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  1. wanna unblock me on discord

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    2. Bandit


      whyd you block me den i havent done anything apart from make some memes

    3. Zobari


      mate ur not even blocked what u on about i unblocked u hello?

    4. Bandit


      talking to calvin init

  2. Zobari

    bandit again

    Gonna miss ya mate have a good one nice knowing you❤️
  3. I know you hate me but I was never going to get you banned for cheating.  You started it again based on a lie and sacrificing us being mates because of that. 

    Im sad that you are banned

  4. Time Submitted: 07:16:34 PM | 11/23/19 Submitted By: Zobari (5842) In-Game Name: Gen is better than ctu Steam / Player ID: 76561198255299284 Administrator who issued ban: Proxy smoxy Date of ban: 11/23/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: so me and my gang called genesis we were doing a bank and everything was going fine and i was sitting in a little tower and there was a hunter in front of me and i was shotting at it and on my screen i am losing rounds from my magazine and i talked to proxy and he told me that on his screen while spectating me he said that i was not losing rounds from my magazine and i was not recording at the time which i couldn't defend my self and provide any evidence that i was not using anything on my screen i was shotting and reloading and he says that i was not losing rounds when i was reloading?! What reason was given for your ban? Using infinity ammo? Why should you be unbanned? because i really think this ban was a client issue and i dont use any form of cheats or anything and i am really sorry that i couldn't provide any evidence to prove that i was not using anything and u can go ahead and check the logs and find out ur self i really think it was just a client issue thing because i am not known for cheating or i am not banned on any other platform and ill do my anything to prove my self if u want u can take my word and spectate me and see that i dont really use anything and my life is phoenix the only game i have been playing for the last 3 months is arma and the main server i play on phoenix and it is really upsetting that i got banned for a dumb reason such as this and ill do anything to prove my self and just give me a chance because i really dont use any form of cheats i really want to get unbanned phoenix is my life and proxy said that he spectated everyone but it was just me who was not losing any rounds from his magazine so what was happening on my screen when i was spraying it was auto repacking magazine for me i dont know if it was bugging out my bullets but every time i shot and let go of the shot button it will auto repack magazine for me and i understand ur pov that u see a guy not losing rounds u would ban him but just take my word i really dont cheat and u can even spectate me 24/7 and realize that it was a bug arma is a 7 years old game and it has alot of bugs and i wouldn't be surprised if this is a bug because it is outdated game just please give me another chance What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
  5. Big up loly nice 1 mate
  6. Zobari

    remove night

    Remove it please because it is even hard to see with nvg
  7. I love u will great montage mate
  8. Nice drags mate really enjoyed it
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