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  2. Altis Crime Family Recruitment [OPEN]

    In Game Name: Nick Batch Age: 19 Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): Tbh, Yorkie found me and raised me, he's a good dad, my mother aTom also likes to kiss me better when I hurt myself. What will you bring to the family?: A familiar face, someone else to watch out for the family. Why do you want to join ACF?: Because tbh, Im not the best fragger, but thats not important cos its a RP server tbh, RP and ACF seem to go well together.
  3. Restraining Incapacitated players

    Makes it harder to roleplay with someone If they are stuck in handcuffs, and not as fun for the person in them, therefore that's a -1 from me
  4. Nick is going to drive slower...

  5. Whilst this does look like server side desync, Helicopters come back within the next server restart. Comp request denied.
  6. Compensation Request - TheBoogyMonsta - 03/07/18

    I have found your steam ID, Compensation give, Approved and locked and moved
  7. Hello Evoke, I'm afraid this is due to you not having the Apex DLC, therefore this is not a server side glitch and we do not compensate for this. Sorry for your monetary loss. Compensation request denied. Locked and moved
  8. Compensation Request - [TMM] TomBlock - 03/06/18

    Compensation request approved, I have transferred you the money. Locked and moved
  9. Compensation Request - eastham - 03/05/18

    I dont know who sent you these logs, but withdrawing money does not show anything, sadly we need someone who can show us the logs of you also spending said money as well as proof the vehicle did not get scrapped. A list of which vehicles you have lost would also be appropriate.
  10. Compensation Request - TheBoogyMonsta - 03/07/18

    I approve this appeal, however I need your steam64 ID please (starts in 76). Dont want to send the money to the wrong person Thank you
  11. Rule Changes

    I think you guys have put a good effort into this and have made some valid points, at the end of the day white-listed factions get a lot of attention and rules towards them, yet rebels are the majority of our player base and I think it would be beneficial for some of these rules to be reviewed by our management. I also think its really good that you guys have made this post rather then just complaining about it in teamspeak, by making the post so detailed you can tell you've actually put time into reading and analyzing our rules which I think is great.
  12. @FoxHound I just gave a statement of what I witnessed after Kazz requested me to, other then that I am not dealing with this case as I know both people well and do not want to be biased to either side.
  13. I teleported to the scene to ask Browny to come to support, he said he thought it wasn't exploiting since his legs were not tied up, although did not have an explanation for not valuing his life. Browny then continued to say he could not come to teamspeak to resolve the situation since he is banned on Teamspeak. He then continued to try and offer compensation in order for him to not get reported.
  14. Compensation Request - Brent - 03/04/18

    What Batesy said.. but dont comment on thingys batsy xoxox Locked and moved.

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