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  1. I just wanted to see if I could see this on tinychat

  2. Hunter Vehicle for AMS

    strider would be better due to it can go splashy
  3. Rent prices

    Look at the post date of this.
  4. Going for a bit

    no rules against sales?
  5. Going for a bit

    Dont know where you live in UK, but I got a desktop PC for sale with i5-3550, 8gb 1600mhz ddr3 RAM, GTX 970 HoF, 128gb SSD, 2TB HDD for £500 Freshly built with a legit copy of windows on :P On a side note it can run PUBG at ultra at around 60-70FPS and tbh only game Ive tested on it

    The funny thing is there are ways to make even more rn ;) .... shame Im so lazy :/
  7. Free 500k

    Now closed, If you liked in time Im going to log in now and go to Kav
  8. Free 500k

    On way back to my flat now :^)
  9. Free 500k

    Everyone who upvotes and messages me on TS Ill give 500k in game Conner wtf reacts only pls Now ended, thanks for the bit of fun, got a screenshot of who liked it and will give the money to who liked it, with a bonus for people who Conner wtf reacted :>
  10. Kevin

    Will you ever stop shit-posting? :')
  11. like meh

    quality shit post
  12. Lack Of F&R & Police Friendship Circle

    Hey, these are some good points, are you Johnson? If so, I would like to speak to you on TS. Thank you.
  13. Nevermind :^)

    Quality lost wallet RP, would play with again. <3
  14. Rent prices

    I feel rent prices should be made reasonable so its actually an option, 18m for a huron rent just cant be worth the 4 hours you can use it for, as its over half the cost of the vehicle, same for other cars and planes. Possibly make renting prices a viable option in price so maybe 2m to rent a huron so you can still make some profit in a restart with it.

    good to see one which isnt like bright pink, I like it but maybe some more details?

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