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  1. Nick

    Altis Crime Family (ACF)

    can i join plz, I have som big gun & lots drugs 4 gang maek sure 2 roleplay a lot 2 i once kn0cked out conner merlyn


    1. Death Spawn

      Death Spawn

      wtf are these kids doing ? they need to go to bed get ready for school. instead of being an absolute shame for there country

  3. Nick

    APC | Most Wanted

    This upsets me. I will now have to kill more cops.
  4. Nick

    K4rma's a *****

  5. I witnessed this, it was an accident, and no attempt was made to bring Ryan to support other then a dispute at the start of the situation
  6. Nick

    Soo 19mil for a RPG-7

    g00d v1d30
  7. Nick

    Player Report - reube - 07/24/18 - Altis Life

    @Sanders They came to support to resolve but could not come to resolution, continue with report
  8. Nick

    NO medics for help

    Hello, I am the medical director so I will look into this for you. However I can safely say that we have many active medics, as well as constant recruitment. It is likely that a medic was reviving someone else and you were unable to wait long enough for one to come to you. I do not appreciate calling us 'fucking noob medics' as this does not help our problem, and goes against it. It is also possible that through verbal abuse medics decided to not help you. Please remember that verbal abuse is a rule break as well. If you have any other questions, concerns or queries please feel free to message me on this forum website, or through our teamspeak. Thank you. Nick

    1. Potter


      conner merlin insulting a community member out of RP and doesnt get banned?ConnerCRY

      ban conner!! REEEEEEEEEEEEeKappa

    2. Jord


      Can’t knock people out without initiation btw xd

    3. Nick


      You can knock people out with tazer intiation, was clarified a while ago

  10. Might make a frag montage where I only knock out people and restrain to win... Hmm

    1. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      Is it because you cant actually shoot people XD

    2. Nick



  11. Report accepted, from the video provided it appears to be insufficient time to react, as well as people already being out of the vehicle when the initiation occurs. Ban applied.
  12. In my opinion I was not committing RDM, although looking back at it it was not a valid initiation since you did not have a chance to react. I was trying to resolve this lapse of my judgement upon the rule with you in team speak by apologizing and offering compensation. However, you did not want to resolve this situation with me and ignored my suggestions of resolutions and stated that you only wanted to report me on the forums.
  13. Nick

    Ban Appeal - jeff - 07/12/18 - Altis Life

    appeal accepted, unbanned
  14. Nick

    Compensation Request - vM | Prawn cocktail - 07/10/18

  15. Nick

    Ban Appeal - Voobo - 06/27/18 - Altis Life

    Hi VooBoo, almost all of our bans are perm bans due to our ban system of 'GameBans'. This are still easily appealed if you show remorse and understand what you did wrong with your previous actions. I will be declining this ban appeal for now due to it not being factually correct for now, feel free to post a new one straight away with more relevant information. Nick