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  1. No, I think it's fine the way it is. No complaints from me -1
  2. The project was canceld because they didn't know how to dev Taki. If some good devs would be found or a mission file would be bought (I understand this is not easy) it would be nice to see taki brought back. Don't get me wrong the devs we currenlty have are great but if a project like this would be started I think we would need some more.. Bring back takistan #ProjectPhoenix @Kevin
  3. jelle: "I really wanna join ctu, shoot people in redzone and shit"

    1. Jelle


      hahaha I didn't say that, CTU is all about the RP

  4. You can set people their own name when you use windows key on them, this would even make it more personal from my opinion... lol
  5. Jelle


  6. Time Submitted: 12:55:48 PM | 02/02/20 Submitted By: Jelle Forum ID: 6 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Runs What Is Your Suggestion: What I never understood about the server is how the runs are so broken. First of all why would you have a legal run that would pay the most. On every other server Illegal runs would pay the most wich would also make the most sence. Change it up, make illegal runs pay a lot more and nurf diamonds but do it proper this time. Give like cocain the price of diamonds, this would give police also a lot more to do and make the run more dangerous. Spread it out, dont just make one run really really good but make them similiar for example, cocain 10.000 per unit but the run is long, herion 8k but the run is shorter. Make people spread around the map.
  7. When being arrested police will remove the mask and see the name
  8. The other server I played on for quite a bit and had the same, I think it's fine, sometimes ur chasing a truck for 20 min, even when they crash their tires arn't gone. Trucks are load and sometimes they cant hear the initiation. Shooting tires I think would be a lot better
  9. Agree with roy here, they always should be able to be boltcut +1
  10. This would also solve the problem of fake id's atm police wilm just meta the name above the players name when he gives a fake ID. when he says his name is Joe but above his head is says peter police will check, numbers would fix this problem to. ?
  11. Support would be can you type in the number and find the name, how confusing is it, you could also just put the number in the report, same with kill feed. Dont see any issues here
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