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    fuck all im fat AF

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  1. Adam Sparrow

    House @ drug dealer agios

    Bit late xD
  2. Adam Sparrow

    Compensation Request - [SFG] Daniel R - 09/16/18

    Alex I was with him, what ended up happening was our trucks blew up and executed us
  3. Time Submitted: 08:57:46 PM | 09/16/18 Submitted By: Adam Sparrow (576) In-Game Name: [SFG] Roleplayer Steam / Player ID: 76561198381670166 Date of Event: 09/16/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): support case no. 9115 Details of Event: hacker on server, was doing coral in hemmt which was full and then it blew up killing me, i did not loose any gear as i had none on at the time, but i did loose all the items in the truck Compensation Amount: 1.2 mil for hemmt full of coral Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Adam Sparrow

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

  5. Adam Sparrow

    Friendship Circles and various Issues!!!

    i smell biff
  6. Adam Sparrow


    +1 happens so much now, whenever you go up to someone they just get scared and run away
  7. Adam Sparrow

    Police able to remove the Lawyers License

    -1 people will just cry about putting 500k down the drain, unecessary in my opinion
  8. Adam Sparrow

    Add Gag and Blindfold script

    +1, sounds like a familiar sit xD
  9. Adam Sparrow

    PhoenixRP Frags 2 | Jackk

    2:25, so that is where you were, i was so confused... anyways nice frags
  10. Adam Sparrow

    Player Report - Luker - 09/01/18 - Altis Life

    i never said you shot first, dunno where that came from tbf, dont know if Jeremy said that but i didnt
  11. Adam Sparrow

    Player Report - Luker - 09/01/18 - Altis Life

    sorry but even if you were talking to your mum and couldn't speak, why didn't you just put your hands up the // in direct, you say you were talking to your mum but then you still ran around on the spot? also i was apart of this sit, i am the one who provided the vid
  12. @FoxHound where can i buy one of your pimped out 4x4's?


    1. FoxHound


      hehehe we all wish to have the mad genius's 4x4

  13. Adam Sparrow

    Up CTSFO quilin count

    never said there was one its just yous all argue like the same point, it is like ok we get what your trying to say we don't need the entirety of everyone in ct to start screaming at them for it
  14. Adam Sparrow

    Up CTSFO quilin count

    and also @Michael Constantino not trying to cause drama just saying that as soon as someone disagrees everyone starts arguing against them, and 90% of people that are arguing against them are in lotuk, not saying i have a problem or anything just stating facts
  15. Adam Sparrow

    Up CTSFO quilin count

    well then dont comment on something saying someones in that gang when there not.