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  1. Kazz

    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    1.8 both ams and flash
  2. Kazz

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    ignore my app - y'all must be mass recruiting and I cba w gang anyways
  3. Kazz

    Beret (Police)

  4. Kazz

    YouTube Thing

    pog, only coz u cant frag innit
  5. Kazz

    UKMafia | Recruiting

    In game name: Kxzz Age: 18 Nationality: eng SteamID: idk its 5 am ill give if accepted for interview Why you want to join: need a gang I can play with when im off duty, looking for people that dont mind doing runs as well as fighting and roleplaying Rebel/Advanced: all licenses Past bans: lots Hours on Arma: closing in on 5k? Past gangs?: vanquish
  6. Kazz

    YouTube Thing

    Potentially, could do majority based roleplay content, and have a prize every three months for the communities favourite video on phoenix?
  7. Kazz

    Majazuri Sales

  8. Kazz

    Search incapacitated people

    seems reasonable but not too long and not too short
  9. Kazz

    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    1m for a flash
  10. Kazz


    This is exactly what I needed, thanks guys
  11. Kazz

    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    1.2 for ams and flash
  12. Kazz

    Search incapacitated people

    1st prest level 30?
  13. Kazz

    Expiring Forum Warning Points

    They're ugly