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  1. Ye just I’m thinking something official. Use Havoc for illegal stuff but the APC for legal stuff?
  2. I think that the civs should be allowed to ask Havoc/APC to give them an escort to secure places if they are willing to pay enough and there items are legal and are expensive.
  3. +1 to Nikos about escorting from Havoc and APC. Bu I think now that there is a new need for escorts you could add a semi-faction like lawyers which is a license you buy and when you are logged in as this semi-faction people can call you up and ask for an escort. I also like a lot of the ideas but I can’t remember all of them. I hope this escort faction is a good idea if it would get implemented
  4. Because we would like to know when something is being crushed especially the APC because they want to know if people may be abusing crushing.
  5. Well no. Because it won’t be official. They might think they won’t pay u and stuff or they will rob u. It should be a thing like lawyers and u need a licence for it.
  6. Like if u want an escort for doing something like drugs and u don’t want to get robbed u have guys give u an escort or if u have loads of money on u u ask for an escort so ur safer
  7. Nah. Cause it shouldn’t be a gang or whatever. Should be something bigger Nah
  8. There should be a private security force for anyone who wants it but they must pay. It could be like the lawyers or maybe even a kind of whitelisting thing. Another way you could implement it is to have it as a sub-section to the APC.
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