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  1. Majood


    bye chief
  2. Majood

    Ifrit doors

    @Moto Moto Just play some CQC and get better at ripping out, the animation is not good and wont support this idea -1
  3. Is gang skins coming next update IlleFree
  4. Spud He keeps msing me everyday telling me that I am breaking rules and threating me to report me to police command. I told him many times to stop MSGING me but he wont understand me. so I got a bit pissed and I wrote KYS to him. I understood my mistake and I apologized to him in words and In the support room too.
  5. I really had a tough day. I apologized to you In chat and In teamspeak But you dont seem to like me and want me banned. here is the chat <02:16:14> "[Cpl] Jambo #RIOT": you telling me to kill myslef <02:16:24> "[PCSO] Majed": well im sorry for that <02:16:32> "[PCSO] Majed": but just stop annying me <02:16:38> "[Cpl] Jambo #RIOT": no im reporting you now <02:16:44> "[PCSO] Majed": not before you resolve it <02:16:48> "[Cpl] Jambo #RIOT": because that is completely wrong <02:17:04> "[PCSO] Majed": I told you Im sorry i was mad and I did not mean it <02:17:43> "[Cpl] Jambo #RIOT": Come to support and odd can you please Prove it that I did speak to him nice in teamspeak and aologized he told me that He dose not accept my apology and he wanted to take it further. You should be in support to resolve it and not to get me banned this is your second time being agressive towards me and just want me gone from this community
  6. DCC JAMES JOHNSON [DIU] amazing bro. Note: I was listening to this song for the past hour before I see your fraggie. Amazing one 😂😂❤️
  7. it also turn off when you are buying at rebel market whenever you go into the shop it turns off
  8. Majood

    SINS | Open

    Contact us in teamspeak or message one of the gang command for your recruitment processes. You can find our command list on the roster. Our gang has been separated from “SINS” we currently running divinity. So if you would like to join it make sure to check the application forum
  9. Majood


    Something we can agree on
  10. Majood


    Is shooting from the back and camping redzone for the entire restart allowed or not.
  11. omg the music is so gay lol
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