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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/chose274

    Im trying to stream, probs a bit of a meme

  2. Capture zone

    @7 | 11 and @CraftyCake This isnt the place for arguments, please stop or Ill be forced to issue warnings.
  3. Capture zone

    -1 keep them all the same size, and I didnt buy a submarine for no fucking reason
  4. Quinn's Charity Graphics Shop

  5. Drones for Medics.

    Okay, so hear me out... I've had the suggestion to possibly try and get a drone for medics. I believe it could be a good idea since it could be used in order to evaluate whether a situation is still active whilst causing minimal distress and interference to the situation. I feel that when used on a populated server it will decrease the chance and the amount of combat reviving, whilst giving medics another aspect of play. If introduced I plan to have a training scheme within MAS (Medical Air Service) to learn how to fly and use drones correctly. This would stop any medic from having access to them meaning they would not be mis-used, and instead used for practical means. Please consider this as I feel this is an idea which could be worked upon and help increase Medics interests and actually have a large benefit to reduce combat reviving. Many thanks Nick
  6. Why isn't Susan Smyth a doctor?

    Susan is a very good paramedic! Although there time will come soon, we do not do mid-week promotions and we stick to our Sunday meetings Thank you for the feedback though!
  7. Ban Appeal - Devin Hangraaf - 01/12/18

    Yeah, @Adam Ferox https://gyazo.com/0e5f4a93e91f4211f283b94cbcf44fd7 is the chat log he got banned for, he refused to apologize. He was also spamming admins claiming that Dean was trying to DDOS him despite no evidence and could not supply any evidence of dean being rude or anything.
  8. Ban Appeal - Lil Topz - 01/11/18

    Your appeal has already been denied. Please dont post another.
  9. When people die in the road and drop a brief case, these are often hit by another car, causing mass deaths along roads. Maybe it would help a lot and stop people from rage-quitting if you could pass-through briefacases or if they despawned after a few minutes.
  10. Ban Appeal - 7 l Lil Topz - 01/09/18

    It was explained in the support case that there is no 3 to 1 rule, and the rule is in-place when you are are a clear disadvantage. With clear evidence and your own acceptance that you failed to value your life you were given a T1 ban. //as is supplied in the ban notes Zinner. From your previous bans I could see you had been banned three times before, twice for not valuing your life. Instead of giving you a T2 for a repeat offence I took pity on your case and only gave you a T1. After the ban was conceded you further started spamming me on Teamspeak, demanding me to give you T2, I could tell you were upset and were acting irrationally so I gave you a 24h Teamspeak Rest ban. I hope this clears things up @Zinner
  11. Laggy AF

    only place I get lag is kavala, mostly around the garage/gas station for some reason
  12. Ban Appeal - enzrah - 01/07/18

    What do you mean by personal questions? you clearly said 'do you prefer dick' in a toxic manner, not as a personal question, you were being rude and homophobic.
  13. MRT application

    Do you like interviewing people or would you like to deal with applications on the forums? This is your opportunity to join the MRT team! Recruitment: OPEN https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc-Avv-pXgJuKjAjeEhLS2Nmhjxnv2ARMuykHgwGmok3xBgAg/viewform?usp=sf_link#response=ACYDBNiY3Q0iDkYRJiiStxCcS3jdzXdnW6ikDzzhD9oI-Y7Z44Tb2bqnLgk
  14. AMS Handbook Changelog.

    New medical handbook, it is based off the old one. It removes some of the waffle, whilst updating the whole handbook to current affairs and rules. It is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JEA20rrCI2vIiYfRyH2Ck1cbHRnU33pD_xOvht09J-w/edit?usp=sharing
  15. AMS HANDBOOK v.2

    NEW AMS HANDBOOK click link below to access the google document: ALTIS MEDICAL SERVICE HANDBOOK v.2

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