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  1. Banned?


    1. Kevin


      • Advertised his own Community
      • Stole copyright content
    2. Quinn


      Just to clarify, we're happy for people to experiment and make their own servers so people do not get banned or harassed for leaving for another server, they get banned when they advertise it and directly steal our documents and other items that our members have put time into making.

  2. Slow episode of GoT. Gotta start it off from somewhere though. :)

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    2. Sheepy


      I was watching in my living room at 3AM with my McDonalds :D

    3. FlashPie


      I mean in the tv or a website (if its a website ) Gimme pls xD

    4. ReecePrimePhotography


      @Sheepy I thought it was Grass..... Not mcdonalds! :DxD 

  3. Sheepy

    Fix Economy

  4. Game of Thrones @2AM woop woop



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    2. Quinn


      Mhm mhm, so is everyone here just going to get their nickers in a twist over stupid things?

    3. Sheepy


      Just leave it at that. I'll make sure not to post another sheep message because it offends certain people.

    4. Quinn


      You're not excused from the question Maxy, how the fuck do people manage to turn "baaaaaaaaaaa" into an argument.

  6. Sheepy

    Instinct (Removed)

  7. Sheepy

    Going to the sun!

    Have a great time.
  8. Sheepy

    Instinct (Removed)

  9. Sheepy

    Instinct (Removed)

    INSTINCT Background Story Years after he goes missing in the fields of Wales, Sheep Shagger Sleepy resurfaces when it's discovered that he has murdered two English Men that abused and kidnapped his sheep from the wild fields of South Wales. With the authorities chasing Sleepy, he flees to the fields of Altis. Years flew past while Sleepy was living in Altis. The authorities had finally given up on chasing Sleepy. Sleepy wanted to protect the sheep of Altis from the scum of Altis and decided to create a group called 'Instinct'. Instinct now wonder across Altis, protecting and shagging sheep as they go. Gang Rules Under no circumstances may you distribute gang uniform. You must follow ALL server rules. If you leave the gang to join another one temp, you cannot rejoin. THIS WILL BE UPDATED SOON. If you are interested in joining Instinct. Please follow and fill the format below; Name: Arma 3 Total Hours: In-game Name: Steam ID: Age: D.O.B: Timezone: Character Roleplay Story: Why do you want to be in Instinct?: Please define 'Roleplay' in your own words: Do you speak fluent English?: Do you agree to follow the rules of the server and the gang?: IF ANY ISSUES OCCUR WITH MY GANG MEMBERS, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO MESSAGE ME AND I'LL DEAL WITH IT AS I USUALLY DO. - Sleepy, Instinct Gang Leader.
  10. New uniforms for Instinct. They look SICK. :D

    1. ....


      pretty cool!

  11. Sheepy

    Mohawk Giveaway

  12. Has the top menu of the website moved for anybody else?

  13. Sheepy

    Taking a break.

    Have fun.
  14. Sheepy

    FlashPie Arrival

    Welcome to the server mate.