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  3. After going through the situation again I'd like to argue that the accuser, hereby Simmo Sparrow, has broken multiple rules throughout the situation that in certain parts invalidate this whole situation while showing his own proof of exploitative behavior. In further terms, I'd also like to argue that Simmo has supplied inadequate evidence to properly lay justice to this particular case. The first breach functions in regards to both Simmo's lack of evidence as well as his first contempt of this islands rules. As can be shown by his first video, the video which has here been used as evidence for initiation lacks the required time, 3 minutes. In fact, this video has been precisely cut so as to hide Simmo's own breaches, and as such I present the first evidence of my return as shown here: https://streamable.com/fgkd1 in which one can argue that Simmo has breached the following rules: 3.1 Player Initiation - Initiating on another player and/or gang can only happen through Direct Chat and must be clear enough for the other party to hear. The player initiating must be visible to those he/she is initiating on as otherwise there is no way for the other player to verify that their life is in danger. You cannot initiate on anyone without wielding a firearm in your hands. You must give sufficient time to allow the other player to comply with your demands. 1.2 RDM - RDM is shooting, tasing, using rubber bullets, knocking someone out and/or killing another player without prior Roleplay. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your demands and consider their actions before you engage. As can be seen from my video in regards to the actual initiation one can see that the initiator does not yield a gun in their hands as they begin their initiation. I looked behind myself to keep eyes on a possible threat to my life but as he did not wield a gun I decided to rather join up with my friend, Charly, as he was stood up alongside another person. By the time I had rounded the first corner of the HMTT I was able to hear and thus react to words of a threat being uttered in my direction. The initiator was however not clearly visible as this happened and I swiftly reacted by reaching for my weapon to dispose of the threat. Having then heard the words "value of life" behind myself I turned around and disposed of what would clearly become a threat and sadly injuring my dear friend Charly with a volley of bullets. However, in my attempts at shooting the initial threat I failed to realize I only had 2 bullets and subsequently died. At this point two different timelines will go forth and as such I will begin with a brief side of Simmo from his video of this situation as given here: https://youtu.be/71WoW_PMOuA At 01:03 Simmo here encourages softlogging so as to reach the location quicker At 04:18 Simmo here uses the keychain so as to get the names of the people he is interacting with, violating rule 2.2 Metagaming At 04:40 Simmo here starts firing before initiation has ended while also having clearly seen three different people jump out of the helicopter and thus not valuing his life in accordance with 2.7, as well as opening fire before initiation had been completed and thusly I bring forth the breach of rule 1.2 RDM yet again. At 04:53 Simmo can clearly be seen both attempting, and succeeding, in multiple DPI jumps in an attempt to escape gunfire After having presented the breaches that can be clearly seen from Simmo's side of this situation I will now present my side of this case: Once the situation at drug dealer had diffused, resulting in Charly and mine's death we woke back up from the darkness at our Gang Base and quickly regeared and made our way into the air with our hummingbird. A short time later we get a message from our friend Bladeforge in regards to a Huron flying past Sofia and a request to rob it. Being the rebels we are we cannot say no to such a question as it would not make sense for our person to do so, although we ourselves had a suspicions it was our original Huron. We thusly quickly made our way north to Sofia to pick up our friend and fly in the direction it was heading in. We then quickly spotted the Huron having landed at ChopShop and decided we would be able to quickly take control of the situation. And the finalized result can thus be seen from Simmo's own video. And as such, I rest my case.
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    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    3 mil
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    * Looking for Aircrafts with skins on that you usaly cant get * Send what you got and price * buying all from hummingbird's to Blackfish and Jets
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    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    Still have it ? ill pay 600 k for all
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    Carrier Special Rig (Green) [SOLD]

    1 mil
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    DMS (Set of 10) [SOLD]

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    LRPS (Tropic) [SOLD]

    1 mil
  10. Time Submitted: 07:17:37 AM | 03/14/19 Submitted By: SnowBroo (5832) In-Game Name: SnowBroo Steam / Player ID: 76561198019477410 Date of Event: 08/09/97 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/Z-_56hWXfP4 Details of Event: Doing meth, did slingload then, boom, out of nowhere.. Compensation Amount: 3456817.- its what you get for selling 70 meth witch i would have gotten 1 meth = 37897 x 70 = 2659090 and that is with not having all the cartells, we had all the cartells so that leaves it to 30% extra = 3456817.- Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  11. Time Submitted: 03:18:53 AM | 02/24/19 Submitted By: SnowBroo (5832) In-Game Name: SnowBroo Steam / Player ID: 76561198019477410 Date of Event: 02/24/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://streamable.com/qoezv Details of Event: We where taking the redzone, and then this random civilian came. it didnt stop the caputring so i was comfused, he said " ohh waht a nice loadout you have SnowBroo, " and after 2 sec he just joinked my loadout changed my name and it says im restrained, but as you can see i can still run arround " 13328 " Compensation Amount: Guillie souit katiba with Silencer, RCO , 10 magasins defender helmet, level 4 chest armor, 4 firstaid kits i feel abused and im afraid of even playing online games anymore :( Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  12. The sad part here is that in teamspeak i told you that i did not say anything negative againt you or your clan. there was a lot of peaple who spammed in the side channal and said things. i only said to you that the server will start hating you if you ceeps robbing at rebel/blackmarket. i dont see why you got so salty when players in the chat started to say things against your clan, i was not part of that. but you said to David Brodereck that i did soo. i explained what happend then you said " ohh well you did not say thos tings but i still want an apoligy" and the next ting you do is type in the report a player that i said things against your clan. and you manage to kill me and take my iffrit, noone of your team died against me, so no harm done there, and you didnt want any money when i said i could pay. im not a player who VDM, and im trying my best to follow the rules and play the game and have fun. just think its sad that you are trying to get me banned
  13. SnowBroo

    Compensation Request - Booga Ooga - 09/07/18

    Weapond: Spar 16-s "lmg one" with 4 mags, supressor, AMS scope. 45 acp pistol with redot flashlight and supressor x5 mags Gear: Head : Defender helmet Vest: Mk.2 Heavy " IV armor " Suit : Gilly jungle backpack : Bergen Items : medkit, range finder, x5 Redgul x5 tactical bacon
  14. Time Submitted: 08:50:18 AM | 09/07/18 Submitted By: SnowBroo (5832) In-Game Name: Booga Ooga Steam / Player ID: 76561198019477410 Date of Event: 09/08/97 Link to evidence (player report or video): could not find my video :( Details of Event: 10 min ago the server got a hacker and killed everyone like you know, i lost my Spar 16 s " lmg " with Supressor ADS. gilly souit and mk vest the heavy one and defender helmet and i had 200 k on me .......................... i dont have a video from when the hacker killed me but i have a video the moment right after i got killed and everyone in the chat are raging ! Compensation Amount: 700k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.