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  1. Theres the evidence btw, and like Ive said many times, I had only just logged on, knew nothing of prior engagements.
  2. I would just like to re-iterate I revived you, no one else was there, just me, as shown in the video, and I had only logged in minutes beforehand, did not know of your previous troubles.
  3. Hey, I would like to see this evidence of me metagaming and breaking RP please, me jokingly saying you cant steal a medical vehicle doesnt seem to be a rule break? Also I was saying just fucking do it because I had only just logged onto the server, and you were instantly hostile towards me and generally being toxic, its fair to say... you triggered me, logging in, flying 12km to revive someone and then them reacting like this is pretty triggering.. Video of the situation:
  4. Im not trying to make you look bad, I was just saying I hopped into the room and you all told me to take it to support instead, from where no one joined me after quite a while.
  5. Time Submitted: 08:14:25 PM | 07/26/17 Submitted By: Nick (598) Your In-Game Name: Nick Who are you reporting?: Adept Time/Date of event: 26-7-17 Rule's Broken: Killed a medic, broke RP (spoke about metagaming etc), Metagamed my name Explain what happened: I logged on, flew to this guy, revived him and got this, Im assuming he thought I was Thanos since Thanos also had a yellow mohawk out at the time. I had no previous knowledge of anything prior to this hostile engagement. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpTzv8kkAyQ Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: I attempted to resolve this with Tim and Jord, but they said I was following Havoc around metagaming which is impossible since I had only just logged on, Im sure logs and/or Havoc can prove this. Adept was also in Teamspeak with these staff members, I joined there room and got told to take it to support where I have been for 20 minutes without any contact, so I am writing this report. @Jord @Tim @Kazz @Cryant
  6. I spoke to him yesterday, and during the meeting I told everyone that it is not acceptable, he made an apology including to the victim, situation closed. Please lock this thread @Thanos @Jelle @Kazz
  7. @Thanos @Kazz @Jelle Please give @Willy Permission to see this
  8. This is not meta gaming, if someone breaks rules or acts against our medical standards I can punish them seen fit. @Willy Could you comment on this situation please
  9. It could be within rules if in RP, but is highly against our medic conduct
  10. Thank you for this report, as medical director I will take this into account for our weekly meeting, if you would like any compensation for your time or troubles let me know.
  11. Foxhound and Tim are currently the two most prevelent staff who clearly have the servers interest at heart. They actually communicate and interact with players without being hostile, aggressive or power hungry. Both truly improve my time here at PhoenixRP even when dealing with situations where I have been in the wrong due to how well they deal with situations. Thanks lads, keep up the good work, didn't want it to go un-noticed
  12. Can I please just say I think every medic can agree, one of the most important bug/update pushes should be Athira hospital AND a helicopter spawn point at Zaros
  13. number 6 is the biggest thing for me please implement that
  14. There is no point to get helicopters out at Zaros, for medics on the roof, thank you
  15. If no one else bids by the time youre on to collect it its yours lol