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  1. Your switch still looks smoother than my laptop
  2. Pros: Could add a cool feature no other server has Means people could borrow trucks to make money quicker Cons Could make the initial grind and smaller runs pointless adds nothing to the RP because itd have to be done via an interface if someone fucks up with a loan, a lot of the time they may quit the server
  3. Kazz

    Missing Old Guard

    I have been playing since release, but I don't have access to the tag in game
  4. only donated for the verified tick

  5. This is why I cannot afford Lifetime Sponsor 


  6. Kazz

    retired management still deals with player reports hmmm

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kevin


      i got bored

    3. Harry


      @Kazz just to let you know he (Teddy Bear) can't deal with reports so i suggest you re-think before you type such a reply

    4. Kazz


      @Harry it's called a joke, lighten up xd

  7. @Elias Should have known better and not cheated on fortnite


  8. nty Its quicker than day already, why make it faster? I agree for faster night, as long as day is made faster too, e.g. times them both by 1.5x speed xd
  9. I find your signature racist and discriminatory

  10. -1 to all ur opinions nighttime sick
  11. Verification app no 2. lets see

    1. KLW


      Why didn’t the first one work?

    2. Kazz


      idk, got no friends or sommet

  12. taking money from the ATM and then buying a preset would be insanely fast compared to buying the actual loadout, there needs to be some clear way to rob people if this was put in, or it's just a stupid mechanic, otherwise why not make cars repair instantly, cars chop instantly.
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