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  1. Daniel Woodland

    Hide & Seek Event

    Hide & Seek You may be good at shooting but what about hiding? How it will work? The event will be hosted by the Altis Events Team and Community Manager The Event will take place at Kore Town Every round will consist of different 3 seekers with tazers Each round will be at a maximum of 15 minutes. Every round will consist of 3 winners, the places are decided by being the last three hidden. Prizes are shown below The seekers will have to taze the hiders and restrain them after they have been caught. The Event will take place on Saturday 02/03/2019 at 6:30 PM GMT, Staff will notify you in-game 15 minutes before. Prizes (per round): 1st: 1 million 2nd: 500k 3rd: 250k We hope to see you all at the event! Thanks, Events Team
  2. Daniel Woodland

    over 48 hours ( NHS apl )

    I would like you to know this is Q&A where people go to ask questions with members responding, your first post however is not a question, it's an issue and for that so I'm asking you to normally ask the medic commands via the forum or head to waiting for Command on the Teamspeak to talk to them. Please refrain from bringing this up here in Q&A in the future. Quoted from "It has taken over 48 hours to get an answer. since the same thing happened the last time i suppose this is a current issue. Kind regards, Me" Thanks.
  3. Daniel Woodland

    Player Report - Mr. Capone - 02/17/19 - Altis Life

    Player report accepted DSC ban issued! Have a great day!
  4. Daniel Woodland

    NLR Rule

  5. Daniel Woodland

    Compensation Request - Milky - 02/17/19 (Altis Life)

    Don't make mutliple comp requests and try and bump your post to get it read first. We will read them as they are low priority when we do it. So wait in other words. Declined Multiple comp requests made for the same post.
  6. Daniel Woodland

    Player Report - Mr. Capone - 02/17/19 - Altis Life

    I can't find any cases of any support member logging this, did not show up? Did you try going to support and if so who dealt with it can you remember? Is there a case ID of this?
  7. Daniel Woodland

    Player Report - Mr. Capone - 02/17/19 - Altis Life

    I'll give the accused 24hrs to respond.
  8. Daniel Woodland

    Bohemia Server API

    I like this its very interesting even with little knowledge of php I like it! Nice.
  9. Daniel Woodland

    Ban Appeal - Murat Gullen - 02/13/19 - Altis Life

    Having an auto clicker is still not permitted even if you are not using it in a malicious way. It counts as hacking as its a third party software which we do not permitted on our service. Sadly I don't think that reason is sufficient enough to go against on why you should be un-banned on our service. In your next appeal I hope to see more of a reason instead of saying it was just a stupid mistake. Also I suggest you wait a little longer than just applying your appeal straight after you ban. Ban Appeal Declined
  10. Daniel Woodland


    Has this gang disbanded @Bishb
  11. Daniel Woodland

    Blinker lights at landing pads.

    Yes great idea
  12. Daniel Woodland

    Bilbord Posters

    Very nice I do like the NHS ones well done!
  13. Daniel Woodland

    Blinker lights at landing pads.

    Would make it look nicer at the npas/sar HQ at airport don't know if npas agree with this but really it would just be a nicer touch to when your landing.
  14. Daniel Woodland

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    What is the current status of this gang? Has this disbanded?
  15. Daniel Woodland

    ^ | Recruitment Open

    This gang post is not containing the information listed in You are required to create a new gang post with what is listed in the post above. Also due to this being incorrect your ts-channels will be deleted if you have any until you can create a correct gang post.