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  1. Skilly

    Ban Appeal - Lt. Skilly - 08/30/17

    @Kayle Ravelle I wanna thank you / the management / staff for the opportunity. Sadly i won't take the offer since i'm still telling the truth about the whole case.... I'm already broken that i can't be on the server but being on the server and working my ass off be to much work for me. (which i don't have the time for at the moment). Besides that i don't have much to say besides thank you / the others for giving me a chance to make this appeal. I will still be on teamspeak like almost everyday if u wanna have a chat or play exile/wasteland with me ^,^ I hope the server grows and gets as big as others ^,^ ~Skilly
  2. Skilly

    Ban Appeal - Lt. Skilly - 08/30/17

    @Tim How is it possible to proof that i'm innocent in this case... cause i would love to proof myself being legit but i don't have any recordings and don't have my table with runs anymore.... Cause knowing i have to start over again will make this really freaking hard especially if i'm gonna have to borrow cash from others and pay them back and checking all the farms again.... Don't get me wrong i really love the server but if i'm going to have to start over it would be a no-go for me to play as a normal player and prob only as a medic...
  3. Skilly

    Ban Appeal - Lt. Skilly - 08/30/17

    Tim, Knowing that i have to work my butt off to earn what i earned this time would make it even harder and less enjoyable if i play... I know i don't do much with the cash even if i still had it... But i find it kinda unfair if i had to re-do everything, that would prob take ages.... which i don't really have much time for due me working 40/60h a week... Is there really not a other solution besides a full reset to let me play on the server again? (don't get me wrong i love the server, especially the AMS). And i wanna keep a good status on the server and keep going that way even with bad things happening.
  4. Skilly

    Ban Appeal - Lt. Skilly - 08/30/17

    That was a long time ago and me and my friend both told u and the other staff member the truth that we did do it due other reasons as well. I'm telling the truth this time as well and i wish to keep telling the truth so i could still have a chance. But we are not talking about that at this certain moment.
  5. Skilly

    Ban Appeal - Lt. Skilly - 08/30/17

    @FoxHound I'm seriously telling the truth.. so i can't slide from anything else... I really wish to play on the server again and have fun as i used to have So i'm really hoping that conner accepts my appeal... but there is no way i could back my story up... wich i wish i could... The only thing he could do is ask the other staff members / management... but besides that i still have hope <3
  6. Skilly

    Ban Appeal - Lt. Skilly - 08/30/17

    Sadly i do not, i did had some cases (1/2 times where i dropped my cash in the back after a run and got kicked but i think that was just poor lagg / pc issues with mine.. Since i don't have one of those Extreme Master Pc computers
  7. Skilly

    Ban Appeal - Lt. Skilly - 08/30/17

    I've had this in multiple cases, which were: When Kevin kicked me out of the jet (cause he thought it was armed. -> But nothing happened? When i was playing as a medic (which was solved). -> But nothing happened ? Not sure if it happened the last time when i was playing with Jord as well (just before when i was banned) -> But nothing happened ? A case where i got a re-comp (with Harry (while back tho + didnt had much cash by then). -> Where i needed a full comp at the end With most cases i had informed the admins or management about it, sadly i can't prove myself that i had all of these cases since some might of have happened a while back or some cases where i only informed the members on Teamspeak through a message or voice chat. I would still love to play on this server if i still get the chance to get on it.... Which i'm hoping for, not just to proof myself towards the management but also towards the players.... Sorry for the short response, since its 5am for me and i really have to get to work now.. I hope to hear soon of you <3 thanks for the quick responses tho.
  8. Time Submitted: 01:52:39 PM | 08/30/17 Submitted By: Skilly (632) In-Game Name: Lt. Skilly Steam / Player ID: 76561198026208579 Administrator who issued ban: Connor Date of ban: 08/13/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Suspected Hacker. As i had a long talk with Kevin a while back (Not sure about the date), i've had this case as well, where i got banned. At that moment i told him what happened and everything got solved, as i'm pretty sure about it i told him that this might happen in the further..? What reason was given for your ban? At the moment i was offline when it happened, but as far as i've heard from other staff members/board members (could be incorrect). I made 300k+ all of the sudden 5 mil? Which would be kinda ridiculous? I don't wanna call anyone a lier either, but what i do want is that this should be looked into further. Since this is a second time this has happend (again @Kevin)... Why should you be unbanned? I've been a regular player (from the time i've played). Meaning i was online at least every day on the server or on teamspeak... But this doesn't mean much. I wanted to see the community grow and see how things went, so i turned to medics (as for my good old days)... I've learned alot from this community and alot from the players, and i wanna keep on learning that way, on how to improve myself in roleplay or other cases. I've also gotten some messages from some good old friends on this server to get back and i do wanna get back, but i don't wanna get false hope or to disappoint them.... Give me a second change and let me get to know the server a bit more once again... PS: I'm not sure if i can respond within the 48hours, due work / personal life being involved in some cases, i will try to take a look at it when i can as soon as possible.. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):
  9. Skilly

    You were kicked of the game.

    Ive been kicked off randomly aswell yesterday.. Even multiple times if i was just flying around or walking or driving...
  10. Skilly


    Yeah things that arent available anymore... But only vehicles or heli's or jets
  11. Skilly


    Not really but i do am looking for rare skins on the server or rare things u can't buy anymore ;)_
  12. Skilly

    Huron & Crate ends - 07/08/2017

    9m for the crate
  13. Skilly

    More guns at black market

    Hmm u do got a point there... Do wish they would make the price high then and lower the black market license to 15 mil -> instead 17 and yeah
  14. Skilly

    More guns at black market

    I do agree that they should add flashbangs. But not the spikestrips.. Since some players might abuse it. (Could be the same with the flashbangs... But they def should add a higher caliber gun or that u could buy certain vehicles.
  15. Skilly

    Rare Items

    Haii, I'm looking for rare vehicles or skins inside the game ;3 Send me a private message with a screenshot and your price (Only for Civilians.)