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  1. Max Hardy

    Scrambler perk

    I can confirm, as the officer mentioned by the OP, that I was able to see both speed and registered owner.
  2. +1 pretty much every other police vehicle has them and since the prowler isn't unmarked then we should have them.
  3. +1 when you're in action or trying to drive it's very difficult to pinpoint the location sometimes. Having some sort of function where there's a popup on the map would be very useful
  4. Great, friendly guy with great RP in game, always active in support and has helped me with many cases, mainly in the very early hours of the morning when there's not many staff lurking about. In my opinion, and many other's, he'd make a great addition to the Staff Team ❤️ @Cyber Freak
  5. +1 it makes life so difficult with all of the rental vehicles rolling about nowadays.
  6. But either way, the last shot fired was at 2:40, Aiden Hill pushed the building and shot me at around 7:48- initiation wouldn't have been valid at that point.
  7. I'd also like to add that cops encounter death a lot more than the average civilian and even HAVOC. The nature of our job causes us to die many times every day (or maybe that's just me being bad). Anything from RDM to the gunfights we have with gangs every hour or so. It'd be unfair to make us pay for it and it'd drive cops out of the force, although I do like the idea of making the base gear free and then having to pay a small amount if you want to take out, say, an operation rig and a higher caliber weapon etc.
  8. We don't actually get money from tickets, by the way. And the protocol on impounding vehicles will stay the same seeing as we get like £200 for each impound lmao.
  9. I'm sick of the amount of 'hobos' whom are joining the server, buying pistols and going around getting into gunfights without initiating. 9/10 times they end up being the only casualty but within the last week or so there have been insane amounts of this type of thing going on. Chased a truck boxer for a while the other day, we had zero initiation when the driver decided to hop out and fire at us with a pistol- he ended up dead on the side of the road and we were uninjured but it's just irritating when it happens, I'd just like some good roleplay! Is there anything the staff team can do to help stop these people/ prevent it in the first place? I understand that it's always going to be a thing but it has happened too often lately and I'm sick of it. If nothing can be done, then oh well, but I just felt like trying to address this issue before it gets even worse. The second point I'd like to address is the very active taxi community. I think it's great that people are taxiing people about, but it's getting too much. Is it possible to make it so you have to be whitelisted to access taxis? I just ask this because we're getting mass groups of taxis trolling everyone and VDMing etc. People are abusing the fact that taxis are free and cannot be picked up by our ANPR. I'd at least like these issues to be thought about and discussed as it is, personally, affected my roleplay experience and ruining the fun. Let's not mention the fact that I've maybe seen 2 taxis with an actual customer compared to the hundreds of randoms that are just using them to troll. Tl;dr I'm just annoyed at the huge increase of fresh spawn hobos RDMing, even in the green zone, and the taxi drivers are irritating me as there's just too many taxis being used to evade the police and avoid the cost of losing an actual owned vehicle. It would be nice if the producers of this video would act on their bold, yet noble threats 😉
  10. Time Submitted: 12:45:07 AM | 08/19/18 Submitted By: ITSNOTMYturtle (624) Your In-Game Name: Max Hardy Who are you reporting?: Kyle Jackson, Aiden Hill Time/Date of event: Around 01:15am, 19/08/18 Rule's Broken: RDM, discrimination, toxicity, maybe trolling, stealing medic vehicle Explain what happened: We recieved a dispatch from somebody getting held up and robbed at Kavala Fuel, upon arriving on scene I saw two/three guys around an offroad shooting someone and then they drove off. The offroad was also the same one from maybe 15 minutes before which fired shots from the back of it at me in a green zone. The offroad drove away, and I pulled up at Kav square to look for it, I saw it driving back towards the crime scene going over the speed limit and I attempted to pull it over when a guy opened fire on me, I thought he was a medic, and then we engaged in combat. After taking the first guy down he (Kyle Jackson) started hurling toxic, racist, homophobic insults at me. (I disputed them but they both DC'd when admin Sean connected and so they made no attempt to resolve it with me). Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CnnnHlHZ6s&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Bob Frey (Marley) // Case 8268
  11. Aww cheers for the kind words haha. I'm glad I'm not completely incompetent ❤️
  12. I agree, only for training purposes. As nice as it would be to have a non-lethal approach at checkpoint, I don't really feel like it fits in with our style and the way we operate.
  13. Exactly my thoughts...... and I kind of made the title like that on purpose lol
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