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  1. I'd just like to state I spent a literal week to fix my computer to respond to the aforesaid post with: Haha
  2. Better than nothing. See you tomorrow!
  3. Odd

    Typical Medic Landing

    They have learned of my LOA, chaos will reign.
  4. Odd

    Vel to Governor

    I guess I know where I'm putting my vote.
  5. I can confirm that Majed did join the support case to apologize for his actions.
  6. Says the guy who needs to activate his windows. 🤔
  7. Odd

    feel free to roast

    I will never stop loving and thusly sharing the footage Pingster created whenever the opportunity arises. As such, I present source for the initial footage:
  8. Odd

    Dr. Phucked

    Bit hard to give him a promotion when he's already the highest rank one can be. 🤔
  9. @vel, @tyler.b and I are the other medics you're looking for.
  10. There is a large issue currently happening with the new glorious response missions for medics. With the addition of tasked assignments being relocated if anyone requests medical attention the old issue of people dying and requesting help in red zones now moves the destination to places medics are not permitted to step foot near. In addition to this I'd like to question whether these relocations are sent to all medics or randomly assigned as sending them to all would increase the problem this addition sought to fix, namely medics grouping together.
  11. Time Submitted: 11:04:25 PM | 03/18/19 Submitted By: Odd (6105) Your In-Game Name: Odd Who are you reporting?: Jake Butts Time/Date of event: 2019-03-18 | 22:30 GMT+01 Rule's Broken: 1.1 VDM Explain what happened: My gang was in the process of doing a house burglary by Rebel Outpost north of Sofia when planes started flying in the air. Having passed me real close multiple times giving me quite the scare one of them eventually flew straight into me blowing me up. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Video at: https://youtu.be/piYeODX_leU Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Tommy Escobar | 14040
  12. I feel like bad routes are the main reason people don't typically do ground-runs. As an example to this you can see how prevalent ground-runs are for something like coral which actually has decent paths back and forth that can be swapped around a little without much of a loss to time.
  13. Odd

    Medic Issues

    I've changed the bulletpoints to show the fixed ones and the unfixed point with incapacitated people. I also got some reports of Jaws of Life not working giving an error message saying "Action Cancelled: You Got Too Far Away From The Target" even though you stand right up on the vehicle, so I've added this point.
  14. Odd

    Medic Issues

    Thank you! And yes, it is an issue and as Embers stated, it can happen to anyone. I believe the issue comes from people being incapacitated and then "bugging out" afterwards by "dying" again, typically by something like a fire or nearby explosions. You should be able to bugtest by taking a vehicle and blowing it up while next to it, rendering you incapacitated, then have someone put you "inside" the flames. You might "bled out" a few times but I can guarantee you that you will see the issue for yourselves. In addition, these people cannot be healed with a first-aid once revived and will remain without a name-tag. Upon treating themselves their name-tags will typically show back up. And again, just ask for more insight if needed. 😇
  15. Odd

    Medic Issues

    Added a quick bulletpoint underneath the text for you, @Scarso
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