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  1. guess im not getting banned then? Tried 2 days ago n only got a day ban for combat logging and i have done nothing but bait, RDM poor civilians and Police officers and my report was denied....im loving it 😆back to the server i go

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    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      The server died when Boothy was removed? Lol what? 

    3. Jamie.


      The server died when pefkas was removed 😞

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      Best cartel

  2. Time Submitted: 05:03:49 PM | 07/06/20 Submitted By: Calvin Charles (5957) Your In-Game Name: Calvin Charles AKA gettafok Who are you reporting?: Myself Time/Date of event: 06/07/20 14:00 - 17:00 Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM Explain what happened: I spawned in at Athira with an open mind for a fun day. As i began to walk to the garage i noticed a young man walking passed me. I felt an urge to pull out my 6.5 mm Katiba and gun him down. So i did. The last words of the man was "WTF thats RDM". I continued to walk down the street to find a police car. I lock-picked it and started baiting cops outside Athira PD. After about 50 seconds the police in 2 vehicles began chasing me. when the chase lead to a field by the airport i got out of my vehicle only to get VDm'ed by one the of the police. The police officer backed of (as he should) only for me to gun him down after i finished the animation. I jamp back in the vehicle and drove away whilst being followed by the second police vehicle. I again stopped outside the airport and began the stand-off with the highly skilled officer. After i knew i wouldn't win this fight i tried jumping in the vehicle but it was busted. I then jamp out again to kill the last officer but i was shot in the head...i then combat logged straight away. (Thank yous for a fun year / 2 years, this is a goodbye lmao) Evidence (Video/Screenshot): I was not recording myself RDM however im sure someone that was in the situation will comment below with the proof. I.E Mike Sano as i also RDM'ed his negotiator Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
  3. I was negotiating with the other group, not yourself. So dont try to tell me you spoke to me when it was clear that myself and the other gang said "lets negotiate". i was not speaking to you.
  4. fuck it imma sell my diamonds....25 mil
  5. I dont have that much 😭 how could you
  6. Time Submitted: 01:46:00 PM | 03/13/20 Submitted By: Calvin Charles (5957) Your In-Game Name: [SPC] Calvin Charles [KV5957] Who are you reporting?: SUB Sonny Time/Date of event: 12/03/2020 4pm-8pm ish GBT Rule's Broken: 3.4 and 2.8 Explain what happened: I receive an alarm saying the gas station was being robbed, as the first on scene i attempt to start negotiations. As you can see in the video there where 2 armed rebels in view (both wearing masks and generally the same clothing) and one of the armed rebels started saying don't get out of the car, implying they didn't ant negotiations, however i proceed with my job and inform them i am starting negotiations, now at this time both armed rebels say they didn't want negotiations implying they where in the same group doing the robbery. But i found out after the situation that SUB sonny as the only one in his group and he was robbing the store, during the support case he admitted to the fact that they where allied with another group also robbing the store which is the one i was negotiating with. I was then told after using my panic button that i would be "shot" if i didn't leave the area, which obviously cant happen during negotiations. I then stated you cannot do that. he then said negotiations are off which means i am initiated on the the rebels i was negotiating with. However i did not know due to them wearing masks that they where separate groups neither was i informed apon arrival that they separate. As i inform them to wait 15 seconds you can hear SUB Sonny say "15 seconds my ass, what a dick". I then flee to the containers by the construction building where i received shots. He was hard peeking so i peeked and killed him. As you can see he is in a separate gang to SUB sonny which is robing the store but is in the same gang as the person i was negotiating with. As i look back at the gas station i noticed them flee to behind the store (where i presumed they where going to flank). I then put some shots down to the gas station. I then began to go around the back of the gas station but never saw them so i assumed they left, as i went onto the road i was killed by SUB Sonny. that is where i noticed 2 separate gangs where robbing the store and i was never informed nor was i meant to be shot and killed by SUB sonny. During the support case he said "you shot at me in the gas station" and that is his reason for killing me. That makes sense however i was never informed that there where 2 separate gangs as they where all wearing masks. There was nothing i could of done differently to change that situation. I was to unsure if there was a rule break but after speaking to 2 separate support members they both said the same thing. That 2.8 and 3.4 was broken. They further said they should of at least informed me that they where not together. I do apologies if i have missed anything out here but the video is below Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpMGU0NJkhI Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: TeddyBear - 20852
  7. well thats a lie and a half hahah i see you guys on as rebel a decent amount.
  8. As much as i want to be nice about marked.... i can confirm all they do is bait gunfights and forces people to slip up and reports them for it. @Father boomer
  9. Either way there is 2 points that make the initiation INVALID, even if the first one can be debated, the second one is clear
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9a9C3nGCcY And you must be visible for the full length of the initiation sir not just the start of it, and his firearm was only visible AFTER he said hands up. therefore 75% of the initiation he was hidden.
  11. The player initiating must be VISIBLE, so are you telling me that if his shoulder is visible the initiation still counts?
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