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  1. Jelle

    Taking magazines

    you can't take magazines out of someone's backpack, we have tried it with multiple officers. I don't know if this is only the case for APC or for everyone since I have only tried it as APC.
  2. Jelle

    Invisible backpacks for civs

    I don't think all civs should be having this. I think the only onces who should have acces to them are APC, AMS, HAVOC & maybe donators.
  3. Jelle

    More Runs

    More runs wouldn't be bad, +1
  4. Jelle

    Change to House Raid

    I like the "not everyone gets a notification" part but I don't like the house upgrade's. I don't think yiu should be paying more money to get a notification that your house is being robbed. Just remove it and only show it to the house owner.
  5. Jelle

    Move HM again

    I completely disagree, I really like this bank location and I'm not having any fps issues.
  6. Jelle

    Time to Come Home

    Who's this? @Niklaus Mikaelson
  7. Jelle

    New house system

    no, the crates were glitchy and despawned items. the only reason it changed.
  8. Jelle


    this would people would be encouraged to give higher tickets, if the paycheck would just be upped the problem is fixed.
  9. Jelle


    We don't receive the money for ticketing people.
  10. Jelle


    It's not high it's lower than low, I lose money playing as APC. The biggest income as an APC member is your income, when we do seize drugs there is most of the time 10 other cops around so you won't get any money from that as well.
  11. Jelle


    I think the police paychecks are really really low at the moment, even though APC is fun you should also make a little bit money with it. Most of the times my civ paycheck is higher than my APC paycheck. I say up the paychecks with at least 10 - 15k. Currently, I get about 22k every 15min, that less then a 100k per hour.... or 1.000.000 for 10 hours play time! With a paycheck of 15 min, I would lose money when I buy my night vision goggles and "redguls".
  12. Jelle


    If you are not sure you can trust them don't make the aliance @[wha]Jamie
  13. Jelle

    New house system

    With the introduction of the new housing system there is no way of knowing if there's items stored inside a house. It would be nice when you buy a house crates will spawn inside. Eventhough they got no use, you will be able to see if someone is living in the house or not. Or it doesn't even have to be crates, maybe something like default furniture (And I know if someone owns the house it's locked, but I mean when the player is online)
  14. Jelle

    Encurage more ground runs

    I do agree with @Zinner I really think people should be more encouraged to do ground runs, I would say make the air vechicles more expensive.
  15. Jelle

    More Vehicle Camo Paintjobs

    You made a nice camo @Tiger