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  1. Does the fact that there was a hacker on the server and the server shut down fall under "server crashed" so that you can check the logs? Cheers.
  2. hmm never gonna get any as i wasn't recording, never mind then.. 😉
  3. Time Submitted: 08:37:48 PM | 10/11/18 Submitted By: Aplox (6137) In-Game Name: Aplox Steam / Player ID: 76561197995380074 Date of Event: 10/11/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Do not have any. Details of Event: Chopped a hemitt box for 422k. shortly after everyone on server died. I was re spawned by admin but camera was glitched and I couldn't see. server went down a few mins later. Compensation Amount: 422k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Aplox


    I've looked at this spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1deqhXpx9Bjp9BrlZEGBxpU6OGbReKr_cNmKGjIa_agQ/edit#gid=169259501) and the calculations used in columns H and J are using the Unprocessed values in column D. I'm not sure why the calculation is using the unprocessed value and then dividing that by 2? This calculation is used in all products. If we talk about coral as the example, there is no "processed unprocessed" and since the value of coral in weight is 5, this spreadsheet divides the unprocessed value which has been set to 1 for some reason. Still using coral for the example, the calculation should be ((800 / 5) * 4550) = 728,000 * 1.5 (for he additional 50%) = 1,092,000 which from what I hear and from personal experience, is correct. Think the only error in this sheet is just that is calculates the unprocessed as the sold value, but also doesn't add in the extra 50%. If i'm wrong then let me know ^^
  5. Aplox

    Exp issue

    I was doing Uranium and Diamonds earlier today, even though the exp bar says +10 each time I harvested, my actual exp only increased by 2. This is not just for gathering, repairing vehicles also has the same issue. I did talk to some guys and they didn't seem to have this issue, although it was only 2 other people I asked, all civis. Both me and my friend I was doing runs with had the same issue. Can get a video of it if needed.
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