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  1. Jelle


    @Theodore Thank you for the great work you have done on the server, shame you have to leave so soon. on another note tho... you are a fucking Nizwald. and bad at wow.
  2. It all started to decline when you started playing on the server...
    1. Cobra★


      omg our cover is blown, @Stefan♦ I think this is our time to leave with the gold and run!!!

    2. Stefan♦


      mission failed, we'll get them next time

  3. Gov mike sano doing drugs? Whaaat?
  4. Wait... is this DPCSO Dan Jones?
  5. Jelle

    PHXV2 Written Q&A

    Is there already a release date? Doesn't have to be exact but, it is like this week or next week... or next month.. 😅

    1. Theodore


      fuck you :) 

    2. Kevin


      That video gives me anxiety 

  7. https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/technical-test enjoy
  8. I personally think they should be added before PHX 2.0. All the servers have released the DLC items already and a lot of people want to try them. I also heard this from quite a few community members. If possible I would really like to see these items added before PHX 2.0

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Salty☑️


      Kevin you should get like 10-20 people to test V2 the fullest so its deffo no buggy. @Scarso @Conner Merlin @Kevin

    3. 「︎JB⌝


      @Jhonn *wink wink*

    4. Zyn


      @Jhonn We already plan to invite the staff team to help us bug test, when the time is right

  9. Was not sending the req xD But deffintly +1
  10. With the new update a bunch of nice new clothing got added, although some got added there is much more. I think these items should be added to the rebel shops: U_C_CBRN_Suit_01_Blue_F U_C_CBRN_Suit_01_MTP_F U_C_CBRN_Suit_01_Tropic_F U_C_CBRN_Suit_01_Wdl_F U_C_CBRN_Suit_01_AFF_F U_C_CBRN_Suit_01_EAF_F Together with the masks: Air_PurifyingRespirator_02_olive_F Air_PurifyingRespirator_02_black_F Air_PurifyingRespirator_02_sand_F Air_PurifyingRespirator_02_01_F And Ofcourse the: B_SCBA_01_F Also a bunch of nice military uniforms: U_I_E_Uniform_01_officer U_I_E_Uniform_01_officer_shortsleeve_F U_I_E_Uniform_01_officer_sweater_F U_I_E_Uniform_01_officer_tanktop_F U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_wdl_f U_B_CombatUniform_tshirt_mcam_wdl_f U_B_CombatUniform_vest_mcam_wdl_f Also These: U_O_R_Gorka_01_F U_O_R_Gorka_01_F_01_brown_F U_O_R_Gorka_01_camo_F U_O_R_Gorka_01_black_F The new camo backpacks, B_Fieldpack_green_F B_Fieldpack_Taiga_F (And the carryal onces geometric) The new helmets: H_HelmetHBK_headset_F H_HelmetHBK_chops_F H_HelmetHBK_ear_F H_HelmetHBK_F H_HelmetAgresspor_F H_HelmetAgresspor_Cover_F H_HelmetAgresspor_cover_taiga_F H_HelmetSpecB_wdl Also quite a few different Boonie hats, I don't know if they have been added yet bet they look pretty good! I don't see why they would not be added, they can create great role play situations, take for example the respirators or the gorka uniforms. I couldn't find the names of the clothing so I had to type them all from the editor.. xD
  11. https://www.origin.com/nld/nl-nl/store/star-wars/star-wars-battlefront-2 $4.50
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