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  1. Kazz

    Altis Freedom Force

    AFF V18.1
  2. Kazz

    Huron and Crate

    House, Garage or Vehicle: Huron and Crate Your Steam ID: 76561198272819498 Registered Owner: Karina Receivers Steam ID: 76561198179018103 Renz is banned from forums
  3. Kazz

    Ivy's crate for Kazz

  4. Kazz

    ivy's crate for Madhead

    That's not my fault, and ivy should refund this... @Harry are you able to complete the sale via admin, I don't think it'll get done otherwise.
  5. I'd appreciate being able to have a chat with one of the Staff Leads prior to this being dealt with if possible.
  6. Kazz

    ivy's crate for Madhead

    "effort. i’ll do it when i get the chance" response to the sale, you said you'd do it and never did.
  7. Also, with regards to metagaming - I had I tags on when playing on the server, and ivy last played on the server with I tags. He then also said Don't rob me, I know Ivy
  8. Kazz

    ivy's crate for Madhead

    I thought I won this here?
  9. Time Submitted: 08:09:05 PM | 03/05/18 Submitted By: Kazz (59) Your In-Game Name: I | Karina Who are you reporting?: Brownyyy \ 76561198271130279 Time/Date of event: 19:55 05/03/2018 Rule's Broken: Community Rules 1.8 Exploiting | Altis Life Rules 2.12 Value of lIfe | 3.2 Metagaming | Explain what happened: Took brownyyy hostage at black market in pygros, I asked for keys to his car, he stalled and then gave me the wrong keys. I broke in and during this he was shouting "hahaha, I'm robbing at rebel, I'm a good player" and I got sick of it so I said next word he said I'd shoot him in the head, then multiple times I reminded him that I said that after he continued speaking, then when I pulled over to shoot him he exploited restraints and kept seat swapping to stop me killing him. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Nick asked him, and he admitted to it and offered to compensate, before nick turned up he was laughing at me because I was killed by another player. He couldn't come to teamspeak to resolve and I'm not satisfied with him throwing compensation for a rook in my face and him hoping it all goes away. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: Nick
  10. Kazz

    Illusion | Gang Recruitment

    In game Name : kazz Age: 12 Location: ENG Previous Gang(s) / Reason for Leaving: ded gangs / bored Hours on Arma 3 (Steam Screenshot): 100 or so https://gyazo.com/edd8e8f226f0679114a2db919d18f1ba How long have you played on this server: a day or so https://gyazo.com/b6cdfc72bed31bc1274ce1a1c77d1feb Do you have advanced rebel: No https://gyazo.com/07c68dc25d47a9bb7f60ca1414aabf16 Why do you want to join Illusion: Bored Why should we accept you: I'm dank
  11. Kazz

    Bu-bye lads

    I'm the best xxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox
  12. Kazz

    Medic Of The Week

    hide this pls double post
  13. Kazz

    Medic Of The Week

    House, Garage or Vehicle: Ifrit, Orca, Armed Offroad, Only Garage I have near airfield Your Steam ID: 76561198272819498 Registered Owner: [ket] kazzizbad Receivers Steam ID: 76561198097935384
  14. Kazz

    A few memories.

    LOL - When it blew up and killed the guy in the heli without killing the heli confused me @Brooklyn
  15. Max

    kazz .. where are you buddy .. two days no see .. i missed you ;'(

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      sort of, I understand it now at least.

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      Mr Freeze

      Right time to start breaking the sound barrier on Phoenix in jet.


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