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  1. Not you but... @AdamBraz N1 and i know how you feel, i have to use exile clips because these boraz don't slam
  2. IZR threads getting closed quicker than Wuhan 

  3. When are these kids gonna pipe down.. smh

    1. Ted


      should've worn a rubber

    2. Mason Munchii

      Mason Munchii

      Should've been wiped on the curtains

    3. Curly Curtis

      Curly Curtis

      Shut up mason, always crying 

  4. Spell check on my phone kinda fucked me smh
  5. Due to recent activities the APC will have to part way with helping civilians, there is to many major crimes happening in the land of Altis and unfortunately petrol station are getting robbed and a high priority at the moment. Sincerely, Sargent Mason.
  6. talk about taking it out of context. Might want to read that thread before hand!
  7. https://gyazo.com/6960d310d482a8e61d2ef82fca510c12
  8. This video just shows you cop baiting....
  9. Aren't you the one who left the support case after getting bitchy? And what does that video prove? nothing? Mans over here thinking he's MI5.
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