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  4. Time Submitted: 02:32:42 PM | 03/10/19 Submitted By: Majazuri (6001) In-Game Name: Majazuri Steam / Player ID: 76561198168617039 Administrator who issued ban: Sean Date of ban: 03/05/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for DPI'ing What reason was given for your ban? https://plays.tv/video/5c8187d15363c2366e/nin?from=user Why should you be unbanned? You can see from the video i was VDM'ed twice by the guy, blatantly both times. the other player received a ban due to this as well as i, who openly admitted i did DPI. All i can say is i got incredibly salty at the moment in time, as hed already VDM'ed me once, and he was trying it again. My anger overcome me and instead of dying and having to make a comp request along with a report i just flung my mouse around in anger. You can tell from my initiation the genuine anger i was feeling. My ban was 100% justified, as was his. However as i stated it was a flurry of anger, and nothing i would've done in the mindset of following the rules. My mood swung and i payed for it. Id appreciate being allowed back with whatever repercussions i am entitled to face, and apologise for this display of anger. If anyone were to break a rule VS me in the future, id let it happen and deal with it afterwards, avoiding getting salty at the opposition. ty What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): Was a case
  5. Just cause im turning around doesnt mean you can shoot me, if im mid way through complying (slowing down) you cant just shoot me? You said get out and i was coming to a stop as you begun to shoot me. You also dont see the problem in initiating as you did? I changed my mind about "deal with it tomorrow" as i wanted action to be taken in one way or another, and if i took you to support and said i didnt want comp a report wouldve happened anyway. Its here to actually bring to attention aswell as seek punishment, done responding now. If no one sees my clip as diabolic ill be shocked
  6. Time Submitted: 01:47:45 PM | 03/08/19 Submitted By: Majazuri (6001) Your In-Game Name: Majazuri Who are you reporting?: Lvl 2 Brick Laying Time/Date of event: 10:30 Rule's Broken: RDM/PoorRP Explain what happened: Exact copy of before, showed disregard to the fact a rule was broken, and simply had a couple digs t me when trying to resolve and in the last report made. 3 minute video shows how i roll up, get tailed for 10 secs and instantly initiated on. I am then shot before my vehicle even comes to a complete stop, as i was trying to do, so i returned fire anyways as i was gonna die. (doesnt change the fact i was RDM'ed by lab, the guy who killed me fair enough as i returned fire.) Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/MMrubU61mzo Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: +1
  7. Majazuri

    Player Report - Labrador - 03/07/19 - Altis Life

    "hands up or die" or "stop or your dead" without anything prior will be considered low roleplay standard. So 2.9 not failRP sorr Then RDM because he shot before i had chance to comply I set my car up to decamp cos i thought youd initiate, nothing wrong with that I didnt drive slow to allow initiation, just did idk why. Whether i assumed his intention or not, that doesnt allow him to break a rule. Me preparing to be initiated on doesnt allow a "stop or your dead" with no previous RP. So when you say "he's chatting out of his arse" im confused as to what you mean. does my assumption allow you to break a rule? Whatever i did doesnt impact this shit RP, whys the video being ignored and blame being put to me for "shit stirring" Blatant rule break + Then RDM because he shot before i had chance to comply (i can provide 3mins later when im home)
  8. Majazuri

    Player Report - Labrador - 03/07/19 - Altis Life

    +1, still doesnt see his wrongdoing, instantly shooting after initiation, wasnt even out the car before shots
  9. Majazuri

    Player Report - Labrador - 03/07/19 - Altis Life

    Ive reported you because things like this happen regularly and comping is a cheap way to blag you out of it, i was told by staff leads to start bringing things to attention using the forums if i feel nothing is being done and recurrence is a problem. I dont even have a history with you so i dont know where thats come from, all i know is you played rpuk same time i did. i dont have evidence to back up my claims of past experience with you, but im sure similar things have been recognised by other members of community. This doesnt mean im lying about the past, it means i simply didnt bring it to attention as i am now. All your response shows is digging back at me and my "friend group" which i assume you mean nick coca who i rarely speak too, another chunk of text showing your disregard to the horse shit rp i received in this sit. our conversation you posted mirrors what i said and i stand by it. when i say make my next move easier i mean i want action to be taken and theres no problem with me feeling that way. I wished to report you as this sit proves of your rp standard. Once again, been told by staff lead the forums is a good way too convey a message and have action taken. A support case after receiving the message "i dont need to comp you :p" (deleted the tongue emoji thing from your chat log thingy) would not have had any action as clearly you didnt see the problem in your action. This is a blatant rule break and is commonly seen by you and your "friendship group". You clearly do not care for your actions, you havnt merely said any sort of apology Not gonna respond, evidence is there, i believe action in whatever form should be taken.
  10. Time Submitted: 01:45:28 PM | 03/07/19 Submitted By: Majazuri (6001) Your In-Game Name: Majazuri Who are you reporting?: lvl 2 bricklaying / Labrador Time/Date of event: 10:30pm Rule's Broken: FailRP, RDM Explain what happened: I was driving across the airfield where i see a qilin, it follows me and i predict it will initiate so i drive off the avoid the drama, he gets out, instantly initiates, instantly starts shooting before im even stopped, which i was clearly intending on stopping, and shot me. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5c8050bfdb10718103/hmm?from=user Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes, i did not take this to support, however i asked @Sean for an opinion which he instantly responded RDM/ShittyRP, upon messaging labrador his response was "got told i dont need to comp as you shot voiding it :p". I didn't even mention compensation too him so i feel as though he thought giving comp would just get him away with it. The same things happened multiple times with the same group and i believe something should be actioned to prevent similar thing in the future. Im not bothered about comp, this just completely ruined my fun and wasted my time. This also showed to me he didn't realise the obvious rule break he made, either this or he acknowledged it and didn't care anyway Support Member Involved?: Kinda Sean a little bit
  11. Yo ill take a, Large fish and chips, Large coke as the meal deal please, Battered sausage, but can i have 2 little ones rather than full size, for the two kids. And two fruitshoots please!

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      *shouts at kid for kicking rugby ball inside chippy*

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    Player Report - Majazuri - 03/06/19 - Altis Life

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    Player Report - Majazuri - 03/06/19 - Altis Life

    Why didn't you dispute me though?