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  1. Kazz

    Hmm it's been a great journey

  2. Kazz

    Hmm it's been a great journey

    @Harry no love for those that helped with the police then? 😛
  3. Kazz


    still be sure to give them a command E.G. Don't try running or fighting back, if u want to be clear 😛
  4. Kazz


    You give them enough time to ask for help in // if needed, unless they don't follow your commands and do something else, E.G. Raise weapons, attempt to run/drive off, at least that's how it worked when I played here. You have to bare in mind, some people are slow typers That's how I went about avoiding RDM.
  5. Kazz

    Phoenix: Infinity War

    The streaming MC meme was incredible.
  6. Kazz

    Dex and Charlie

    where was my post u cunt xoxox
  7. Kazz

    Suicide vest

  8. Kazz


    fuck you then @Raymond Reddington
  9. what you gonna play then? Arma ain't ur thing eksdee P.S. I like minecraft
  10. Adam

    Y u no pubg fren

    1. Kazz


      Not playing until new map

  11. Kazz

    Resolution to tasers not being initiation.

    tbh too lazy to read smh
  12. Kazz

    Can you re-appeal a ban

    Yes, I believe they tell you to wait 7 days though.
  13. If tasers aren't initiation, the player that gets threatened should be able to knock out and restrain the cop. add the ability to say or you will be knocked out for non lethal initiation for all people
  14. Kazz

    Just a small giveaway

    I want crack money
  15. Who are you?

    1. Kazz


      Who am i not?