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  1. sir its not an insult sir its merely i quote from the childs film the lady and the _____
  2. Hi there sir, are you by any chance named “121 sin” in game?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      yes sir that was me sir, i believe this is to be posted within the recommend a player sir 😉

    3. Calum


      Maybe if I run into you again 🙂

    4. Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      Okay sir ill be sure to impress sir

  3. funny as fuck ahaha, suck a shit
  4. How many legs do you have??? £10.54
  5. lol i sit and read youre posts just to laugh at how much of a sap you are
  6. didnt know they were this exp, need to do some farming
  7. If big gangs do that its tragic lol, we see a hobo in a truck we leave him
  8. ^^^ I jus dont see why its hard to monitor people who are edgy, and just reban if they shit on the server Everyone i play with is unbanned, its not for my personal gain so i can play with friends. Just really want phoenix to have a player base tbh
  9. stop being so rude sir theyre up to the neck in it so much so i have 20k on my account waiting on 100mil comp, currently at 9 days of being a hobo
  10. When other servers mass unbanned, that very night they were all full ahah dont kid yourself unban the rest, if theyre cunts still ban again bit of work, but it will make a good server
  11. just fucking unban everyone ahaha, best server, just has no players id rather be ingame with a bunch of cunts then no one and 20 cops
  12. Actually do a mass unban, the people who want to play are CB'ed. Okay fuck hackers, scripters etc. But theres people who want to play 20 is kinda sad on friday evening + its not hard to reban someone if they act up?
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