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  1. can I get evidence of the first combat log please? @Jayyy And how did you try to resolve this?
  2. @Tim @FoxHound
  3. @Mx'y where do you stand on this, as the reporter.
  4. Since it's free, you can kill them by exploiting? If you aren't happy, why would you break rules rather than reporting it to Police higher ups or staff?
  5. When police are restrained they can't be pulled out of vehicles.
  6. Fill this out for staff to look at it. https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/7-appeal-a-ban/
  7. Completed - @Kazz
  8. Denied If the vehicle lands within the 30 seconds you are fully initiated to engage in combat.
  9. Unbanned Don't want to see this again.
  10. Getting out a Darter as a Police Officer @Kyle™
  11. yeahh, fun for those PCSOs that have to drive from Zaros ---> NPAS/Agios
  12. You created a post, and then a few hours edited it and inserted another servers name, nothing else but the name... why? @Ethann
  13. We can't arrest people from Zaros PD... this is important because we have to transfer people across the map to arrest them... @Conner Merlin @FoxHound