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  1. Time Submitted: 08:37:24 PM | 09/20/18 Submitted By: [Medic]Rob (5499) In-game Name: Rob Age / DoB: | 09/20/18 Steam ID: 76561198354497624 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: Real life where you are a charecter and do not break out of roleplay Why do you want to join the EMS department: Since my mates are in it plus im a medic on altis life and i havent played fivem in a while so i was gonna come back and see how it is. What can you bring to the department: I can bring good activity and some good roleplay plus i will be respectfull to everyone and hopefully i can fit in. Also i have good rolplay experience on altis life. How many hours are you willing to put in per week: 8 Time Zone: UK
  2. [Medic]Rob

    Havoc Death Spawn

    A lot.
  3. [Medic]Rob


    I used a hemt fuel 775storage and did heroin and only got 250k
  4. [Medic]Rob

    Selling a blackfish

    Auctsion has ended
  5. [Medic]Rob

    Selling a blackfish

    Highest bid
  6. [Medic]Rob

    Selling a blackfish

    Highest bid yet auction ends in 20mins
  7. [Medic]Rob

    Selling a blackfish

    No No
  8. [Medic]Rob

    Selling a blackfish

    In 12hours at restart bidding is closed
  9. [Medic]Rob


  10. [Medic]Rob

    Adding warehouses

    Oh well nevermind Oh well nevermind
  11. [Medic]Rob

    Adding warehouses

    I think them white large warehouses should be purchasable and maybe coul store like 8storage cobtainers. And be like 6mill each. When i mean warehouse i mean like at weapon parts processor the warehouse which is there. Also in the warehouses you should be allowed to drive cars in and stuff.
  12. [Medic]Rob

    Havoc Death Spawn

    So we landed my blackfish outside pyrgros and he helped us fix it and we started flying around the map and he is a good kind relaxed guy. Plus has great roleplay.
  13. [Medic]Rob

    Selling a blackfish

    Highest bid
  14. [Medic]Rob

    Selling a blackfish

    Current highest bid ends in 24hours