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  1. sorry can you stop killing the server pls big smile
  2. if you mean previouse? i have 0
  3. IGN: Lolyhase I habe a lot of hours in Arma 3 I am good at following server rules I know some cartel callouts and basicly all general Arma callouts I have a very stable bank account I so speak good englisch but also hebrew so that shouldn't be a problem I also speak German if you guys speak that too idk
  4. I don't really know how and what warzone is tbh Is it the equivalent to our gang wars? Maybe you can eloberate a bit more and go into a bit more detail
  5. Didn't know you are still alive How's the kebab shop going
  6. Is it gonna be possible to get comp for the "wasted" money on the storage upgrades? I spend something like 3 mil on a storage upgrade on the moahaek just to realise that I cannot upgrade it more then once and only once upgraded its useless.
  7. Very nice post maistro 👍 We need more people like you helping the new players
  8. Jamie.

    Hi man

  9. finally figured out how to activate status updates 8)

    thanks mystic :) 

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy


    2. Viktor Reznov

      Viktor Reznov

      Wow I just got a notification because I follow your awesome content!

  10. Time Submitted: 11:48:21 PM | 07/04/20 Submitted By: Lolyhase Forum ID: 5797 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Rule Suggestions Suggestion Title: HM Vehicles rule What Is Your Suggestion: i dont really see the point of this rule: "Vehicles: Only vehicles at the major crime once bolt cutting begins can be used until the transport phase begins. (This does not apply to factions)." you should be able to get new vehicles into the HM at anypoint cops should be the ones worrying about you beeing able to get new vehicles to the sit so just remove it plox feel free to drop your thoughts below maybe i am the only one thinking like that example: your gang starts bolt cutting but you are still at athira for example you wouldnt be allowed to pull out any vehicles from your garage in order to use them during the major crime
  11. Hi there @Stefan♦ my name is lolyhase smile Whenever you are unhappy with a staff member you can always put in a staff feedback which you can find in the issue resolved chanel on TS. I will edit it in in a minute.
  12. I actually agree on this one here. People. Who send in staff feedback should so get a feedback/response regarding that and so should the accused staff member. It's important to know what one did right and wrong and it's also important for someone who has given staff feedback to know what has actually happened with his feedback, was it looked at and a punishment was received or did someone get told he did well and get rewarded for it or was you staff feedback just had because it was critising something but without any evidence to back it up or similar issues. I would welcome transparency in those areas tbh it's important to see that people who fucked up in staff actually get punished for it and that one simple Player actually can do something against a staff member without beeig scared of potential subjective behavior between staffs especially in support. Don't know if I'm the only one who thinks like that.
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