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  1. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    Vote for Ruski Candidate Vladimer

    Legal Weed, lowest possible tax and free medical care thats all we need
  2. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    HAVOC Secret Service in a nutshell

  3. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    Prestige clothing

    They should allow us to get different clothing accessories when we reach a certain prestige. maybe like a barret or some kind of uniform so people can see that you played a lot on the server.
  4. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    Jasper Chan for PM

    yes i like the Medical Marijuana
  5. Time Submitted: 08:18:52 PM | 02/16/19 Submitted By: {MARKA} ivanovsky (5963) In-Game Name: [MRK] ivanovsky Steam / Player ID: 76561198358555213 Date of Event: 02/16/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): no evedince but support said i could get a comp because it append right now Details of Event: A modder made the whole server naked before he exploded us. it happend right at the time of me making this compensation. I wasnt recording. Compensation Amount: 440 000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. Time Submitted: 07:45:50 PM | 02/08/19 Submitted By: {MARKA} ivanovsky (5963) In-Game Name: [MRK] ivanovsky Steam / Player ID: 76561198358555213 Date of Event: 02/08/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp33xMbODpM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVhi_Tw9ZM0&t=1s Details of Event: In the video's you can see how the whole server got killed twice by a hacker. I lost some gear and support said i need to make a comp request to get my money back. Compensation Amount: 715.000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. Time Submitted: 11:31:17 PM | 02/02/19 Submitted By: {MARKA} ivanovsky (5963) In-Game Name: [MRK] ivanovsky Steam / Player ID: 76561198358555213 Date of Event: 02/03/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): wasnt recording Details of Event: I lost my gear because some hacker killed everybody and made me naked with another gamertag Compensation Amount: 440000 for my gear Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    Vote Blue

    I want weed legalization
  9. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    Player Report - SS_science - 01/30/19 - Altis Life

    I dont have a 3minute video of before i died as i didnt record at that time. This is the only video i have. But this is a 1:50 long video of before i did and the guy didn’t come to teamspeak when i wanted to resolve this. So maybe thats enough proof? @Cyber Freak
  10. Time Submitted: 08:22:13 PM | 01/30/19 Submitted By: {MARKA} ivanovsky (5963) Your In-Game Name: [MRK] ivanovsky Who are you reporting?: SS_science Time/Date of event: 29-1-2019 in was night Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM Explain what happened: We got executed by this guy in a hemitbox after our car exploded and killed us. we wanted to rob him but we didnt initiate. I wanted to resolve the situation, after disputing him 3 times and waiting like 10 to 15 min in teamspeak the guy told roy lester in game that he doesnt have teamspeak and he didnt care to resolve this. The guy even asked how long the ban will be as he didnt show any sign of cooperation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmB6e_UD3vc&t=2s Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: roy lester case 12760 i think
  11. Time Submitted: 11:21:23 AM | 01/20/19 Submitted By: {MARKA} ivanovsky (5963) In-Game Name: [MRK] ivanovsky Steam / Player ID: 76561198358555213 Date of Event: 01/20/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/30FRKrAjmz4 (0:22 you can see my rank. 3:48 you can see my name above Details of Event: After the latest server update i lost my in game rank with all the perks i bought. PS. my friend VladimeR also lost his rank to a server update so mybe this is something you guys should look into. Compensation Amount: I would like rank 20 with all my perks i bought back or perkpoints. (right now im rank 3 in game.) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  12. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    MARKA | Open

    It's free to join MARKA now. VladimeR our boss has decided to accept everyone now.
  13. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    MARKA | Open

    @Roy Lester I will thanks man.
  14. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    MARKA | Open

    @LilRastaMouse there will be made more money it's just to prove you really want to join.
  15. {MARKA} ivanovsky

    MARKA | Open

    MARKA OUR BACK STORY Vladimer and Ivanovsky these are the names of two of the owners of the noto rious drug cartel ''MARKA''. They originate form the post-Soviet states, also collectively known as the former Soviet Union. They came to Altis hoping to expand there organisation with there main goal in mind earning money and making new partners. Marka isn't a violent gang but that doesn't mean that they can't protect themselfs. They are commonly known to work with police and they buy out corrupt politicians. It's expected that they make a monthly earning of 100 million. OUR GANG OUTFIT https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104860270234241394411/album/6635234363560901409?authkey=CLqmzqKO2_mQ5gE OUR RANK STUCTURE BOSS LIEUTENANT SHOT CALLER HITMEN PROTECTOR -ROSTER- BOSS: VladimeR, his right hand Ivanovsky LIEUTENANT: Unkown SHOT CALLER: Unkown HITMEN: Unkown PROTECTOR: Unkown Note: At the moment we are still growing and waiting for more people to join. REQUIREMENTS - knowlegde of the game and Altis. - Access to Teamspeak. - Need to be able to handle a weapon. APPLICATION If you are currently not in a gang and you feel as though you would fit in with our ideals, please feel free to fill out an application and await a response from one of us. We will try and deal with applications as often as possible so that people don't have to wait to start playing. people that can deal with apllications: @[email protected]{MARKA} ivanovsky -IN-GAME NAME- -STEAM ID- -AGE- -WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN- -HOURS PLAYED- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Accepted - Join Teamspeak and Start as a Trial - - Denied - May reply in 3 days -