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  1. Randy Marsh


    10% perk maybe?
  2. Randy Marsh

    Police OAB's in Havoc lands

  3. Randy Marsh

    apc jacob boyden

    Had a great role play with him doing a gas station robbery. Really nice guy. 10/10
  4. Randy Marsh

    BA | Black Angels [Applications OPEN]

    In game name?: Randy Marsh Age?: 34 How much money do you have?: Around 30 mill all rebel Huron ...... How many hours do you have on the server as civ?: 200 +1720 total How long have you played the server?: 1.5 month In your thoughts rate your skills within Combat, Movement, and Comms: Combat - 7 8 Movement - 8 9 Comms - 8 9 Why would you want to join Black Angels? (Required 75+* ) Looking for a group to do stuff with. Hang out and work as a team. I can offer Good piloting skills combined with a steady cashflow. I'm not afraid of capping cartels for the Gang. Helpfull loyal member that understands rules and knows when to listen. I like doing runs and robbing people aswell. The last 1.5 month i have been farming together with a close friend of mine to get to a point where we need to expand our criminal mindset. Have you had any previous bans?: None
  5. Randy Marsh

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    In Game Name: Randy Marsh Age: 34 Hours played? 1720 Stats Page Link https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/search?string=randy+marsh Previous Gangs KBW and ODB Any previous Bans? None Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): First of all having a good time. I love having a good big bankroll. Love to rp. Tend to vomit due to sidechat warriors. Relaxed and helpfull. English is good. German is ok. French ill be able to understand and mumble a bit. Dutch is my main language. What will you bring to the Ghosts?: A good pilot. Good comms. Trustworthy member. I have all licenses. Littlebird / orca / huron. Lots of trucks in different sizes. Rebel / adv rebel / blackmarket. Can take lead if needed but knows his place in the ranks. around 30 mill in the bank. Why do you want to join SFG? Looking for a good gang that has experienced players in it. Im tired running on my own or with 1 friend. Mcshizzel that is btw. We farmed the last month on this server and are now ready for more serious work