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  1. Daniel Woodland

    Havoc CP

    +1 looks much better.
  2. Daniel Woodland

    Seagull? Spawn in.

    All I know is that it happened when the server moved hosts from then It's never happened again to me.
  3. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=YGxKV5 There's quite some good games already including hitman, 7 days to die, hollow knight.
  4. Daniel Woodland

    Seagull? Spawn in.

    As soon as I spawn in as AMS on the new server I spawned as a seagull. Steps to reproduce: Login to the server, Select AMS team and then load Spawns me as a seagull? Fix: Reconnect to the server and it fixes itself? Video evidence:
  5. Daniel Woodland

    Free game on GOG

  6. Happy Birthday greetings from me and @JasperChan314804337_PhoenixRPBirthdayTeam.thumb.png.aec51ae2000102c56eb847558201455b.png.545ab4c74106c29ccb9ea6ff6ba3d733.png


  7. Daniel Woodland

    Ems clothing

    Steps to reproduce Get ems uniform on walk out hospital wallk back in try and take clothing off. - Doesn’t remove the ems clothing and can’t go back to citizen clothing. I’ll see if I can add a video or images later.
  8. Daniel Woodland


  9. Yeetus Deletus I am now a lifetime donator.

  10. Daniel Woodland


    +1 cake is very good at rp and very friendly to ams at havoc checkpoint.
  11. Daniel Woodland

    FiveM Mods that make the Game Better.

    Definetly gonna get it then! Cheers!
  12. Daniel Woodland

    FiveM Mods that make the Game Better.

    And how many frames does this boost for you? (just want to know before I mess up my fiveM files) (Also I think you forgot to lock this thread.)
  13. Daniel Woodland


    101 quid and I'll do it.
  14. Daniel Woodland


    Ah right thanks.