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  1. Altis News

    stealing while playing as AMS... hmmm..... ;)
  2. Introducing Me

    Welcome to the community! Hope you will have a great time here.
  3. Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the community don't hesitate to message if you need anything. @Raymond Reddington
  4. Benny

    Welcome to the community! Make sure to read the rules before you start playing!;)
  5. Hunter Vehicle for AMS

    I just don't see the reason why the AMS should have access to a hunter. Of course, they are fun to drive in but there is no need for us to have one. If there is a combat situation going on you shouldn't even be there. @Thanos I think the vehicles we have atm are enough. The only thing I still really want to get added is the van cargo where you can fit quadbikes and jet skies inside. This would be great to get people revived in the water. You load the jet ski in the truck and drive to the beach and unload it. @Dan Smith @Nick @ALL-STAR-WOODY
  6. House closest to Meth Lab

    This auction has expired.
  7. AK-12

    This auction has expired.
  8. Huron Cargo Container

    This auction has expired.
  9. BLACK MX SW's

    This auction has expired.
  10. Lim Heavy Machine Gun

    This auction has expired.
  11. AK12 SOLD

    This auction has expired.
  12. Selling House in Zaros

    This auction has expired.
  13. Huron & Crate ends - 07/08/2017

    This auction has expired.
  14. 1 BLACK MXC

    This auction has expired.
  15. BLACK MK1

    This auction has expired.

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