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  1. Bradley Green

    Player Report - Evilplayer - 07/15/17

    @Jord Well he wasnt there for the whole ts situation my CSI sly was, but kazz asked him to come talk and he said no.
  2. Bradley Green

    Player Report - Evilplayer - 07/15/17

    Ok first off i had a witness which is CSI sly, i was calm and i was never angry or angered by anything or at anything. All i wanted to do was explain what you did wrong. You came in just apologising but you didnt even know what you did wrong. The only thing you did know was that you did something wrong, the reason why i filed this report is because of your disgusting behaviour in TS and refusing to resolve the situation which has been seen also by kazz. Now i gave you enough chances and i tried different ways to deal with you and you wasnt bothered so whatever staff says from here goes.
  3. Bradley Green

    Player Report - Evilplayer - 07/15/17

    Time Submitted: 11:10:03 PM | 07/15/17 Submitted By: Bradley Green (581) Your In-Game Name: B. Green Who are you reporting?: Evilplayer Time/Date of event: 23:48 - 15/07/2017 Rule's Broken: 4.3 and 2.2 Explain what happened: well i arrived to a area where there was a heli and that was the main reason why i entered, i walked around a while not finding anyone. Further on i turn and face a way where i heard walking. At the time when he first initiated it was very faint and you could hear that because at the same time i was still saying hello to see if anyone was there, i couldnt see him nor hear him, now im pretty sure that he needs to be visible with a weapon to initiate. I only heard him the last time he said it and once i heard him say the initiation i straight away reacted with putting my weapon away and putting my hands up. He came round the corner and as i was putting my hands on my head he shot me, now you can hear i was very pissed off that i didnt get to rp and i have so right to be. I tried talking to him to explain what he did wrong and what he should do next time but he was having non of it and decided to leave 3 times when speaking to him. After the 3 times he left i gave him multiple chances to come back but he told me no, i tried to get a staff member by the name of kazz to ask him and he told him no also. So really there was nothing being solved and that he didnt know what he did wrong so he couldnt go back to reflect on that. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/596a97d8d1cca86b43/emrmm Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Kazz
  4. Bradley Green


    agree that hes a very laid back person +1
  5. Bradley Green

    Player Report - sgt. dinoff - 07/11/17

    Time Submitted: 04:35:07 PM | 07/11/17 Submitted By: Bradley Green (581) Your In-Game Name: bradley green Who are you reporting?: sgt. dinoff Time/Date of event: cant remember Rule's Broken: rdm, cop bait, and fail initiation Explain what happened: Well i drove past a crime scene to see a hatchback doing an illegal u-turn, i decided to ignore it and try and past it, at that point they rammed me, i stayed behind it with lights and sirens and they decide to swerve all over the road before taking off into a chase. They bring me round towards devils bend and then i find a road block. i try getting out my car and i hear, hands up hands up before getting shot and killed Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/596003dacdeb2b2cd7/rdm- http://plays.tv/video/596008cd77d2d3111b/longer-vid Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: dont know
  6. Bradley Green

    Player Report - Harley - 07/07/17

    there is a video of him combat logging as i took him back to PD, and i also have a video that i need to give you personally because i dont want to put it here as its public.
  7. Bradley Green

    Player Report - Harley - 07/07/17

    Time Submitted: 06:45:28 AM | 07/07/17 Submitted By: Bradley Green (581) Your In-Game Name: B. Green Who are you reporting?: Harley Time/Date of event: 7:38 - 07/07/2017 Rule's Broken: Combat logging Explain what happened: Well it all started with him pretending to be someone else called john. He was at the top of the office building and attempted to kill me by floor exploiting, i dont have proof but i dont need it for that part. He jumped down the ladder baring in mind he threatend my life and shot towards me, i killed him. John then combat logged right after. So it went on and i contacted harley through ts as he was the only person on and he claimed that john was his so called brother and that he just heard him screaming saying it was RDM and that he was going to tell so called John off. Harley finally logged on with his name "Harley". A few minutes in i check registration on an abandoned vehicle, it came back as harley. I impounded the car and right after harley ran over to me saying why did you impound my car. I quickly found out and i arrested him. I was escorting him back to PD then he automatically disconnected. He made it seem like his internet went out but i think he did it on purpose. He has continually refused to resolve it and i would like him to attempt to talk to me about it. Me arresting him: http://plays.tv/video/595f21e1e5260a47c2/1st-part Combat logging: http://plays.tv/video/595f2248988740271d/2nd-part More screenshots of evidence that harley was pretending to be both john and harley to get him out of trouble: https://prnt.sc/fso5t3 https://prnt.sc/fso61b https://prnt.sc/fso6mz Evidence (Video/Screenshot): all proof in the explain in detail part Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: None yet
  8. Bradley Green

    Player Report - P o t a t o - 05/19/17

    Well personally i believe that rule shouldnt be a thing. And for the fact of shooting me i have no longer evidence to provide.
  9. Bradley Green

    Player Report - Cameron - 05/19/17

    Basically we was just driving past the fuel station nothing really happening and we got shot at. There is no storey or anything. After you can see i get out my car as i pulled around the back of them and we killed them. I got killed but my other officer didnt. There is no real storey to it, it was just RDM. After he got killed he straight away combat logged to save his gear as you can see by the screen shot.
  10. Bradley Green

    Player Report - P o t a t o - 05/19/17

    That video i seen just there looked like a hobo just driving past. What threat was i to you? You can see i clearly didnt see you. Why was there a need to shoot me like that considering the place you was in was right on the edge of the city when i past you and was a fair bit away from the HM too. You have just let me mention broke a police rule. Shooting a civilian unarmed which is not very good.
  11. Bradley Green

    Player Report - P o t a t o - 05/19/17

    I have spoken to multiple people high up in police command and they say from the evidence in the video, there was no need to shoot me as i was no threat. When your doing a bank your initiated on people that are running around with illegal or legal firearms, in this matter i was in the car and as you said yourself you didnt see me with a weapon. Doesnt matter if im in an area of a bank op where there is an active gunfight. You would be only able to shoot me if you said loud and clear, "if you do not leave this area we're going to have to use lethal force." I would of then left. Since you didnt try to engage on rp and you just shot me without initiation im going to class this as poor RP.
  12. Bradley Green

    Player Report - P o t a t o - 05/19/17

    Time Submitted: 09:56:59 PM | 05/19/17 Submitted By: Bradley Green (581) Your In-Game Name: Bradley Green Who are you reporting?: P o t a t o Time/Date of event: 22:49 - 19/05/2017 Rule's Broken: 2.2 Explain what happened: Basically after waiting my NLR i came back to the bank, baring in mind that i had no weapon and was dress like a hobo because i didnt bother going to gear up. I drove past an officer at a fairly high speed and he shot me as soon as i passed i then proceeded this to ts and waited for him to come resolve it. After asking a few times he then dragged me into a room with an admin. This admin was in the same clan so i was afraid that he was going to be biased. I proceeded to ask for another admin and they refused so i left the channel. I contacted harry and he tried to help me resolve the issue with both of them. They both refused to talk, the admin dennie refused and so did P o t a t o. Im really upset about what i have seen today with admins refusing to solve situations with people and it should not be a thing. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/591f63c58a11288026/lol Harry also has proof of him refusing. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: Dennie
  13. Bradley Green

    Player Report - Cameron - 05/19/17

    Time Submitted: 07:53:20 PM | 05/19/17 Submitted By: Bradley Green (581) Your In-Game Name: Bradley Green Who are you reporting?: Cameron Time/Date of event: 19/05/2017 - 19:42 Rule's Broken: RDM and Combat Logging Explain what happened: see it in the video as kazz said. kazz - "see in video fanks" Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://prntscr.com/f9te1k http://plays.tv/video/591f4bd324f4e4d89a/lol-rdm-?page=3 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: None yet
  14. Bradley Green

    Report / Gen. stig

    Ok so you said the truck had no where to go, you couldnt hear that since i explained my mic was not activated through the recording software. As he was turning around he could of turned right and went away from the green zone down to the beach instead he decided to head towards the green zone to prevent my initiation i know that shooting tires in the green zone can only happen if you initiated while outside the green zone. Thats what i did. The part about the wheel shot out yes that caused him to crash but you then see that he kept going without the wheel so clearly he has control hes just not moving very fast. So shooting his wheel did not cause him to de camp that was his own decision to. And for the fact that i was in a pursuit with them before this for nearly 15 mins, they could of easily when they where both together get out and initiate on me. Thats why im so confused on why they had to do it in the green zone it seems to me like that it wasnt an accident to drive towards the green zone but it was intended and he was probs thinking that i was going to stop shooting which i did not then he decided to de camp.
  15. Bradley Green

    Report / Gen. stig

    Kazz was not there for all of it he came at the end and i do believe what i mentioned is that i would like a higher staff member to deal with this