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  1. Well I couldn't exactly put it into words but yeah what you said is pretty much what I have in mind I just explained it differently if for example something like the "dynamic market" wasn't possible I guess @Scarso
  2. Calling it a "Live Market" as I've no idea what else to name it. Pretty much making the suggestion of improving the market in the community for the better in my opinion, I made a post on another topic about wiping the ban list etc about how I'd like to see a market wipe (explained below) and had someone agree to the suggestion, decided to make it into a real suggestion. The idea is basically having the market updated either restart, week or even month to make it more fun for the community and have different things as main runs and such, this would make things incredibly more fun and enjoyable in my opinion as the only good runs I've seen for the past 9 months or so is Meth & the new updated havoc destroyer (forgot the name of the item) runs, which aren't so good as there has to be 10 havoc online I believe. Anyways to get to the point a live market that would change could bring a lot of more enjoyable situations rp wise and so on, I remember when diamonds were actually good, myself & the rest of ARCUS would jump on just to get our trucks out to do diamond runs, but it's been the same for too long and I'd love to see a changing market. What are your opinions? Leave them down below. Edit: Something like Scarso mentioned was the main idea I just explained it in a very bad way.
  3. The only wipe I'd like to see is a market economy wipe, either changing it monthly or so changing prices of different things I thought it used to be like that before but now it's been stuck on the best runs like meth for example I think it would be fun to see a sort of a live market where things change from time to time
  4. Was the reason "Hacker"? Because we had about 3 or 4 of them on the server while trying to make the minion hunt event and a few people did get banned. I'd contact a staff member to sort it out if I were you.
  5. -1 didn't get my joke even after telling him the joke three times I propose a demotion instead!
  6. EA$Y

    BSB btw

    haha gee gee mate
  7. EA$Y

    BSB btw

    Oh god well I suppose I can use 10 fps and playing in 1024x600 res windowed mode as a good excuse?
  8. Shame the APC are always usually just interested in frags I've had moments where I'm in between a gunfight with the apc and once they shoot me down they just leave instead of arresting and roleplaying.
  9. EDIT: Application Approved & Invited.
  10. I assume you no longer wish to join us since you applied for SPN?
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