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  1. You should be level 16 now, let me know if it hasn't worked.
  2. Kyle

    Gathering Perk

    Implemented for next update.
  3. Implemented for next update.
  4. Kyle


    Implemented for next update.
  5. Kyle

    Virtual inventory

    Fixed for the next update.
  6. Kyle

    Level - Perk Bug.

    Fixed for next update.
  7. 17/02/2017 | 00:00 - Added: Speed Cameras inside Kavala (More speed cameras will come soon!) Added: Cops can seize illegal items from vehicles (Progress bar) The time to Seize items depends on the vehicle (Air = 20 seconds) (Land vehicle = 10 seconds) (Boat = 15 seconds) (Huron Cargo Crate = 30 seconds). Changed: Admins on duty can no longer be restrained. Changed: Admins on duty can no longer be knocked out. Changed: All Displays in-game are now red.
  8. Kyle

    Undercover SUV

    Issue has been Fixed. Thanks for reporting it!
  9. 22/01/2017 | 03:00 - Fixed: Thermals are now enabled on vehicles and helicopters that have the thermal cameras. Fixed: Getting revived no longer costs you money. Fixed: Cop Impound function. If you impound your own vehicles you will get no money, If you impound someone else's vehicle you will get money: Car/Truck = 2000 Heli/Plane = 3000 Boat = 2000. Fixed: Cops no longer get money for ticketing or sending players to jail. Fixed: Civs will no longer be able to buy police textured Hellcats. Changed: Vehicle retrieval prices from the garage have been changed. (Prices are not final, They will be changed soon!) Changed: All medics can take out helicopters for now! Changed: There is now a progress bar when chopping vehicles! (This will be edited soon we haven't decided on timing yet) Changed: The Respawn timer is now 1 minute. Added: Two more garages to Pygros.
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