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  1. Then TST and Spec Units carry their guns out. Others dont
  2. I’m not asking for a nerf I’m just saying I think cops should carry their guns in backpack’s and keep them in their until something happens which obviously will happen. I’m saying no TST patrol but TST go on normal patrol channels but have higher tier weapons on standby so that if something does go down they can respond and organise their while normal on duty officers move away once more
  3. Hello All! Some of you may know me some of you not. If you don't my name is Zini! In this post I am noting some ideas to have higher roleplay instead of lots of gunfights! HAVOC CP: HAVOC CP can have some great roleplay from time to time but not always. I believe what could have better roleplay within the server and to improve the CP is to have the APC checking people coming into APC lands and HAVOC checking people coming into HAVOC lands. This would mean that the CP could be a safe zone for HAVOC and the APC to be in a sort of peace but of course you could have times when HAVOC might take back the border for themselves or it could be the other way round you never know so it could up roleplay standards. APC: A lot of these suggestions are going to be set in APC lands seeing as I don’t know much about HAVOC and their lands. 1: Don’t have patrols like TST patrols but have them on standby whenever something happens E.G HM but normal patrol officer should arrive first because to add roleplay TST should have to gear up first. 2. Don’t have normal patrol officer carry a rifle at all times. I think officer should always have on them a taser and a lethal pistol which they can use as initiation and self defence for quick and easy things but if they start a big gun fight they can take out a rifle which really shouldn’t be a very calibre something like 5.56 so it stays realistic. 3. This is more of a rebel and APC suggestion but if you gun is on your back or your surrounded by cops rebels should value their life more and not shoot one cop to then get killed by 3 others. I think if an officer stops you and pulls out a lethal pistol or taser you should comply or run seeing as it will usually be 2 or more officers if it’s one then you should be able to shoot them. 4. APC shouldn’t all respond to major crimes some units should stay behind and patrol the city because if all people are doing HM then the rest of APC lands are unprotected I think the closet 3 patrol cars should pull up and start small talk negotiations before a TST unit shows up with a trained negotiator. Rebels: I won’t say much seeing as I don’t play as rebel much but here are some suggestions. 1: Some rebels do this some don’t but don’t go around robbing everyone you see. Find people who are on their own and look vulnerable instead of seeing the first person you can and initiating on them. 2: there should be more “dealers” basically someone who is trusted who can would buy and sell cars/weapons E.G someone sells them a taser for 250k and they sell it on for 300k. These people would have to be careful because if the APC break down wherever they are storing their weapons they would be going down for a long time and have to restart their entire businesses. Thank you and I think these suggestions could help Phoenix reach 100+ players again!
  4. Hello All! I am the King’s party first SO1 Officer! We are looking to recruit some new officers in advance so we will be 100% secure when our great leader gets voted in! All we ask from you is to have a little ( not much at all ) experience and know how to use radio channels as well he able to speak to the civilians kindly. Just ask if you would like to join! Last requirement you MUST vote for the King’s Party! Thank you all!
  5. Still running Nikos? Im still up for that SO1
  6. Any software should be good
  7. United. Cause ill get battered if I dont by randoms
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