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  1. id tap that

  2. tunes

    RIP Showkey
  3. After CSAT is removed

    woah 3D printed
  4. montage - dandy

    and your frag movies weren't https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsLugacy/videos no wonder you made them unlisted
  5. montage - dandy

    love how you roast your self for faking clips....... doesn't make it not funny
  6. Freshest of meats

    welcome, but watch your self at rebel outposts/black market hobo gangs rob there frequently
  7. Really

    to me looks like you attempted a very badly performed desync ram and evidently failed and crashed
  8. Player Report - s | dandy ;) - 01/02/18

    I was there and I'm the one that killed your two,must say frag hungry, gang mates who decided to initiate on us at the rebel who I killed. And when dandy did kill you, yes he maybe should of waited longer but even I didn't think you were getting out as it seemed longer than the animation normally is and the heli wasn't powering down so he shot you. In my books that is fair. As well as this you told US not to scrap your chopper which we said since the animation was bugged thats fair, so we left it there for you to collect. You never mentioned from what I remember that you were going offline at any point and the matter of the fact is why didn't either you or any of your gang mates come collect your chopper after the NLR timer. In my opinion you are just mad at dandy for your own incompetence and you are doing this to spite him. EDIT: will say again I was involved so no points pls and if anything you should blame your frag hungry gang mates who decided to initiate on us, none of this would of happened if they didn't initiate.
  9. LoS Mortales

    he makes me cringe
  10. LoS Mortales

    we were never associated with nexus rr or any gang to that matter, and none of our members went into that gang shitposting more dimo?
  11. LoS Mortales

    Yes it is big boi
  12. Jump script

    u make me cry
  13. Jump script

    I was joking with you why u like being salty
  14. Jump script

    sounds weird but not that long actually when we went into the old asylum so yea kinda irrelevant you asking that anyway so........ leave?
  15. LoS Mortales

    Los Mortales Los Mortales was created in the late 1990's by our lord and saviour Charlie 'set bins on fire' Alter. This new organisation quickly grew into an empire which ruled over Altis for a long period of time under the command of Charlie and his wife Cameron/Kam. This was short lived unfortunately as the organisation crumbled from with in and was quickly striked down by the government forces which fought to maintain the choke hold on this island they possessed. Though we will no longer hide in fear and be held down by the government! Ranking Los Mortales even the OG days were operated efficiently with a clear structure of command. This structure will return under with the same boss's but with new lieutenants and made men. All operations must be authorised by the made men before they go under hand, any breaches found out will be dealt with severely with expulsion or a taxation of a large sum of fatty P's. The ranking system follows Boss x2 - Leader's of the organisation, do what ever they want when ever they want . Lieutenants x1 - Leader's second hand man, in charge in the case of both Boss's being absent. Made men x2 - In charge of operations and rankings, in charge of recruitment. Soldier - A senior member in the organisation, has shown their worth and loyalty. Thug - First official rank within our organisation, passed their trial and shown dedication. Street Rat - A beginner in the organisation, passed they application. Requirements Over 1500 hours Good Tacc Comms Able to keep a level head in a situation Stable bank All rebel licences People to vouch for them Recruitment Chances are very slim of anyone ever getting into this gang that weren't in the original LSM of getting into this gang, the only way to get into this gang if not an OG is to have multiple people be able to vouch for you and be extremely good at combat overall. This gang is on a strict INVITE-ONLY status and will more than likely always be that way. ANYONE from the original LSM should already have an invite to this gang, unless they have quit pc eg aaron etc, and should already be on the new roster. If you were an OG member and not on the new roster PLEASE PM me over the forums as I may of forgot to invite everyone. Many thanks Kam RIP Harley was a leader but never fucking on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t3-U1mUiYTgteij_BmPyrjNH6nPew_vIHQshFjorPjg/edit?usp=sharing

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