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  1. Some funny clips from the server

    actually fucking good video ahaha, make the swedish bits english subtitles though
  2. Conner said that he has given me the perks I have lost, problem is I dont seem to unlock them for free until actually getting the level which means I still dont have any of the perks I once did.
  3. InGame Player names

    Whilst it sounds like a great idea, it'll put a lot of new players off the server or people who are new to Altis life and dont understand the RP fully yet. -1
  4. Moving to Uni, wont be in game until min saturday evening/sunday, if I have time for it (doubtful) if you need me message me here :)

  5. Any machine guns. [MK200 or w.e]

    black ak-12 1m, black mk 1 800k, black mxm 600k, not sure what else I got, probably some green spar-17's and mx's, let me know if want anything, will discount if buying more
  6. @Conner Merlin @Harry @Matt @Kevin
  7. Time Submitted: 03:04:31 PM | 09/12/17 Submitted By: Nick (598) In-Game Name: Nick Steam / Player ID: 76561198070490706 Date of Event: 11/11/02 Link to evidence (player report or video): No evidence Details of Event: I have lost all my perk points, they've completely reset to 0, I think this happened when I got admin removed. Compensation Amount: Perk points, I think I was around level 24? Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. Leaving - Dan Smith

    Can you like delete this post and come back before you upset me and then you regret leaving? ahahah
  9. Ban Appeal - Nick - 09/10/17

    Time Submitted: 05:53:28 PM | 09/10/17 Submitted By: Nick (598) In-Game Name: Nick Steam / Player ID: 76561198070490706 Administrator who issued ban: Tom Stark Date of ban: 09/10/98 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for VDM'ing Raymond in the dark after jokingly stealing and returning his prowler. After the situation Tom put me into handcuffs and asks why I VDM'd to which I responded I dont have an excuse, just raymond, I was then banned. What reason was given for your ban? VDM Why should you be unbanned? Was joking around with Raymond when this happened, I VDM'd him whilst it was also in the dark and when I saw him it was too late to avoid him, I thought no harm was done by it. I was in teamspeak with Raymond at the time where he jokingly demoted me for stealing the prowler to which I got the rank back once I returned the vehicle. Raymond also said he didnt expect me to be banned. To be honest I am going to university on the 16th, and despite taking my computer I wont be able to play as much, so I am trying to play and enjoy the server currently. I understand if this appeal gets denied due to my knowledge and experience of playing the server, but I feel as if the ban was slightly harsh. I apologize to Raymond, and I do know exactly what I did wrong, I would say it won't happen again but due to the circumstances it was hard to miss him. Thank you for taking the time for reading my appeal. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): -
  10. Power supply blew, installed my spare, windows got corrupted, lost all my data, niceeeeee ( currently trying to re-install a fresh copy of windows...)

  11. I banned you for a week due to calling me a cunt which is staff disrespect after a warning already. The time is now over anyway.
  12. Ban Appeal - tommy - 09/07/17

    @Tom Stark Just to let you know, the Civ and Medic Mohawk skin is the same, it is possible he stole it from a Civ not a medic, Sorry if I am mistaken and you checked the registration of the vehicle.
  13. Server Events

    Sounds like a great idea, will be nice if some of the events are RP based instead of combat based too Could maybe do a race where any vehicle is permitted but you have to collect items from people stationed around the map, first person to collect all of them single-handed wins?
  14. Good luck

    Thanks Raymond, Currently in Italy then I have a week back in the UK which will mostly be me getting ready for uni and making some money then off to uni ahaha