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  1. Not my frags.. god i'm not a trash monkey
  2. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1460092/MBS-in-action
  3. @Cobra The OG there is no point wasting your time. Even in the past, we’ve made some suggestions to improve the server and so have other people and they just got ignored. The server is dead, but the deluded people running it think it’s all fine, this post has pointed out good opinions from the community point of view, which will not be taken into account.
  4. you've got a ratty dog as your signature... fml
  5. why is that not on the post then? no point telling me because i couldn't give a fuck
  6. hows that contradicting myself? Nikos reported a bug 20th September and no one has done anything about it and haven't even acknowledged the post.. I'm not here to fix the server, there's no I in that sentence that you just tried to quote.
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