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  1. These are lies! TITAN never robs anyone
  2. Police Barets sold to @askew for 1.500.000!
  3. Feel free to place a bid. 4x Gendermarine Barret 3x Nato Barret 2x Police Baret 1x LDF Barret Starting bid on GenderMarine Barrets : 500.000 4x 2.000.000 Starting bid Nato Barrets: 1.000.000 3x 3.000.000 POLICE BARET SOLD! Starting bid LDF Baret 3.500.000 As far Im aware the LDF Barret is the only one in the server. Proof: https://gyazo.com/a382eff3f8c15856efe7aa995f9ae989
  4. 2 years wasted time 😂😂

  5. Jelle

    TNT Camping advanced

    They can only shoot unarmed thats why they camp advanced.
  6. giphy.gif

    1. Calum


      Hello Jelle,


      You did not invite me to the "Lewis is gone Crab Rave" party? 


      I am very disappointed by this.




    2. Jelle


      @Calum I'm sorry but I don't want any bots at the party. 

    3. Calum


      @Jelle okay, you made me very sad now 😥

  7. Jelle

    Add medkit

    Why would you remove the medkit from the advanced rebel shop, it was such a nice feature and nobody asked for it to be removed.
  8. Hello?

  9. Jelle

    tiger #4

    1 tap quick peek @Tiger
  10. 3 years?

    1. Calum


      Wow! Congratulations @Jelle! I am very proud of you for sticking by PhoenixRP for 3 years. Here's to 4!🍻

  11. Something I would have had 100% if you valued your life.
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