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  1. Thanx Phoonix #2

    Thanx Phoonix for the beurs https://gyazo.com/601035d3f8087fff47cfd950d1e9f5e9

    So, as it says above I want people to rate this Ifrit skin. This took me around an hour, I'm rather new to Photoshop and not completely sure how to use it well. But for around an hours work I'd say this looks decent, and constructive criticism is appreciated or any tips etc
  3. The Bastam Family

    your both limbless shush
  4. What textures would you like to see?

    @DelightfulFright make a ifrit skin

    might be good if they make a proper compound with walls surrounding it etc and dmts
  6. Thanx Phoenix

    thanx phoenix was looking for one of these as im a fat kid who sits at a computer https://gyazo.com/50d8ea57a73a23a511d290552ffa4cdc
  7. The Bastam Family

    you killed people.... get over it
  8. Shitty frag movie on phoenix

    deng song........skenger
  9. Gamers.

  10. NEW BANK?

    +1 and get rid of the shitty building it is currently in as its dog shite
  11. Victor

    +1 gud guy
  12. What textures would you like to see?

    maybe a pink ifrit with what you put on would look cool
  13. What textures would you like to see?

    +1 my own personal ifrit
  14. What textures would you like to see?

    an ifrit which says fragot on it.... (serious comment before this gets removed )
  15. Welcome @kayle

    I reckon you will, @Raymond Reddington is also a big fragger so i reckon you two will settle in nicely in this group

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