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  1. Time Submitted: 02:42:42 PM | 12/14/19 Submitted By: Lolyhase Forum ID: 5797 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: healing system What Is Your Suggestion: can you remove the "treat yourself" as a scroll down thing pls it is so annoying since you ll always miss a few HP but dont need to heal and you ll just misslick on it when tryint to get into a car or access a shop instead lets get the healing back in CRTL + 5 it was a amazing hotkey idk why thats not a thing anymore and additionely would it be possible to make the time it takes you to heal depending on how much HP you re missing so when you re missing 1 HP you can just heal quick time and if you re missing a lot of HP its gonna take longer to heal
  2. Time Submitted: 11:22:55 AM | 12/11/19 Submitted By: Lolyhase Forum ID: 5797 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Website Suggestions Suggestion Title: More emotes to react with What Is Your Suggestion: It would be really cool to have some more emotes on the forums to react to post with. Poggers and monkaS are some I can think of right now spontaneously
  3. You should @PBJ they lost a m320 LRR recently so that probably comes very in handy to bench again
  4. Lolyhase

    bandit again

    Have a good one Mr. Reformed Bandit
  5. "my gang base now, YOIINNKK!" lmaosF and F for Conway mate ngl I feel bad for it
  6. Time Submitted: 12:22:24 AM | 12/07/19 Submitted By: Lolyhase (5797) Your In-Game Name: Wong Shagger Who are you reporting?: ELF Billy Joe Time/Date of event: 07.12.2019, 00:40 German time Rule's Broken: RDM and exploiting Explain what happened: ran over to the pygros garage, ran into the garage building itself, ran back out to the garage sign to get a vehicle out got initated on by Billy Joe, his weapon wasnt visible during that at all only in 3 frames you can actually see the weapon (check video) and its impossible to see it during the actual situations since it goes so quickly. I get my car out and jump into whilst he starts initiating just as he finishes the initation i am in the car just to get knocked out and restrain even tho i am in the driver seat, so he abuses the lag for his own advantage. He also didnt give me enough time to comply with his demands, i didnt even realise what he was saying and i was already sitting in my car or more like knocked out and restrained even tho i was in the car. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ma1QSmLQn4&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes in support, but he didn't accept that he did something wrong Support Member Involved?: Paddy McCarthy, Case ID: 19133
  7. What's that fucking huge new tower in kav??? And where is the changelog 🤔
  8. Was gonna say nice, but just the usual HSF < CTU bullshit which ruins the fraggy sadface
  9. Not necessarily at rebel but a new trader who would buy off physical items like guns uniforms vests and helmets for about half price That would be amazing and so it would be more worth going for the air drops too
  10. We had Mission file change twice this week but nothing updated on changelog Can you maybe put change logs even when it was small things like only gang skins added too
  11. Lolyhase

    HAVOC gasstation

    HAVOC gasstation can't get robbed if there is not enough cops online even when there is more then enough havoc on Also havoc doesn't get notifications when their gasstations are beeing robbed, if you don't check the map you won't find out that a gasstation is beeing robbed
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