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  1. Kazz

    Im sad

    I meant more along the lines of an ETA, even if its a rough one 😛
  2. Kazz

    Im sad

    Any updates on this fisher?
  3. Kazz

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    im still interested in a actual role 😛
  4. Kazz

    MAR-10 Competition

    everyone should like this so I can jump of a building with it and force respawn
  5. Kazz

    Original Vanquish

  6. Kazz

    Original Vanquish

    Still ongoing, I guess we will see.
  7. Kazz

    Original Vanquish

    Cheers lad
  8. Kazz

    Original Vanquish

  9. Kazz

    Original Vanquish

    Original Vanquish BACK STORY Six rebels entered the land of Altis hoping to achieve vengeance and gratitude by killing the rebels on the island who approach us. We served in the Army and achieved great success by improving our combat skills and being trained with heavy rifles which lay in our hands to this day. We served our time in the Army and left in the year 2032. Vanquish is a new upcoming 'Rebellion' faction who will be conquering the land of Altis. Killing doesn't always pay off for us and has great consequences, as us Rebels rot away and face years, upon years in prison we slowly get older and older staring at the brick wall thinking about what to do next. The sun rises over the mountains of Altis glazing onto the Vanquish logo that is sewn onto our clothes, which blood lays upon. The Army taught us piloting skills which come in great duty when flying through the great depths of the mountains and venturing to the red lands of the Black market. We bought heavy rifles and enhanced rebellion uniforms to face the upcoming rebels who may attack us. We set off on a journey to kill. OUR RANK STRUCTURE DIRECTOR PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SHOT CALLER FACILITATOR ENFORCER MERCENARY APPLICATION With the revamp of KiP we have decided to open applications to the public to try and meet some new people and introduce them into the gang, if you are currently not in a gang and you feel as though you would fit in with our ideals, please feel free to fill out an application and await a response from one of our guys. We will try and deal with applications as often as possible so that people don't have to wait to start playing. People that can deal with applications: @Kazz @George A IN-GAME NAME Response STEAM ID Response AGE Response WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN Response YOUR PAST BANS Response WHO HAVE YOU MET FROM THE GANG Response ROSTER
  10. Kazz

    A&D is fun.

    You’re funny xo
  11. Kazz

    A&D is fun.

    t0xic nerd xoxoxo
  12. Time Submitted: 04:26:19 PM | 11/15/18 Submitted By: Kazz (59) In-Game Name: Dan | Kazz Steam / Player ID: N/A Administrator who issued ban: Matty P I’m assuming Date of ban: 11/14/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Ban was deleted What reason was given for your ban? None Why should you be unbanned? My ban was removed *NOT A TS BAN, ITS A DISCORD BAN* What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  13. Kazz

    Vanquish | OPEN

    We're becoming active again