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  1. Player Report - TreefA - 01/15/18

    Treefa already received a T3 ban for Trolling + Combat logging. If you require compensation for your situation please fill in a compensation request.
  2. For Sale

    I'll give you 250.000 for the NVG's @Peter
  3. Player Report - liammm - 01/13/18

    Would you like to explain your auction Liam? If no reply is given within 24 hours I will proceed with the report.
  4. They are now all aware of the report.
  5. Selling AK-12

    The auction has expired.
  6. Weed Processing House

    the auction has expired.
  7. AK-12

    The auction has been expired.
  8. Selling Huron Crate Container

    The auction has been expired.
  9. Admins Report

    @Anarchy You can also give feedback if you press "Create" then press "Submit Form" and then click "Staff feedback"
  10. Ban Appeal - 7 | 11 - 01/11/18

    His ban reason says it all, he joined the medic channels offering money to the medics to get his gang revived. @Matty
  11. New Rule

    make it a server rule that you are not allowed to respawn when you being spoken while laying unconscious.

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