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  1. +1 maybe have a set distance too but yeah I like it
  2. Time Submitted: 11:04:33 PM | 04/28/19 Submitted By: Callam (5555) In-Game Name: Callam or The bastard Steam / Player ID: 76561198151908820 Date of Event: 04/28/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): None. Hacker made my game and computer crash Details of Event: i was robbing a MI5 member and the hacker made the loud ass noise and blew everyone up. causing me to lose a type 115, about 10 6.5 mags and a CTRG Plate Carrier Rig Mk.2 (Heavy) and 2 rooks with around 5 mags Compensation Amount: CTRG Plate Carrier Rig Mk.2 (Heavy) - 100,000 ROC - 10,000 Bipod - 10,000 Laser Pointer - 10,000 Flashlight - 10,000 Stealth Supressor (6.5mm) - 70,000 Rook x2 - 30,000 10 6.5mags - £11,000 type 115 - 170000 ------------------------------- around 431,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  3. i had my earplugs in so the sound from the game is lowered but the audio from people isnt
  4. Time Submitted: 05:22:24 PM | 04/11/19 Submitted By: Callam (5555) Your In-Game Name: The Bastard Who are you reporting?: V | Kyro Time/Date of event: 11/04/2019 around 18:00 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: went to airport, guy comes up in a spot hatchbakck, must have iniatied in the wrong chat and killed me, didnt come to support after being disputed. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5caf73b8981211f83c/rdm Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Embers - 14566
  5. thats not the point, the point is making sure u guys know you cant be doing that shit and that you go to support
  6. https://plays.tv/video/5cabbb98437696b67b/ben
  7. nope u need 3 mins pryer if it was a RMD case
  8. Nope i included that part and i didn't verbally abuse u, and no i got the bit where i broke RP but i wanted to give you another chance and no i disputed u 4 times https://gyazo.com/128c6431c89ff56174cd615cb71648b8 yes it does i justed copied it and pasted in chrome and it works
  9. Time Submitted: 09:38:06 PM | 04/08/19 Submitted By: Callam (5555) Your In-Game Name: C-Bone Who are you reporting?: Benjazum Time/Date of event: 08/04/2019 around 22:00 Rule's Broken: VDM Explain what happened: Landed to kav hospital to pick up BSB in my Xain some people try to un-flip their can to blow up my xian, ben then tries it, sends it flying and blowing me up. Disputed him multiple times didnt come, he came over to where i died, someone loads me in a car with him and i adamantly break RP to try to give him another chance to come to support where he blatantly says hes not gonna come Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5cabb6dcb6ba1be423/vdm https://plays.tv/video/5cabb7efa8e3813197/proof https://plays.tv/video/5cabbb98437696b67b/ben Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Charlie Wong 14538
  10. because you where not complying, if you complied with my orders to put ur hands up we would have RPed in playpen and if you compiled with our orders to get in the vehicle you would have been processed which would have been more roleplay
  11. https://plays.tv/video/5ca28433cadd32d9ab/warnings myself and other havoc guys gave you multiple chances and you proceeded to open the gate and run into CP and if anything you hindered the roleplay by not complying and also by "not speaking English" and other such things
  12. unfortunately, my recording cut off due to the server crashing so no
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