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  1. Zobari

    Zobari | PhoenixRP | First

    Ur just one of those people with a spar16 going around the map rdming people just make a Rdming fragmontage
  2. Zobari

    Zobari | PhoenixRP | First

    i added more clips go rewatch it XOXO
  3. Zobari

    Zobari | PhoenixRP | First

    i just added more clips and it is now over 2 mins and i can use what ever song i want
  4. Zobari

    put back dmts

    can u please put dmts back in cartels because no one is ever coming to cartels and fighting without dmts is boring and there isnt any skill of fighting without the dmt can u please put them back they make combat more interesting and fun for both sides
  5. Zobari

    Nocturnal 2 perk

    +1 make it level 30 5 perk points
  6. Zobari

    couple of kills

    Absolute beast havoc are really noobs after watching that but of course there is some good havoc guys but most of them are bad
  7. Zobari

    couple of kills

    https://plays.tv/video/5bf3e82051e7b4714c/p like does anyone know a good program to record and compine all of my vids cuz i have no clue to do that https://plays.tv/video/5bf468d16433076269/jk https://plays.tv/video/5bf469abdec7e62b2c/- https://plays.tv/video/5bf46a95db04e6d9c7/l like i have no idea how to compine all of clips plz help me
  8. Zobari

    couple of kills

    https://plays.tv/s/LzGMBd1mLgtX all of these frags were in 2 fights plz no hate
  9. mate nice kill on me at 15 sec that kill is insane
  10. Zobari

    cartel + gang base

    +1 i really like this area
  11. Zobari

    V get in the bin Frags #1

    Good frag montage but bad music choice
  12. Time Submitted: 09:25:50 PM | 11/18/18 Submitted By: Zobari (5842) In-Game Name: [SFG] Zobari Steam / Player ID: 76561198255299284 Date of Event: 03/18/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://plays.tv/s/Lz6L-5EUzPkn Details of Event: so basically me and my gang were going to rob a guy at the chop shop the guy has an ifirit so we initiated on him and he went behind a small hill and he just 1 tapped all of the gang and he was banned for cheating he name was Jxems and he was banned for racism and killing a medic and for cheating so the admins told me to make a comp request Compensation Amount: spar16s = 280k police vest = 135k spar16s = 5 mags wich is about 25k enchantment helmet = 20k overall = 460k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  13. Zobari

    is this pull downs?

    https://plays.tv/video/5bec69e948575ac67c if u say it is on a local server he wasn't a host / admin it was only luckii and he was afk eating so if thats not cheating idk what is
  14. Zobari

    Max's little event.

    When will this event start?