ban: 06/27/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Apparently i was banned for duping cash? But as far as i know there is no way to dupe cash in the game?.... At this certain moment, i had a small talk with Kevin, he told me to make a appeal and see where it goes from then... (which i'm hoping for the best...) What reason was given for your ban? Duping Cash. Why should you be unbanned? From my side of the story, there is no way how to dupe cash in the game... I wanna play on this server, cause i like it, i've even played quitte some time on it.. and i wanna keep playing like that. Not just for the cash.. but for the roleplay, the friends i made, the players... I wanna keep enjoying the server.. I don't wanna get shot out of the server for such a "Hilarious" reason... which i don't think is true... Sadly i got no way to back myself up.. since i only save my last 20 min, incase something happens.... There for i'm still hoping to play on the server and keep enjoying it... What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): -
  14. Didnt i pass the checkpoint yesterday with one ;)??
  15. Yeah as i responded in the chat, i know i shouldn't of have done it. But i was there not to rp which u sadly can't hear in my vid (cause mic), but the CSI didn't care and rather wanted to rp -> which i know i did wrong, but he was the one that started the whole case. (To let that all drop, i'm here to play the game, not to argue as a player). Conclusion: Yes. Last words: I do hope the ban gets removed but thats something between LazyHippo / Harry / u (jelle) / Me to discuss at a later phase.