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    Cameron -LSM-


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    A basement somewhere
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    Fragging cops attacking my gang base -LSM-

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  1. Cobs

    +1 top lad
  2. Cobs

    +1 top lad
  3. cobs

    +1 top lad
  4. Cobs

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  5. Raymond Reddington

    @Matt @Kayle Ravelle @Cryant @Kevin
  6. Raymond Reddington

    he deservers stuff as he is a good support member and has helped me a lot in a lot of situations so i think cause of this he deserves stuff so yea give him stuff
  7. Droids

    fat meme
  8. Shooting tyres off?

    first one i cant remember but in the seccond i remember it was me and dandy
  9. Shooting tyres off?

    sorry @Payne for turning your post to shit cause of this drama/bs ^^^^^^^^ have a gooden
  10. Shooting tyres off?

    Ive got some good memes aswell, a bit like in a&d when you said LSM and Z should become one as we are your only "competitors" even tho both a&d matches we shit down your guys throughts tbh, no hate on seyjan he is a top guy dont worry tho lsm isnt a thing anymore so you wont have any "competitors" anymore
  11. Shooting tyres off?

    good meme
  12. Shooting tyres off?

    ok then
  13. Shooting tyres off?

    salty? you have been called out for shit posting before. all im saying is that you are saying something completely irrelevant as these guys are on about shooting tyres and initiation and you are on about being in support like no one fucking cares
  14. Holiday

    enjoy it