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  1. id tap that

  2. Kam.


    RIP Showkey
  3. Kam.

    After CSAT is removed

    woah 3D printed
  4. Kam.

    montage - dandy

    and your frag movies weren't https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsLugacy/videos no wonder you made them unlisted
  5. Kam.

    montage - dandy

    love how you roast your self for faking clips....... doesn't make it not funny
  6. Kam.

    Freshest of meats

    welcome, but watch your self at rebel outposts/black market hobo gangs rob there frequently
  7. Kam.


    to me looks like you attempted a very badly performed desync ram and evidently failed and crashed
  8. Kam.

    Player Report - s | dandy ;) - 01/02/18

    I was there and I'm the one that killed your two,must say frag hungry, gang mates who decided to initiate on us at the rebel who I killed. And when dandy did kill you, yes he maybe should of waited longer but even I didn't think you were getting out as it seemed longer than the animation normally is and the heli wasn't powering down so he shot you. In my books that is fair. As well as this you told US not to scrap your chopper which we said since the animation was bugged thats fair, so we left it there for you to collect. You never mentioned from what I remember that you were going offline at any point and the matter of the fact is why didn't either you or any of your gang mates come collect your chopper after the NLR timer. In my opinion you are just mad at dandy for your own incompetence and you are doing this to spite him. EDIT: will say again I was involved so no points pls and if anything you should blame your frag hungry gang mates who decided to initiate on us, none of this would of happened if they didn't initiate.
  9. Kam.

    Jump script

    u make me cry
  10. Kam.

    Jump script

    I was joking with you why u like being salty
  11. Kam.

    Jump script

    sounds weird but not that long actually when we went into the old asylum so yea kinda irrelevant you asking that anyway so........ leave?
  12. banned again

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    2. dandy


      Bad boy Cameron!1!

    3. Kam.


      im back bitches XD 

    4. ѕιииєя


      Banned again


  13. Kam.

    Player Report - s | dandy ;) - 01/02/18

    I was the friend who bought gear, but I didn't talk to or interact with Morris before I somehow get dragged into this. But I'm more man sure that you said you wouldn't report if we didn't take your chopper. So its not Dandy's fault that someone else took it at the end of the day. And it was your gang who initiated on us causing your gang members to die and shit. As well as this if you waited the 15 mins NLR timer and came back you would of been able to get your Orca
  14. Kam.

    Jump script

    tbh i cba arguing with you, you seem pretty retarded
  15. Kam.

    Lower amount of cops for a bank

    Im sorry but if you think the bank is not cop sided you are either a droid at the game and dont understand the shit people can do or are simply stupid. The entire bank building ffs can be wall banged liked wtf is that shit. As well as this we have some BTEC compound to defend from where half of it is surrounded by solid walls then it has like 3 houses out front like wtf is that? And from the second floor on the houses I'm pretty sure you can see through the glass on the side of the back as well like wtf? As well as this hunters can just plough through, like yes its piss easy to shoot people out of hunters but the bank is not ifrit friendly so not really way to counter it. SO yes the bank is cop sided your clearly just simple