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  1. Adam Dappaa

    Lack of Roleplay

    +1 earlier today I tried to make an rp opportunity by surrendering mid gunfight to havoc to try and rp with them, they rp’ed for about 3 minutes then ended up getting executed. dont have anything against havoc just I find there is so many good rp opportunities for them and they I feel like they could be more enhanced and they should take that opportunity for rp which gets given to them, once again I don’t hate havoc, I personally believe havoc could be a great faction which has so much potential, In fact I have recently joined myself, to get involved with some of the rp that takes place on the east side of the island
  2. Adam Dappaa

    First Man To The Moon

    i guess this is how you get to northern cartel so sneakily....
  3. Time Submitted: 08:55:29 PM | 08/21/18 Submitted By: Adam Dappaa (576) In-Game Name: AK | Adamm Steam / Player ID: 76561198381670166 Date of Event: 11/20/03 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://plays.tv/video/5b7c7a9d0d303d4012/comp Details of Event: basically died in a car crash and comped friend, (jimmy dobson) with a load out, within 10 seconds of him receiving the gear I had placed in the vechile for him he got kicked off and he returned to see he had no gear Compensation Amount: all clothes = 108,000 type 115 plus attachments = 350k total = 458,000 , could be more but idc Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Earlier today I found out that if someone gets incapacitated, it is exploiting if you drag them and put them in a vechile, now personnally I believe you should be allowed to do this as this is an rp server and you can do it in real life, there could be exceptions to this such as what vechiles you are allowed to put them in and certain areas where you can’t do it, eg redzones but I do think you should be allowed to do it without it being classed as “exploiting” some of you may disagree with my opinion, and feel free to do so, just I believe it shouldn’t be classed as exploiting
  5. Adam Dappaa

    Veteran Tag

    Do like the idea even though I wouldn’t get it ;(
  6. Adam Dappaa

    Communication Devices Inside Vehicles

    I have been told by staff lead that you are actually aloud to speak in teamspeak to your friends if your communications have been seized, but it cannot be about rp or anything to do with the situation, this may not be fully correct but I have been tolf this before by someone
  7. Adam Dappaa

    Best accuracy on the server

  8. Adam Dappaa

    Some big fucking notification

    i am pretty sure you already get a notification in the top right saying "you have been restrained by _____" so if they continue to shoot them take them to support for exploiting.
  9. Adam Dappaa

    Put incapacitated people in vehicles

    you can already do this, but i am unaware if it is classed as exploiting or not
  10. Adam Dappaa

    Gucci Gang - Recruitment - Closed

    Kian has his own gang? you can tell I’m inactive xD
  11. Adam Dappaa


    how was support? xD
  12. Adam Dappaa

    GG matty

    Only true g’s know how to sing like Matty
  13. Adam Dappaa

    NPAS btw

    omg bert anderson is the funniest pilot
  14. Adam Dappaa

    Anti APPA Association | Applications OPEN!

    The police already over respond enough lol, we don’t need APPA to respond to a gas station robber for us
  15. Adam Dappaa

    For Anyone That Wants To Start A Taxi Business On Altis

    What is this song lel i need to know it