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    fuck all im fat AF

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  1. Adam Sparrow


    Boys doing bits again
  2. atum spuro

    1. Adam Sparrow

      Adam Sparrow

      i am still here my friend

  3. Adam Sparrow

    Cya Kids

    Ever since i Got banned for Xian shit, realised the server has gone downhill and havent really enjoyed any of it, Then about a week ago i got wrongfully banned and had staff lead lie in my face about what happend, good luck with everyone and have fun in the future @Sean - Sound guy pissed you of a lot but still canny as fuck @spodre - HSF is a meme leave now @Avida - You will always be a shitter aha @MeatSlice - big ego man in a bit @bazzy :3 - Top fragger and carrier @MontelMarshmellow - Big shitter @Lucanova - banned with me wrongfully 3^ him @Cynical - oh wait... @CroX - In a bit been your mate for a long time and prob wont see you around any more @Apollo_1690 - Keep using the thing i sent you ye? @Jamal Sullivan - Big man from down south @Jay.A - U Need to fix your internet if you know what i mean lol @Crazed Sparrow Big roleplayer @Embers Never deserved lead, always should have been me xD couldnt care if i didnt tag tbh, in a bit
  4. Adam Sparrow

    Something needs to change

    there not willing to unban us EVEN though zyns best mate exploited and didnt get banned
  5. Adam Sparrow

    Something needs to change

    +1, half of them dont even know whats going on and are just banning people, good luck running this community with them certain individuals as staff
  6. Adam Sparrow

    Vote for Ryan Wilson at the next election!

    you have my vote
  7. Adam Sparrow

    RE: There’s no roleplay on the server

    +1 ^^^^^^ and dont forget @Lucanova
  8. Adam Sparrow

    Crazed phoenix 11

    My G
  9. Time Submitted: 10:50:05 PM | 01/27/19 Submitted By: Adam Sparrow (576) In-Game Name: Gucci sliders Steam / Player ID: 76561198381670166 Administrator who issued ban: Greasy Date of ban: 01/27/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: For killing a kid who clearly cries when he loses his loadout What reason was given for your ban? Trolling and rdm Why should you be unbanned? I never got disputed and taken to support to resolve the issue, nick coca just decides he wants to hit up his best pal to ban me, and I done nothing wrong, in the video provided, he was my hostage and I can do whatever I want, so admins are now just banning people for killing there mates What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. Adam Sparrow


  11. Adam Sparrow

    What is this form rank thing

    newbie, civilian rebel and friend
  12. Adam Sparrow

    Theres No roleplay in the roleplay server

    -1 redzone changes were the best thing this server could have done, no doubts, not even the general himself can convince me
  13. Adam Sparrow

    Gang Tags

    Don't know if it is a bug that is being worked on but here is a suggestion anyways. Every time i am on as rebel our gang leader needs to set tags after restart etc, and not every player is on the server on a constant bases. So what I am suggesting is to make it so an individual can set there gang tags instead of the gang leader having to do it every time after restart. Like i said i don't know if the gang tag thing is a bug currently but i thought id put it here anyways.
  14. Yes because he doesent own any of that vehicle, it comes up saying it has been transferred for me and him but it remains in my garage and does not enter his
  15. also does not work for me steam id: 76561198381670166