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  1. please stop making these. its a fucking meme
  2. nice man. you got better

    Listening to this is more fun that playing here

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    2. Majood


      Total Members


    3. SpawnTheDeath


       i am happy for you.

      good thing you finally found something you can enjoy.

      its not my thing tho so i am gonna go back and play on the server  cya around

    4. Majood


      Okay. Stop joining our gang channels and flexing with your 1 billion ingame. and telling us shit stories @SpawnTheDeath

      1 billion ingame. and still cry for losing a rook 

  4. bro this is legend love this shit
  5. Majood

    Alfies #5

    I honestly like this guy. plays fair. barley roach. n1 mate https://gyazo.com/46e774202a2e81e4ac4dc6174af90dc0 @Blitz What the fuck where you doing LMAO
  6. Time Submitted: 01:55:23 PM | 11/12/19 Submitted By: Majood (6116) In-Game Name: MAJED Steam / Player ID: 76561198384287434 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 11/12/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Aperantly they think im hacking ? What reason was given for your ban? Staff discretion Why should you be unbanned? Because I have been playing here since 1 and half year and never got caught doing anything fishy and then suddenly im perm banned for suspected hacking. I spoke to infistar and they said that Its up to server owners if they want me to play on their server. and im not cheating What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  7. better than the other CTU single tages, good one man
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