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  1. And the winners are: 1st, @James Fire 2nd, @Mark Wilson 3rd, @Frank Castle Thanks to everyone who was participating hoped you enjoyed the event. You all did a smashing job.
  2. Keep the toxicity down please we can all post on here with no need to call people out.
  3. Denied, I don't think your prepared yet to come back to the server just yet. You only just got banned. You can wait out your ban a bit longer before trying to appeal. When your ban has been around a week put resubmit with more effort into it. Otherwise Locked & Moved.
  4. Cya Sean, nice having you here. 👋
  5. Me: "Is that medic gonna get out or what?". Civ: "Nah he's not gonna get out" Medic: Blows up in the heli. 10/10 service would say patient was treated very well.
  6. Thank you, I understand you have been witnessing this. But yes I can tell you he is banned. You can actually see his profile here. https://phoenixrp.co.uk/profile/2909-simmo-sparrow/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjI1NzU1LCJpZF8yIjoxMzY5OTV9. Since you are experiencing this off our platforms we sadly cannot moderate this. But hey if anyone is ever toxic like this to you on steam by the looks of this or anything else you can always try blocking them and reporting them to steam. Otherwise if you do find anything toxic in this community and do take offence you can always report it and us the staff team will always review and take the best action if necessarily. Just to clarify we may not have a "rule" for toxicity but that doesn't stop us from helping trying to get stuff resolved. But if we feel that any person is trying to be toxic to every single person and we feel they are damaging or becoming an issue in this community we will happily take action with our own staff discretion rule but obviously try to resolve this first. Hope this helped if you have any issues with toxicity by or from this community you can happily send it to me and I'll try to help as much as possible.
  7. Thank you for posting this, I'm not sure if this still works for anyone wanting it but hey the suggestions could be better. RECENT REVIEWS: Mostly Negative (105) ALL REVIEWS: Mostly Negative (3,895)
  8. thank god the time has come, JK have fun with your bot ace will miss you.
  9. So overlooking the player report, I have reviewed the evidence that was in the player report and the issue was that there was no direct threat to his life when you initiated on that note the vehicle initiation would of been invalid making it a RDM, That is the reason to why you have been banned on the 6/02/2019. Anyways enough said onto the appeal.. So after a decision I have come to an agreement that if this ban was valid and I don't see enough effort being put into this we require much more effort if you wish to be Un-Banned sooner, Also after overlooking you ban was only a 5 Day discretionary ban meaning you will be UN-banned on the 2019-06-08 06:22:35 Which isn't much to wait really.. And for RDM that is a very low punishment so I don't think an admin would give you a shorter time. So on that note I will be declining this appeal. I suggest you wait out your punishment as it was only a 5 day. If you require any help please go to the team-speak otherwise this ban appeal will be locked and moved.
  10. Hello Skelly I will be looking into this now for you.
  11. Alright this appeal will be declined, Player doesn't seem to be responsive otherwise this is timed out. Locked & Moved
  12. Accepted on occasion You will be unbanned tomorrow (4 /5/2019) at 7:30pm UK time, as then you will have a full week without being on the server. Locked & Moved Please be aware now that you do have a history with us so any future rulebreaks including minor ones may result in harsher punishment depending on the administrators decision. Any support go to the teams-peak
  13. Accepted Locked & Moved Please be aware now that you do have a history with us so any future rulebreaks including minor ones may result in harsher punishment depending on the administrators decision. Any support go to the teams-peak.
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