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  1. Time Submitted: 12:30:56 PM | 10/18/19 Submitted By: Calvin Charles (5957) Your In-Game Name: Calvin Charles Who are you reporting?: Sync Time/Date of event: 18/10/2019 13:00 Rule's Broken: VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) Explain what happened: I was at the airport and noticed 2 Vehicles following a police officer, i landed close to Roleplay with them and very shortly after you can see an Ifrit purposely ramming my helicopter which resulted in it blowing up. In a case where there is a HM or I am an armed rebel that poses a threat then i would understand, however the following rule states "1.1 VDM - VDM is using your vehicle to harm others, whether this is by running them over, ramming their vehicle and/or attempting to create chaos. Players do sometimes clip each other with vehicles. If an apology is made due to an ‘Accident’ This is not VDM." He is clearly just trying to troll me and create chaos as you can here his friend saying "that is what you get". I was no a threat and i just landed to Roleplay Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5da9aa9d6d25d1b79b/vdm Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: SpawnTheDeath
  2. hello there, I used to be a member of TAT and i have a video here which may help your case @Viktor Reznov @NizwaldThis video here shows the point of view of TAT TED i believe. Here you can see the vehicle purposely pulling in-front of the HEMMIT truck to desync ram it. JUST TO CLARIFY!!! I was not involved however i feel like what happend wasn't right
  3. Ouch, who else thinks this mass unban was a mistake RIP all those who where RDM'ed throughout the day
  4. I would just like to say that i have been reading through reports recently and noticed a slight inconsistency when it comes to reports made on staff compared to everyone else. When i generally look over player reports i tend to see (Even if there isn't a full 3 minute video) That in the video that is linked if the player clearly breaks a rule and a support member in TS has also reviewed it and agreed that the player is then banned / action is taken, however any report that has been made on a staff member (especially a recent one) where the person has clearly broken a rule, the Staff member dealing with the report will not even look into it further without a full video, even when a support member (which was even present in the video) agree's with the rule break. The staff member wouldn't even speak to the support member about the situation either. Now this is just what i have seen, i am not here to call anyone out nor link any reports but i just wanted to make it clear that i am a little more then sketched out when it comes to this. Calvin
  5. Name : Calvin CharlesSteam ID : 76561198372060533Hours On Arma : 1603Previous Gangs : Non on this server
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