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  1. its not about the post itself its about the people within the comments that shit talk all day and make fun of the other faction which end up in toxic arguing
  2. it has come so far that people upload out of context videos or screen shots about the other faction and start a huge shit talking about it I personally am really tired and bored of those shitie forum posts and it just gives a lot of space for toxicity in the community Am I the only one feeling like that? Honestly can you stop pls? It's just so childish and makes you look so unprofessional!!!
  3. 80% of cops are people that got kicked out of havoc and now those people are complaining an shit talking 24/7 cuz they can't get into havoc luwl
  4. Lolyhase


    ^^^^ ^^^ don't need to say anything else luwl
  5. Tbh having this option would actually add a lot of new scenarios and outcomes of people getting handcuffed Rn it's either what you wrote already or initiate on the cops and I dont think every scenario where someone handcuffs one of you gang/faction havoc in this case has to end up in an firefight
  6. alright so how handcuffs work rn is that once someone is handcuffed he cant be escorted/forcefed/unrestrained/put in a vehicle.....etc. so basicly you cant do shit with the person in handcuffs as non police thats needs to be changed becuase it makes no sense that i cannot interact with people that are in handcuffs obviously we are talking about actaul handcuffs so its fair enough that one cant simply unrestrain and that a lock pick is needed however those other features should surely be enabled for non apc people.
  7. was really enjyoing reading this keep it up mate
  8. I don't think you are reading properly
  9. If havoc and cops would be at the same side it would be time to leave Phoenix HAVOC is supposed to be some sort of a opposing force to cops in order to split the island in half one side the civilian police side and the other beeing the rebel and havoc side, rebels that commit crimes in police lads will get the chance to flee into havoc lands. Whilst police lands are so to say the early game of a new player the havoc side of the map is holding the late game treasures like good runs better laws for rebels If havoc would be changed to a normal PMC or military of the government that would be the exact same as other server starting with R have too so again phx would lose something that is very unique
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