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  1. Daniel Woodland

    Ban Appeal - Not 5nXvvy - 04/08/19 - Altis Life

    Alright, we will give you another chance. Please update yourself on the rules any questions you can ask me or any member of the staff/support team. Accepted.
  2. Daniel Woodland

    Ban Appeal - Not 5nXvvy - 04/08/19 - Altis Life

    How can we be sure that you aren't gonna combat log again?
  3. Daniel Woodland

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    I mean you could just run one yourself you don't really need to make one officially from this community. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Daniel Woodland

    Five | Recruitment Page

    Will do.
  5. Daniel Woodland

    Nerve | Recruitment

    Gang still active or has this dispanded?
  6. Daniel Woodland

    Five | Recruitment Page

    @ClemeX Gang update is this dispanded or active?
  7. Daniel Woodland

    RRT | Recruiting

    Is this gang still active or has this dispanded?
  8. Daniel Woodland

    Injustice | Open

    Gang update? Is this still an active gang or has this been dispanded?
  9. Daniel Woodland

    Ur Deed - Gone

    Has this gang disbanded @Simmo Sparrow
  10. Daniel Woodland

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    Disbanded, locked & moved to archive
  11. Daniel Woodland

    Cuban Liberation Organization | DISBANDED

    Gang disbanded by owner, Thread Archived. Thread Locked. Contact staff team if you require help regarding this or wish to unlock it.
  12. Daniel Woodland

    Ban Appeal - ben - 04/01/19 - Altis Life<br>Forums

    I'm afraid your friend must appeal his ban himself and he must appeal his forum ban by sending an email to the email address that is in his warning/ban message so this appeal will be declined.
  13. Daniel Woodland

    How to make meth?

    To do the following meth run I've listed it below in order. 1. Purchase the meth barrels at meth dispensary, 2. Head to meth lab then to process the meth you will also need to purchase the licence at the meth lab to use it. Conversion is 1 meth every 2 barrels. 3. From meth lab head to drug dealer with your meth and you are all done! I suggest you use a vehicle with a large inventory capacity otherwise you won't make that much of the big buck! And remember the more police on the more money you will earn, also capturing the drug cartels will help and getting any perk that could speed it up! Have fun!
  14. Daniel Woodland

    Player Report - Robin del costa - 03/22/19 - Altis Life

    Alright from that evidence I will be issuing a perm ban to Robin del costa For: Shooting medics Mass RDM. If anything was lost please create a compensation request linking to this report. Otherwise thank you for reporting this. Closed - Action Taken Locked & Moved.
  15. Daniel Woodland

    Player Report - Tommy Shelby - 03/22/19 - Altis Life

    Since there is no footage of him actually stealing that car from inside the blue-zone only him driving out I will only be issuing a 3 day ban for VDM. If anything was lost and needs to be comped please make a compensation request linking this report. Otherwise thank you for reporting this. Closed - Action taken Locked & Moved.