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  1. You can fix this by letting the gang leader update the gang tags.
  2. TITAN didn't take part in gang wars. Lmao
  3. Prestige should be moved over. No way im gathering all those peaces again. I wouldn't play if this wouldn't be caried over. Edit- I would even say transfer the money over from my opinion. I personally can't be asked grinding runs again.
  4. If you are fighting a gang of off duty HAVOC with 18 people against 7 how is that fair. No other gang would be able to buy a gang base. I think it should be one gang base per gang. Why would you even want to buy more gang bases?? You only get a differrent colour skins.
  5. If on the death gear the loadoat price could be shown it would make compensation a lot easier. Now we have to go on the server and find out how much it was. This would save a lot of time.
  6. Jelle


    Could the money leaderboard be added back to the stats page. I enoyed checking how much money people have.
  7. Unfortunately, your application has been declined by the lead of TITAN.  Feel free to reaply in 7 days.
  8. +1 This should diffently be put in, I payed 100.000.000 for the prestiges, I should have an option to what colour I want to set it to.
  9. Atm if you store a vechicle it's done when you click the botton but I think this should change. It would be better from my opinion, once you press "store vechicle" a bar pops up (same like repairing a vechicle) where you would have to wait 7 - 8 seconds before it would get stored. This would give people time to do an initiatoin when they are set up there or following the person.
  10. Don't post anything other then apps on the reqruitment page.
  11. Jelle

    Buff Destroyer

    Atm if you compare H.M to the desteoyer you get nothing. You should be getting at least 12 - 15 million for it. If you get 3.000.000 nobody will be doing it. HAVOC responds with the same force often even with more.
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