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  1. +1 police have changed alot and it is really good before when they get killed or kill someone they would trash talk but now they just say good fight and sometimes they let u go with ur gun and they are giving great roleplay atm keep up the good work apc!
  2. a small thing that u can do is remove dmts.
  3. so is the being implemented or this is going to get declined as always
  4. Zobari


    thanks mate love u X
  5. Zobari


    yeah i understand that but why would someone shoot a guy in a suv with hobo clothes on?
  6. Zobari


    yeah mate i was just minding my own business and driving around the area and watching and i just get gunned down
  7. i didnt look thew the wall i only had my head at the ground so while ur pushing u dont see my gun pointing out of the wall so u dont know where i am and i wont do such a thing
  8. he could've of forced bled out by pressing space..
  9. @Rasta Jetski the thing is that he combat logged 3 times in a row i dont think his game would crash 3 times in 30m..
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