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  1. WookieLemon

    H1Z1 Battle Royal

    Dear Phoenix If anyone of you are interested in H1Z1. Then you are lucky. H1Z1 battle royal is now free to play! http://steamcommunity.com/games/433850/announcements/detail/1675775070302263191
  2. WookieLemon

    Inactive for a bit

    Okay Im just gonna say this straight up. Im gonna be inactive for a bit becuase I have family at my place celebrating new year. So Im gonna be back after 3rd January. Hope u understand ;) John Lemon
  3. WookieLemon

    TFO - The Faceless Ones

    Name John Lemon Steam ID: 76561198119574044 Previous Bans none Why do you want to join TFO: Well I want to join the TFO because I havent been in a gang yet and also want to experince it. Im not here to only kill or rob people, but here to have fun, rp and break law (psst im not a rule breaker ;D) Any members you have met/can vouch for you: Nope
  4. WookieLemon

    TFO - The Faceless Ones

    Name John Lemon Steam ID 76561198119574044 Previous Bans: None Why do you want to join TFO: I want to join TFO, because I want to experince to be in a gang and want to help fellow members. Any members you have met/can vouch for you: no
  5. WookieLemon

    Introduction - CSI Thomas Lubanga

    Ooo oh my boy Lubanga is CSI. Well what I can say is goodluck
  6. WookieLemon

    [KBI] Ken Barlow INC

    In-Game name: John Lemon Age: 14 Nationality: Danish Previous Gangs: none, never been trying to join a gang so want to join this gang. Why Do You Want To Join:I want to join, because Its my first time joining a gang and I want to experince how it is to be in a gang. Also that Im a great RP player ;). The thing that people think that we just shoot people is wrong. We also rp for fun and not just kill people. When Can You Play: Mostly everyday. Depends on school
  7. WookieLemon

    Forum tag

    Same also waiting to have a forum tag.
  8. WookieLemon

    Player Report - Jakea - 12/09/17

    Time Submitted: 12:47:50 PM | 12/09/17 Submitted By: WookieLemon (566) Your In-Game Name: Echo Who are you reporting?: Jakea Time/Date of event: 12/9/17 13:40 CET Rule's Broken: Green zone Explain what happened: So basically. I was in green zone in Kavala. He took his pistol out and knocked me down Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1226062813 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1226062616 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  9. WookieLemon

    Ehm garage glitch??

  10. WookieLemon

    MEDIC MEETING - 19/05/17 @ 6PM

    Might not come as im in germany atm
  11. WookieLemon

    Looking for a RAinbow Team.

  12. WookieLemon

    Looking for a RAinbow Team.

    Silver 2. Deranked cause of team.
  13. WookieLemon

    Looking for a RAinbow Team.

    Rainbow team Krako -Must be 13+ -Knows strats -Must have it on PS4 -Mic must
  14. WookieLemon

    Hello m8s

    Hello! Im Minh/Echo and I am Medic on Altis. (Srry Im delayed with this :D)