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  1. Time Submitted: 09:05:57 PM | 06/12/20 Submitted By: WEEBS (5789) In-Game Name: Weebs Steam / Player ID: 76561198073578912 Administrator who issued ban: Nizwal Date of ban: 06/12/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Racism and discrimination . What reason was given for your ban? Racism and discrimination . Why should you be unbanned? Well i was saying alot of racist stuff and i know i was wrong i was kicked out of a discord by a gang member that was being really racist to me so he got a admin to spectate him to get me banned and i know i should'nt say stuff like that im really sorry to everyone i effected and i do understand it. It was all my fault and if there anyone that was offended i will apologise to Nizwal it was really annoying that i got baited into a ban and im sorry for saying that to you. I cant remember the date of the ban. I want a chance to reform from it and move on and continue playing the server with my bois and i think i should be unbanned due to the long time of the ban to learn my faults and play again. apologias. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N-A
  2. to add he was apart of it if you check the recording he was on the server
  3. @Niko, I wasnt at my computer at the time so i didnt saw the disputes. If i had there was no reason for me not to go to support. Anyway if you want to resolve it in support still tell me when and i will happily resolve it.
  4. Not what im saying.Im saying the fact of you are taking it to a different reason of the report.you can have your say but im trying to tell you is if none of you logged it would never happen its the fault of the guy leaving and you guys using it to win because we cant do anything to use as a way out or a way to make profit but you all lied to us wasting are time and using it to get us killed
  5. No lol I came back from the toilet and was in a sit so I forgot about the mishap. If I have a clip it looks like you ran yourself over that's why I killed you
  6. The thing is we wanted to know if a admin was on but now people are looking for a way to get us in troble we wanted to do the raid because if we didn't check how would we know??.And stop looking for ways to change this report this is not about metagaming if you have a problem with us looking to see if theres 10 people on then report it.And to add if we say it out of game we are not meta gaming if we are using to advantage I would say meta gaming but how can you know there is 10 in one spot to say ok theres 10. The only way you would know is by looking at the phone or walking around for hours looking for them and starting it.Plus roy stop changing the subject its about logging and abusing the sit to your advantage
  7. Look at 5:50 and 08:57 it shows that brown disconnected because he wasn't on the list
  8. Time Submitted: 01:49:07 AM | 02/16/20 Submitted By: WEEBS (5789) Your In-Game Name: Weebs Who are you reporting?: Nate Time/Date of event: 16/02/2020 Rule's Broken: homophobic Explain what happened: I was shot and called the homophobic word while being dead.[Was trying to explain the sit to teddy but he ignored and closed it]he didnt join Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P25cgibhJQ Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Teddy
  9. No i use the public havoc roster to see you on the havoc roster and people lied And to add again you lied by saying "2 of them crashed. but if you watch my video you can see one of them logged
  10. Time Submitted: 12:14:45 AM | 02/16/20 Submitted By: WEEBS (5789) Your In-Game Name: Weebs Who are you reporting?: Roy,P00L,Nick bowen,Jonas,Chris,Matthew,Blazer,Nathan Time/Date of event: 16/02/2020 Rule's Broken: Abusing a sit and combat logging Explain what happened: We where doing a Destroyer when there was 10 HAVOC on and we started hacking then Nick Bowen combat logged and we couldn't get in so we asked the HAVOC if they could open it and let us get the stuff to continue the sit but they kept saying we dont have the keys and refusing to open the door or the create and forcing us to wait while telling us to leave and come again[But we didn't want to its there fault for it] and they were lying and wasting time to push us and they called it off and started killing us after abusing the sit. Evidence (Video/Screenshot):1: 2: Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Cloudy
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