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  1. Jelle

    Remove taser initiation rule

    Only cops like this rule because they get the advantage with the tazer. It's always cops v rebels with this discussion.
  2. Jelle

    Rust server

    Would like to play rust again, but not RP. Rust is not a RP game. Was a really big mistake with the last server...😅
  3. Jelle


    It would be a good idea for the redzone!
  4. Where's the 2 year award?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Andy Wick

      Andy Wick

      Where's the real OG tag for the first 100 members too?


    3. Kazz
    4. Ciaran


      +1 OG members get a OG's Tag


  5. Jelle

    Atlis news

    Nah after 2 months nobody used it anymore. Only admins used it for the paycheck.
  6. Jelle

    Remove shitpost rule

    Keep the rule in. Seen a lot of shitposting recently.
  7. Jelle

    Active gunfight rdm

    No It's on your own risk to shoot, if this would be the case, if you would be in a gunfight you are able to shoot anyone. My opinion if you can clearly see that there is a gunfight going on you should stay away from it and value your life.
  8. Jelle

    Spike Strip Hotkey

    -1 It's fine as it is, it should take some time to place a spikestrip.
  9. Jelle

    Reply to messages

    If you send a lot of messaged in a sit it would be really nice to have a reply botton It's prob really easy to add and it wouldn't add any mission file space.
  10. Jelle


    You can also send a pm? Lol
  11. Jelle

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    Big +1 They should also be 1.5 / 2 clicks away from the bank depending on the bank location.
  12. Jelle

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    Shame I can 't see it anymore... 😂😅
  13. Jelle

    Kazz is one sexy boy xoxoxoxoox

    Nobody wants to see this... Just keep it pm?
  14. Jelle

    Should Quinn have power?

    @Quinn worst Supt! 😂
  15. Jelle

    Pop up cartels

    Or just don't add it. -1