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  1. Efforts since my last ban seem to have been noticed yet disregarded, and the servers rp has lacked over the past few weeks to the point where it unplayable for me as a rebel vs these factions and large gangs. thanks to Izinganekwane I shall be on my search for not shit rp bai Gl to server aswell, hopefully youll get some of these divs gone
  2. https://plays.tv/video/5d013c4a8d455e57ec/gang-of-the-century
  3. ?Last time i got told i was fat on arma 3 i inhaled a full bottle of aerosol and jumped out of my ground floor window into a kid on a bike. Its seriously not nice.
  4. Whats the point in 'buffing' everything so every one is more suited to frag?? A balance would suit everyone and not just people who want to frag. Changing / lowering prices of gear seems a way to increase the amount of shooting going on as rebels wont value there gear as highly, not a good thing. Adding things to rebels to give them more to do, seems the best option and a simply change in prices wont do much. Cops have things such as tasers, hunters, mk1s and all this for free, Havoc have the ability to rob anyone they please due to large numbers, in turn kitting everyone including privates with full mk1 load outs. Civs have loadouts for 700k, get targeted by both large factions, have to fight them at every cartel, every airdrop etc. The issue in my opinion is the way the white listed factions are run / how they play. changing prices wont stop havoc robbing everyone for gear, nor will it stop cops wanting to fight with all there free equipment. Rebels need a place to be with other rebels, hence my suggestion on the rebel zone, where airdrops and such should be. Its a simple addition which can be revoked if it does not work, and could steer away from the problem of cops and havoc being at every situation possible. I have 60k on my account, and feel the price of gear is fine.
  5. There wasnt a support case, we were waiting for you to figure out how to upload a video, so @Fulton Mackay said he will wait and deal with it once a video is provided. (Im sure he will confirm) Therefore no attempt to resolve as of yet. However, now a video is uploaded i am happy to go back to support as we initially intended to do.
  6. Time Submitted: 10:12:10 PM | 06/01/19 Submitted By: Merlinn (6001) Your In-Game Name: Majazuri Who are you reporting?: Skelly Macquire Time/Date of event: 23:00 Rule's Broken: rdm Explain what happened: drove past a guy, he decamped and shot me. didnt come support so ive reported Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5cf2f65e375f089198/rdm Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yeah fam Support Member Involved?: frank castle [ID15974]
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